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Notes: Not much of a story – but its rather fluffy ^^

Sunrise by BizznessBarrattFTW

The figure on the bench sat perfectly still as the sun rose from behind the hills on the left, it was early morning, the world was still sleeping and this figure was alone in the desolate and calming landscape. He sat staring straight ahead over the fields that stretched towards the horizon – lost in thought.

Vince awoke when the rays of sunlight filtering through the curtains edged along the carpet, he rolled over and reached his arm across the bed. When his hand touched the cold sheets his eyes sprang open and eventually adjusted to the sight of the empty bed beside him.

“ Howard?” His voice seemed to echo around the house eerily and the stillness unsettled him, this wasn’t right, he wasn’t used to waking up alone, where was Howard? Vince rolled out of bed, pulled on some old clothes and padded downstairs. “Howard?” he called again, quieter this time, almost unsure of himself. Vince stood in the conservatory, happy to let the warm sunlight wash over him as he tried to ring Howard’s mobile. Vince spun round as he heard the quiet melody of Howard’s ringtone but his heart sunk as he realised Howard’s phone was on the kitchen counter. Following the music into the kitchen Vince saw the lit up display of Howard’s mobile and hung up, but then he also spotted a piece of paper on the counter that he was sure hadn’t been there last night.

He yawned and ran his hand through his hair as a smile crossed his face, Howard must have woken up early and went out across the fields this morning, Vince recognised the handwriting style and could almost tell what Howard was thinking when he scribbled the note. Howard loved to be outside, and usually went for a walk if he woke up early, this country air was really doing him good, but Vince didn’t have the same enthusiasm for it.

Sticking the note to the fridge with a magnet, Vince pulled on some old shoes and headed out the conservatory door, over the field to find Howard. The site that met Vince’s eyes made him stop dead as he neared the hill, the sun had risen high enough to emphasise the striking landscape they were surrounded by, it was almost as if the world was waking up to a new day around him, birds chirped a greeting as a light breeze rippled the grass around him, Vince looked up the small hill and sure enough, Howard was sitting on his ‘thinking’ seat, staring at the sunrise. Howard looked almost silhouetted against the sunrise – almost God-like, Vince’s breath caught in his throat and once again he was so grateful to have met Howard all those years ago.

Vince quietly crept up behind Howard, not wanting to disturb him. This moment was so perfect he wanted to preserve it in his memory forever. “Hey”, Howard turned to face him but he didn’t seem surprised to see Vince as his face lit up brighter than the sunrise, he shuffled along the seat to allow Vince to sit beside him. “I couldn’t sleep so I thought I’d get some fresh air.” Vince noticed the goosebumps on Howard’s arms and raised his eyebrows, “yeah well it’s certainly fresh,” Vince remarked as he tucked his legs under his body and rested his head on Howard’s shoulder. Howard wrapped his arms around Vince and neither felt the need to speak or explain their presence here at such an early hour, they were comfortable to sit in silence, content to be together and share these moments.

And they watched the sunrise wrapped in each other’s arms.