The Last

WARNING! BOOSH LIVE SPOILERS!!! Im so sorry, i was forced to write this! I feel so bad doing this to characters that have only been around for like 3 months!
When your the last two people on Earth, what do you do?
Howard/Sunflash Slash


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The Last by PonchoHappiness

The sky was dark. It always was now. The thick, black clouds choking every ounce of sunlight. Mountains of festering waste twisting to the sky and crumbling buildings sinking in to the ground. In the centre of this desolate wasteland was a tall, stone tower, the enormous clock face silently watching the world around it decay. It still chimed every hour, its booming tones echoing through the empty London streets. The emerald grass of Hyde Park was, like everything else, rotting and faded. A make shift shelter shook slightly in the breeze. The ragged brown sheets, which made up the roof, where shoddily pegged in to the cracked earth.

Inside the would-be tent, was a pile of blankets (presumably a bed), a rotting wooden table, and a metal chair, which was previously used in a nearby café. The pile of blankets stirred and a hand reached out and grabbed a grubby sack, which lay on the floor nearby. Slowly a tall man with wild hair and a messy beard climbed out of the pile and walked to the opening of the tent, pulling on the sack as he went.

Howard Moon stepped out of the tent and stretched. Then he looked round at the city, another day had passed and the city had deteriorated that little bit more. Howard gazed at the bare landscape and sighed. He had warned them.

After brief moment of thought, Howard turned and made his way to the slightly larger tent, a few feet away from his. When he stepped in to the tent, he glanced round and saw an assortment of strange creations, on the floor, hanging from the roof, even tied to the furniture. He peered at one of the items that hung by his head, it closely resembled a crystal ball, but within it was a swirling mist of colours. The strange gas twisted in to different shapes and symbols, and Howard thought for a brief moment, that he’d seen the smoke form his name.

He shook his thoughts away and turned his attention to the sleeping figure on the other side of the room. The figure was curled up on a crimson chaise lounge, which had been taken from a nearby furniture store. The figure itself, wore gold robes, so small that they only just reached the pale thighs of the sleeping form. The gleaming gold breastplate, which usually covered these robes, lay on the floor next to a pair of golden boots; the figures slender fingers lightly brushed the polished surface. The strange pointed features of the sleeping body were relaxed and contented, a curl of golden hair fell over one closed eye, the rest held back by a gold headband.

Howard cleared his throat but the man didn’t move. He coughed slightly louder and the shape began to stir. After a few more feigned coughs the man slowly opened his deep blue eyes and looked over at Howard.

“What?” he grumbled sleepily.

“What are you doing?” Howard asked slightly agitated.

“Hmm…” Yawned the man, sitting up right and rubbing his eyes.

“Why did you steal that chaise lounge?”

The man looked up at Howard and frowned faintly. “There is no one else around to use it, why should it goes to waste?” His accent was strange and alien.

“It’s stealing from the dead.” Howard said flatly, his anger rising.

“No one ever owned it. Therefore it is not stealing.”

“You just don’t get it do you!” Howard stepped forward and waved his hands frantically.

“They’re all dead! Their bodies are decaying in the streets and all you care about is your own little luxuries!”

The man stood up and glared at Howard. “Exactly! They are all dead! We must think about ourselves now!”

“But you don’t think about how to survive, you just stock up on clothes and luxury furniture!”

The man went silent at this, but still continued to stare in to Howard’s eyes, who moved closer.

“All you care about is yourself.” Howard breathed. “We…are the last two people on Earth. This is serious.”

“Howard-.” The man smirked.

“No Sunflash listen!” Howard barked closing the last few feet of space between them and slamming the smaller man against the wall. He held his shoulders in place and stared down in to those sapphire eyes, both men breathed heavily.

“If we don’t come up with some way of fucking staying alive…” He trailed off and stared. Sunflash was looking up at him, a look of surprise and something unidentifiable on his face. They stood like this for some time, Howard’s arms still holding Sunflash’s shoulders against the wall, both men just looking at each other. Waiting.

Then Sunflash leaned up to Howard’s ear and whispered. “Kiss me…” he pulled away and looked up at Howard. Something in his face had changed. Then Howard leaned down and captured Sunflash’s lips in a kiss, the smaller man brought his arms up around Howard’s neck and kissed him back, biting slightly at his bottom lip. Howard obliged and opened his mouth, their tongues twisting and tasting. They moved back, in to the centre of the room, Howard’s hand clawed at Sunflash’s robes and he pulled them down, Howard did the same.

The taller man pushed Sunflash down on the chaise lounge, following him down and catching his lips in another passionate kiss. Sunflash bucked his hips up in to Howard’s groin and he gasped at the touch. Howard kissed a trail down the smaller man’s neck, and down to his chest, sucking and biting at one pink nipple, a groan escaped Sunflash’s mouth and he lifted his legs as Howard kissed lower and lower.

A tub of Vaseline sat on the table next to them. Howard picked it up and popped open the lid, then he dipped his fingers inside, and brought them down to Sunflash’s entrance; slowly he pushed in a finger. The smaller man gasped and then nodded, so Howard inserted another, then another. He pulled his fingers out- eliciting a low moan from Sunflash- Then he smeared some more Vaseline on to his length and positioned himself in front of Sunflash. He slowly eased his length in to Sunflash- who twisted and bucked with pleasure. Then Howard began to thrust, slowly at first but then quickening as Sunflash moaned loudly. He took hold of the smaller man’s own hardness and pumped in time with his thrusts, getting faster and faster as they both moaned and called each other’s names.

Sunflash’s eyes rolled back in his head and he came, shouting Howard’s name as the white sticky fluid coated both of their stomachs. The look on his face was enough to spark Howard’s own orgasm, who stiffened as he came inside Sunflash. He collapsed on top of him and they kissed sloppily, their breath hot and fast. Then Howard pulled out and rolled over next to Sunflash, gathering him in to his arms. He lay there stroking the soft golden curls until Sunflash drifted in to a contented sleep. Howard kissed the top of his head and fell in to his own deep slumber.

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