The Breakfast News Room Moment

Was it the heat of the lights in the BBC Breakfast news room, or was it more than that?


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The Breakfast News Room Moment by cheznoir

It was early on a Monday morning. Too early for the likes of Noel and Julian. They had to be at BBC Studios before 8am for an interview. Noel had woken up feel quite rough, not only from drinking, but also from a cold. Before leaving the house to meet his best friend, he dosed himself up on Benylin to get him through the day. After looking in the mirror to make sure his hair was ok and his cowboy hat was on straight, he met his driver outside.

“The traffic is alright today Mr. Fielding, shouldn’t take us to long from Mr. Barratt’s house” said the cheery driver. Noel smiled at him and joked about the pigeon on the floor.

“He’s coming as well isn’t he?”. They both laughed and they drove off.

Noel was sat in the back seat reading the papers. There was a review of The Boosh in the Guardian. He smiled at it. Him and Julian both looked great on it. Noel found himself staring at his best friend a little longer than normal. He sighed. He had this feeling before for him, but he always just shrugged it off. He loved his best friend, of course he did… but did he more than love him? Blocking that thought, he began to read the article that had been written. Before he knew it, the driver stopped and looked over.

“We’re here now Mr. Fielding. I’ll just go see where Mr. Barratt is.” The driver got out and went called for Julian. Noel looked out of the back seat window to catch a glimpse of him… and there he was. Look dishevelled and hungover, he stumbled out of the house and into the car, in which the driver opened the door of.

“Thanks” He said quite gruffly. He turned to Noel who was at there with the paper in his lap and his black wasp like glasses on. Julian also had his shades on.

“Alright?” Noel asked

Julian coughed “Yeah, just… I had a really good night from what I can remember!” He looked on at Noel. He then spied the paper.

“Anything good about us in there then?” He asked quietly

“Yeah, a review.” He leaned over and showed him. Noel’s eyes were glancing over Julian’s bare chest in the picture, then he found himself looking at Julian as he leaned in close to read what was written. He bit his lip gently and leaned moved quickly when Julian leaned back up. The driver looked over quickly.

“We should be another 20 minutes or so until we are at the studio ok”

“Yeah that’s fine, I could do with a little sleepy” chirped Noel. He leaned up against the car door and gradually fell asleep. Julian leaned his head on the head rest and fell asleep too.

Being shaken gently by the driver, they woke up. They had arrived at BBC Studios. Collecting themselves after that journey, they got out of the car and they walked into the building towards the studio. They saw Moira Stewart coming out of the make up room and heading in. They both waved at her. A lady came past them both.

“Hello you must be The Boosh. I’m Trisha, your make up lady. If you follow me through here, we can prep you on whats happening.” She smiled at them. Noel looked at Julian for a brief moment. He had taken off his sheep skin jacket so he was stood in his shirt that was undone at the top and his baggy jeans which were ripped in place. Noel started to come over slightly unnecessary at what he saw. He wanted to tell Julian but he thought it might freek him out. He turned his head and looked the other way.

“Noel, where else are we going today?” Julian asked, touching his shoulder. Noel turned round and smiled

“Erm, XFM and TRL, plus BBC Radio this evening. Quite a long day “. Julian smiled at him. The make up lady came back in with another lady. They did their make up on them both and wired up microphones. Noel found himself looking over at Julian now and again. He kept having that feeling towards him again. The lady who was doing Noel’s make up kept flirting with him and giving him the eye. Noel took it on the chin, yet he really wanted to play eye hockey with Julian, the 6ft 2 Yorkshireman who had tramp chic romping through him.


Said the tannoy in the dressing room. Noel and Julian looked at each other and smiled. The two make up ladies had left the room. Noel walked over to him

“We better get in that studio, hadn’t we?”

“Yeah” Julian stood there for a moment looking at Noel. Noel shivered slightly looking up at him. Julian looked down and then turned on his heel to walk out

“I absolutely fucking fancy you” Noel blurted out. He held his hand over to his mouth, whilst looking at the back of Julian’s head. Julian turned round slowly and looked at him.

“What was that?” He said

“Nothing, sorry. I’m not feeling myself.” Noel walked towards and went to squeeze past him. They both looked at each other for a moment. Julian heard exactly what he said. He couldn’t help but think the same about him either. The skinny little man witch he was, his tight arse cheeks in his black tight trousers and his big blue eyes, how could anyone resist. He had a jealous feeling inside him every time he saw a fangirl throwing themselves at his feet, when in his mind he wanted to exactly that as well. Julian put his hand by Noel’s check and moved a bit of his long black hair away. He leaned forward to kiss him..


Julian and Noel pulled away from each other. Noel gulped and they both walked to the studio not saying very much.

Dermot Murnaghan and Natasha Kaplinsky were sat in the studio talking and laughing with each other. Moira Stewart was sat in the corner prepping up to do her bit after Noel and Julian had been interviewed. Feeling awkward, they did their best to brush their feelings aside for a moment. They went over and shook hands and kissed them both.

“Hi, you must be the Boosh. My daughter loves the show by the way. Just so you know, we will be going live in a moment when this trailer has finished” Said the Producer shaking their hands and sitting them down near to Natasha and Dermot. Noel turned to Julian and quickly said sorry to him, before being hassled by Natasha.

“I really like you coat, where did you get all those lovely badges from?” She asked smiling with her teeth all on show. He smiled back and talked to her before the producer told them all to be quiet. Dermot started talking about cult comedy shows such as The League of Gentlemen and Little Britain becoming popular, and that The Mighty Boosh has suddenly sprung up from nowhere. The interview was going quite well. They were asked what influenced them, where they got the name from and Dermot went on about Mr. Benn. Both of them were still thinking what happened very briefly in the dressing room, Julian couldn’t help but tease Noel slightly. He sat close to him so that his knee was touching him. Noel felt it as he was talking and crossed his legs, taking a sip from his polostrene cup of water. Julian looked at Noel now and again during the interview.

“Well thank you for coming along. So thats The Mighty Boosh, starting on BBC Three at 9pm, make sure you tune in, thank you” Said Dermot. He handed over to Moira Stewart. The Producer came over and quietly whisked Noel and Julian out of the room.

“What was you doing?” Said Noel under his breathe to Julian

“Nothing” Julian said and smiled walking away from the set. Noel carried on walking behind him, until he found an empty studio. Noel tugged on Julian and got him quietly . The studio had a couple of lights on and it felt warm.

“I just want to apologise for my outburst earlier. I have no idea why I said it..” Julian silenced Noel by placing a finger of his beautiful lips

“shhh” he said. He leaned forward towards Noel and kissed him lightly on the lips. Noel kissed him back, his cowboy hat slipping off onto the studio floor. Julian began to wrap his arms round him, pulling his skinny body closer to him. Julian unpopped his jacket buttons and slipped his hands round his waist. Noel was going with the flow. He thought back to that moment in car when he was gazing into nothingness over Julian’s bare chest, how he longed to have his ample hands on it. With that, Noel’s hands wandered over his shirt and he undid the buttons so he could fell his manly chest. Julian bit Noel’s lip gently and he felt his warm hands dance on him. A grin appeared on his face, this was way better than having to dose himself up on Benylin, he was beginning to feel 10 times better. Suddenly they heard voices outside the studio. They quickly adjusted themselves

“Excuse me have you see The Boosh?” Said a worker for the BBC “I appear to have lost track of them and their driver needs to get them elsewhere. Noel looked at Julian.

“We better leave that there and get going!” Noel smiled at him and looked into his small brown eyes. Julian touched Noel’s hair gently, then picked up his cowboy hat and out it back on him. “I’m sure we can hold on til later” Said Julian with an added wink for good measure. They walked out of the empty studio. They met the man who was wondering where they were.

“This place is pretty big, its easy to get lost in” He joked. Julian brushed a finger tip down Noel’s back making him shiver and then smile. They walked out of the BBC and into their car.

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