Warming Up

Howard goes to the Tundra on his own to go in search for the egg of Mantumbi, but then he has a visit from Vince


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Notes: Gah what the fuck am I doing lol! Ah well. I’m not very good at this so here we go, all in the name of fun:

Challenge: Challenge 05: Picture Challenge

Warming Up by cheznoir

The Artic is a dangerous place, even for Howard. He decided to go their alone to go in search for the Egg of Mantumbi. The Egg that Biggy Shackleton the greatest explorer never found when he was frozen by the icy bastard, The Black Frost. This didn’t stop Howard though, no. He was determined to find it and bring it back to the zoo. It was something he wanted to be one better on Dixon Bainbridge.

After 35 days, he was beginning to loose hope in trying to find it. He had no food left and felt so alone. He looked out into the distance and thought about taking his own life. But then he heard something. He listened again and he looked above him and saw a black aeroplane play over the top and landed quite a way from him. He carried on looking and he saw someone get out. He started to walk closer and the figure was walking closer to him too. He then suddenly released he knew this person.. it was Vince

“Vince” He cried

“Hey Howard, how’s it going? I got Gary Numan to give me a lift here” he said cheerfully. He playfully hit Howard on the shoulder

“Not good. I’m starving and thought about taking my own life”. Vince looked at him confused

“I thought you said you like to finish challenges?”

“I do, but at the moment, I’m not getting anywhere. I’m walking round in circles, the wind hates me and I think a polar bear was sniffing round near my tent last night”. Howard sat down on the snow. Vince looked at him and smiled.

“its alright Howard, I’m here now in my all in one glam ski suit, check me out” He spun round. Howard looked up at him being all cheerful, yet they were in an environment where death was around the corner. For the first time in 35 days, he smiled. Vince always made him happy.

“is that a smile I can see?” Vince grinned at him. Howard kind of shook his head and then looked into Vince’s eyes and smiled

“yes it is.” He stood up and found himself close to Vince. He smiled at him. “Lets get back to my tent and we can plan how we will go and get this egg”

“I love your plans Howard” He smiled at him and bit his lip. They wandered back to the tent

In the Tent, they boiled up some water to make the tent nice and cosy. Howard put on his oil lamp to create some nice low lighting.

“so..” Howard started. Vince looked at him, then about himself, then back at him

“so..” he said back

“Glam rock ski suit hey? You shouldn’t take the Tundra lightly, Vince”

“what do you mean? This is in the height of winter fashion you know!” he ran his gloved hands down his slim chest. Howard saw him do that and felt something stir. He looked away

“You should be wearing mink like me you know. This jacket was made from just one mink you know”

“as if” Vince said chuckling. “I read Minky Monthly. it says it will take, what 90 mink to make one ladies glove. Anyway its not very PC to say Mink” Vince looked at him. Howard shook his head and then looked at him again

“ok so it wasn’t one mink, but its much warmer than that ski suit. Surely with these icy temperatures you must be frozen” He looked at Vince concerned, but in his mind, he didn’t mind being wrapped up in his mink coat with Vince and his handsome young body

“no, not cold at all” He said, trying to cover up the shivers he was getting from the icy winds. Howard smiled at him

“look, why not come and curly up in this big coat with me, your freezing and I don’t want you to freeze and die on me. Please” Howard said as if he was begging for Vince to be so close to him.

“alright then.” Vince smiled and he climbed his way round to Howard and he wrapped his arm round Howard and cuddled into his coat. He felt so warm. Vince was beginning to appreciate this. He looked up at Howard with his big blue eyes. Howard looked at him. They slowly went forward and they made a passionate embrace. Vince pushed himself against Howard and straddled his lap. They stopped and looked at each other.

“So that’s why you want me in your coat hey?” Vince said whilst finger his jacket, then stroking his cheek, doing that side glance and smile he sometimes does when he knows something good is going to happen. Howard smiled.

“Something like that.. and I like to know your being kept warm.” Howard felt himself stirring down below again and he felt something in Vince as his groin was so close to him. Vince kissed him again and pushed him over in the tent so he was on top of Howard. He carried on kissing him and he un did his trousers and slipped his hand in. Vince looked at him and then started to toss him off. He kissed him passionately on the lips. Howard was groaning in pleasure and the feeling of Vince’s glove on him. Vince could see he was quite enjoying it. He smiled at him before kissing him hard on the lips. Howard couldn’t take it no longer and just exploded. Vince felt him go. Looking him in the eye, he said “feeling warmer now?”….

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