Sweet Surrender

Julian is a little sore after the final scene in "Sweet"


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Notes: Reference to “Sweet”

Sweet Surrender by feebomon

Noel walked into their dressing room to find Julian sitting in the corner, his arms folded across his chest. Noel grinned at him, setting down his helmet on the table and unwittingly uttering his catchphrase.


Julian shot him a pained look but said nothing, his eyes then flitting to the discarded nipple clamps.

Noel picked up the chain attached to the two offending items, a cheeky grin on his face. “What, these little things? You can’t tell me they were painful?!”

Julian scowled, indignant. “They’re proper ones! You’d think they’d make them less… pinch-y for filming! The most you had to deal with was wearing protective headgear for a bit! I had to have those things on for two takes! “

Noel stifled a giggle. “What are you on about? I had to be in bed with you for ages but I couldn’t do anything! Now that’s torture!” This earned a glare and the barest hint of a smile from Julian, and Noel urged him gently to his feet. “Come on, let’s have a look. It can’t be that bad.”

With Julian now standing, he prised his hands away from their position, clasped protectively over each nipple. Julian reluctantly let his hands fall to his sides, allowing Noel to inspect the damage. After a moment of peering closely at his lover’s chest, Noel looked up at him sheepishly. “Actually… you are a bit bruised!”

At this, Julian uttered a little tut of laughter. “I told you! And now I can’t even do my shirt up without it stinging!”

A smile slowly spread across Noel’s face and Julian eyed him suspiciously, wary of anything he might be planning.

“What? What? Why are you looking at me like that?”

But Noel merely smiled wider as he quickly pulled on his t-shirt then patted Julian’s arm. “Just wait there. I’ll be back in a minute.”

Knowing that Julian would start to worry about what was up his sleeve as the minutes ticked away, Noel took his time fetching a drink from the studio bar. On returning to the dressing room, he checked up and down the corridor before locking the door securely behind him. Julian was still standing in the corner, a slightly concerned, then exasperated look on his face as he saw what Noel was carrying.

“Lemonade? How is that going to help my situation, exactly?”

Noel looked at the glass in his hand, “It’s just water actually, but that’s not important…” He took a sip, the ice cubes clinking against the sides of the tumbler.

Julian continued to look on questioningly as Noel discretely took a small shard of ice into his mouth, letting it melt on his tongue for a moment. Julian clearly wasn’t expecting it as Noel put a hand in the centre of his chest, carefully avoiding the two tender spots, and pushed him against the wall, kissing him forcefully on the lips for a few moments. Breaking the kiss, he looked up, taking in Julian’s expression of surprise and desire with great satisfaction. Keeping his voice to a bare whisper he smiled again “Tell me if this makes it better…”

Bending his head, he let his cold tongue gently brush over one of Julian’s nipples, encirling it lovingly, the sensitive flesh hot to the touch. Turning his attention to the other nipple, he sucked very softly, smiling inwardly this time as Julian uttered a quiet hiss of pleasure, his hands moving to grasp Noel’s hair. Encouraged, he looked up at him again, then, taking another piece of ice between his lips and sliding it slowly over Julian’s skin, Noel listened to his soft gasps as he soothed him.

Julian sighed, his fingers stroking through Noel’s hair, every movement of his tongue drawing a gentle moan from his lips. “Better… oh- better…”

With a final, loving lick, Noel straightened up, quickly fastening Julian’s shirt while his nipples stayed slightly numbed. Reaching up to cradle Julian’s head in his hands, he smiled up at him, drinking in the intense expression on his face, his flushed cheeks.

“Let’s go home, yeah?”

Watching as Julian’s face broke into an eager grin, he took hold of his hand, and speedily collected up their things as he dragged him towards the door. Ushering Julian out into the corridor first, he quickly stuffed the clamps into the back pocket of his jeans before following him out.