The Filth (aka The Bumming Solution)

The relationship grows, blossoms and gets into bed... who am I kidding? It's PWP really.


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Notes: Betaed by the very wonderful waqaychay , who I am leading astray with the Boosh. This was written for turgid_prose , who asked for bottom!Julian. The lady knitted me some very beautiful purple fluffy socks, because I wrote a fic of that name. After such a compliment, I couldn’t refuse her request. I hope you like the fic love.

The Filth (aka The Bumming Solution) by crowson75

Noel had to start it. Of course.

They spent so much time with each other that, whenever they said goodbye, Julian’s face fell—just a little. Few people but Noel could see it, but he did. He knew the subtleties of Julian’s expressions; he saw the clouds pass behind his eyes. So Noel would kiss him when he said goodbye. A soft, dry meeting of their lips that signified that Noel would come back, that he cared.

Then Julian began to kiss back. A brief moment, as Noel leaned in, when Julian’s tongue would flick over his lips. And then they would firm, responding as skin contacted skin. Noel began to lick his lips before they kissed, too; it made the result softer, smoother and sexier. He would open his mouth as their lips touched, waiting. Then, one day, it came and sent tingles down Noel’s spine. The briefest hint of tongue as Julian leaned into the kiss. As soon as he felt it, Noel parted his lips a little more and Julian’s arms wrapped around him. Perhaps not the best thing to do on Noel’s doorstep.

Julian flicked his tongue over Noel’s teeth. And then he was pulling back, inhaling sharply against Noel’s lips, and sucking the air from his mouth.

“Sorry,” he muttered. When Noel reached up to hold Julian’s face in his hands, he felt the warmth of his cheeks, his blushes.

“Don’t be,” Noel whispered, searching for his keys and pulling Julian into the flat. They would have to say goodbye later.

Noel’s erection was digging into Julian’s thigh.

There was no shame in that fact. Julian had been virtually humping his leg since the kissing started today. It was a goodbye kiss that had slithered off the sofa and wrapped both of them into an increasingly lustful embrace.

Noel and Julian kissed hello now as well as goodbye. They always met at one of their houses, whichever house that was free of people. If not, they would walk to a cafe, to the pub, to a dark alley or a vast open space, anywhere where they were alone. Then, locked in a bathroom, pushed against a wall, clinging to a tree, wherever, they would kiss. Without discussion, both men had started to account for the time. Noel would tell Julian he had to go half an hour before he needed to; the meaning was unspoken. Half an hour to get somewhere, anywhere, and say their goodbyes in silence.

Noel didn’t know when the kisses started to get more heated. But heated they became. Noel was used to limping out of Julian’s flat with an erection pressing against the front of his trousers that he had to get home to deal with as fast as was limpingly possible. He knew Julian did the same.

Julian rolled on top of him, pushing their crotches together. Noel was sure the zipper of his jeans would forever leave marks along the length of his cock, though the friction was driving him mad. Julian was slipping his tongue over Noel’s, fucking his mouth slowly, deliberately. It was driving Noel insane. Julian’s hips were grinding against him with bold circular movements. Julian looked down at him, a question.

“Julian,” he whispered. “Please.”

Julian nodded and began to thrust against him harder. Their lips were hardly touching, kissing in snatches as they rocked against each other. Noel could barely breathe, especially when he opened his legs so Julian could angle his body between them. He felt like he was being fucked into the floor, his cock hot and damp inside his clothing. He could feel the vague ridge of Julian’s cock against his, but for the material between them.

It was the sound that took him over the edge in the end. Julian thrust against him three times quickly, letting out deep but quiet grunts. Then Noel was coming, wrapping one leg around Julian’s body, and, hearing the man above him groan his name, stiffening and shuddering against him. Noel could feel a wet patch growing inside his jeans; it had been years since he’d come in his pants. This was… madness. He stroked the soft hair at the nape of Julian’s neck and bit his lip.

“I want to see you come,” Noel whispered against Julian’s ear. Julian’s head lifted and he looked at Noel wildly. He was worried—frightened perhaps—then he calmed. He pushed a sweaty tangle of hair from Noel’s cheek and kissed him.

“Yes, soon,” Julian whispered. “Soon.”

Julian’s lips were starting to go numb.

“Fuck,” Noel was whispering against his mouth, tugging on his own cock as if it was the only way to go. Still, to be honest, since Julian was doing the same, he could hardly criticise. Two grown men, shirtless, their trousers down and their cocks out, wanking. It was getting worse.

“More,” Julian whispered back.

Noel’s tongue pushed between his lips again and they were kissing as if this was oxygen. Julian’s knuckles were rubbing against Noel’s, and they were moaning at the contact. Julian pulled away from this kiss and looked down at Noel’s body so aroused and so close. Noel shifted slightly, a gentle, inconsequential movement. The tip of his cock brushed the bare skin of Julian’s stomach. Julian’s body reacted immediately.

“Noel,” he whispered, his come splattering his hand, his stomach and Noel’s thighs. It must have been that which flipped the switch for Noel, too, because before Julian had finished squeezing the last of his release from his cock, he felt Noel come over his belly. Then Noel flopped against him, his breathing hot and wet against Julian’s neck. Julian put his arm around the younger man. They took several exaggerated deep breaths together, their bodies lifting and falling.

Julian opened his eyes before Noel and looked up at the dingy ceiling of the rehearsal room above them. This was getting a lot worse. They were climbing into each other’s clothing on a daily basis. Refusing to cross their own line, they’d limited themselves to kissing and wanking. No touching each other.

Noel sat up and stroked Julian’s face with his hand. “More,” he whispered to Julian, who understood completely. He nodded.

“We can’t go back,” Noel told him, resting his forehead against Julian’s. “If we…”

Julian interrupted. “We can’t go back, anyway,” he said, his fingers trailing down Noel’s chest. He didn’t stop, not even when he reached the edge of slimy mess that they’d made between them. Noel’s hand joined his. Julian looked up; brown eyes met blue. “Can’t go back,” he repeated. “Not now.”

Julian looked at the bottle Noel had placed on the kitchen table.

Baby oil. He sucked his lower lip between his teeth and closed his eyes. It was like a sex aid, something lovers had. That was… preparation. A statement of intent. They were sex partners now.

It wasn’t the man thing that bothered him. It wasn’t even that Noel was his first experience with a man. But Noel was his first male lover in a way that meant something. He was the first man whom he wanted to touch and kiss and hold, not just shag. He stumbled and sat down on a kitchen chair, curling around himself and trying to look casual.

“Okay?” Noel asked, pushing Julian’s crossed legs apart so he could stand between them. Julian smiled and looked up at him. His head fell back, exposing his throat to the soft, painted material on the front of Noel’s t-shirt.

“No,” he said honestly. “But I’m trying not to let it bother me.”

“Has baby oil always scared you this much?” Noel asked. Julian smiled and ran his fingers along the studded leather of Noel’s belt.

“Only when I know what you and I want to do with it,” Julian replied.

A little glint disappeared from Noel’s eyes. “Don’t have to,” he said, lifting his hand to bite his thumbnail. Julian reached up and pulled Noel’s hand away from his lips before kissing his thumb.

“I want to,” Julian said, standing up and holding Noel’s face in his hands. He was slightly stubbly today, so very different from kissing a girl. Julian tilted his head, sucking Noel’s lower lip between his teeth. Noel leaned against him, his body reacting to the touch. Julian’s hand dropped to his backside, squeezing it gently. Noel whimpered and slipped his tongue between Julian’s lips, kissing him harder. Julian couldn’t get enough of the feel of Noel’s stubble against his hand, and he pulled away to kiss along the angle of his jaw. He nuzzled against Noel’s neck, his hands running up his back.

Noel’s fingers wound their way around to the front of Julian’s trousers, undoing them, and Julian could feel one of Noel’s hands slip inside, taking his cock in hand. He bucked against the movement sharply. Julian’s cock was leaking; it must have been, because as Noel’s thumb rubbed the head, it was slick.

“Want to touch you,” Julian whispered, before grabbing Noel’s hand and leading him into the front room. As soon as they were there, Julian sat and pulled Noel to sit at his side. His cock was still hanging out of his trousers, eager, hopeful. He realised when he turned to Noel that the younger man had grabbed the baby oil on his way in. Now, it made him smile.

Julian pulled at Noel’s belt rather more roughly than he had realised, desperate to touch. The younger man sat back, lifting his hips so Julian could undo his trousers. Without a touch, the younger man’s cock sprang free. Julian licked his lips, tempted to taste, but perhaps that was too much.

Julian drizzled some of the oil into his palm, warmed it between his hands, then coated Noel’s cock. Noel’s body arched and pushed himself into Julian’s hand. The movement of his hand on Julian’s cock slowed even more.

“Yes,” Noel sighed. His body relaxed a little, and he twisted so he was on his knees facing Julian. Noel flicked open the bottle and upended it over Julian’s cock. He jumped as the cool oil hit his skin, then moaned when it was followed by Noel’s hand. He stroked Julian’s shaft slowly. As Julian began to stroke Noel, the younger man matched his rhythm.

“Fuck, that was a good idea,” Julian said drowsily. It felt so wonderful, slightly sinful, to have Noel’s dick in his hand. The oil over the skin made it soft and slick. As Julian tried some of little things on Noel that he knew felt good on himself, he lapped up every moan and whimper the younger man uttered in response.

“Oil? Good?” Noel said softly, thrusting slightly against Julian’s hand.

“Yes, fuck, oh yes,” Julian stammered, as Noel changed the position of his hand, spiralling his fingers around the shaft. He tried the same movement on Noel, watching his face and smiling when he bit his lip. He reached down to pull Noel’s balls up around the base of his shaft. Noel moaned his response, letting his head droop against Julian’s shoulder. Then Noel’s fingers were searching to reach his balls, and Julian lifted himself to allow it. It felt fucking wonderful.

Noel’s lips were against his neck. Julian shivered with pleasure in response, nuzzling the top of Noel’s head with cheek. They moved against each other jaggedly, their bodies rocked by the increasingly rapid hand jobs they were giving each other. Julian found himself talking and not knowing what sense he was making, as he told Noel he wanted to come, wanted to make him come, wanted to be covered in come. Noel’s voice hitched at the last and he clutched at Julian’s arm with his free hand. He made a guttural moan as he came over Julian’s fingers, up his arm and over his own thighs.

“Jees-us,” Noel whispered as his body shuddered, wracked with the force of his orgasm. Julian stroked the younger man’s hair and kissed his forehead.

Noel lifted himself, swinging his leg over Julian, sitting on his knees as he began to stroke Julian with both hands. His interlaced fingers caressed the top, whilst his thumbs rubbed the underside of Julian’s cock as they moved up the shaft. Then each finger swept over the head. Julian looked up at the man in his lap. His tongue was trapped between his front teeth as he concentrated. He noticed Julian’s gaze and smiled.

“I want to make you come so hard,” Noel said, “that I can lick the spunk off my lips…”

“Oh, we… fuck… bloody hell,” Julian said, wriggling in his seat. He imagined Noel licking spunk from his lips and… Fuck, that was an idea and half. He was going to mumble some other meaningless drivel when Noel’s lips landed against his. Noel’s tongue slipped into Julian’s mouth and he was forced back into the seat with the intensity of the kiss. Noel was rocking in his lap, his body moving in time with his skilful, wicked hands. Then Noel’s lips left his and he stared wildly into the face of his best friend.

“Your cock’s inside me, Jules,” Noel whispered. “Feels so good. Want you to come for me… Come inside me.”

The light in the room seemed to dip and the world disappeared into blackness as Julian squeezed his eyes shut tight. He could hear yelling as he came, dimly realising it was him. His head was thrown back so far his neck hurt, and then he sagged, panting, sweating, overcome.

“That was so fucking hot,” Noel muttered. Julian opened his eyes to see Noel’s tongue flick out and catch the drops of come dripping from his lips.

“You’re a good shot,” Noel told him, then leaned forward.

Julian had no rationale for why kissing, sucking and licking his own taste from Noel’s mouth was so important. He just knew that he had to do it. And he did.

Noel dropped to his knees.

He undid the button and zip of Julian’s fly with an easy, familiar movement. He reached inside, pulling Julian’s hard cock free and immediately brought the tip to his lips. The head was moist; it had probably been leaking since Noel started massaging the rapidly hardening lump at Julian’s crotch ten minutes ago.

Then, they had been sat in the pub having a quiet drink, most of the patrons unaware that the cute long-haired fella was teasing the gruff northern one with his hands. Then, Julian had been still with worry that they would be noticed, biting his nails and taking deep breaths into his beer glass, using it to stifle his moans. That was before Noel had got up slowly, walking casually toward the gents. Julian had followed, his coat draped over his crotch, less than a minute later. He’d dragged Noel into a cubicle and sucked his tongue, demanding wordlessly that Noel finished what he started.

Now, Julian didn’t want to wait anymore.

Noel could feel the tension in Julian’s body as he held still. His own cock was throbbing in tight jeans, but he didn’t want to make Julian wait. “Ye-es,” Julian hissed. Noel could hear Julian’s hands slip along the ply (wall?) of the toilet cubicle, grabbing the edges of the door. If anyone came in here, it would be immediately obvious what they were doing. Julian’s heels were clearly visible under the door, and even a brief look at the man kneeling in front of him would show whomever it was enough to know why.

Noel loved it. He loved this. There was something so… filthy about the idea of Julian hot and ready, his cock painting his lips with pre-come. Noel laid his tongue flat over his bottom lip, and let Julian’s shaft slide into his mouth. The fine, soft skin tasted warm and slightly salty, and Noel sucked hard, then rubbed the underside of Julian’s cock with his tongue before drawing away. He flicked his tongue over the top, letting the flushed head of Julian’s cock slip from his lips. He rubbed the head over his wet lips again and looked up at the man he called his friend, partner, lover.

Julian was looking down at him. His expression flickered between desperate, pained and a smile that told Noel more than it should. Noel let his hand drop to his own crotch, unzipping his fly to relieve the pressure of his own hardness. Still holding Julian’s gaze, Noel squeezed his own cock gently with a sigh and tilted his head as licked his lips.

“You’re a fucking tease, Fielding,” Julian whispered, his voice heavy with lust. Noel circled the crown of Julian’s cock with his tongue and then slid it along the slit. Then, Noel engulfed the shaft with his mouth, his head bobbing as he sucked. He could feel Julian’s balls against his chin and reached up, teasing the soft loose sac with his fingers. Squeezing softly, he slipped his fingers further, rubbing the skin behind them.

Julian’s head flew back, banging against the door. One of his hands moved to stroke Noel’s cheek, the thumb tracing the outline of where Noel’s lips ended and Julian’s cock began. Then the touch was gone, and Julian’s fingers were tangling in his hair and Noel was making lewd, rude sounds around Julian’s cock.

“Just,” Julian whimpered. “Almost.”

Noel put his other hand against Julian’s hips, holding him steady. He could feel how hard it was for Julian not to just thrust into his mouth. Noel sucked harder, bobbed quicker. He could feel Julian’s balls tighten against his palm just moments before his mouth was flooded with come. He let Julian’s cock slip from his mouth as he struggled to swallow. He had barely managed when Julian pulled him to his feet and spun him, slamming Noel’s back against the cubicle wall and kissing him hard. Julian’s fingers circled the back of his neck, holding him close as he plundered Noel’s mouth with his tongue.

“Wait,” Noel gasped when Julian’s mouth left his. He didn’t know why he said it, though the man against him was looking at him in a new way, full of dark desire that he hadn’t shown before. Julian’s lips were sucking at the skin of Noel’s neck, his fingers slipping under the hem of Noel’s t-shirt. He pulled the fabric up, under the younger man’s armpits, his fingers stroking Noel’s chest.

“No,” Julian replied, his hands pulling at Noel’s belt. “No waiting.” His long, thin fingers slipped inside the skin-tight material, pulling his jeans and pants down over Noel’s hips. Julian dropped to his knees, his hands stroking the planes of Noel’s chest. Julian’s mouth engulfed his dick, and Noel whimpered at the ceiling, his body swaying and his fingers digging into Julian’s shoulders.

“Jules,” Noel said through gritted teeth. He was trying so very hard not to come in two seconds flat. His brain was throbbing; Julian hadn’t showed much interest in sucking Noel’s dick before this. He didn’t know why Julian had decided the time was now. He did know he would remember this and-ohjesusfuckingchristandpleasedon’tletmecomeintwominuteslikeIdidwhenIlostmyvirginitytoSarahCarterwhenIwasfourteen—why did this have to happen in a smelly men’s bog in Dalston?

He looked down to see Julian’s lips stretched tight around his cock. It was obscene and, really, it was unfair that Julian knew what to do with his tongue like that.

Julian must have noticed Noel’s eyes on him because he looked up. Noel whimpered and stroked Julian’s hair, making it stand on end. “You’re really fucking good at this,” he managed to squeak, before Julian sucked harder and that was really the most obscene and…

Noel’s brain left the building as he came down Julian’s throat. His backside hit the floor of the cubicle they were in shortly after. It hurt. Julian sat between his knees and smiled, looking very pleased with himself. He crawled over Noel’s body until their lips were almost touching.

“We’re going to hell,” Julian whispered. Noel tasted his own tang in Julian’s mouth.

“No, Jules,” Noel replied, when they emerged breathless from a long kiss. “Next time, we’re going to bed.”

Julian’s heart was in danger of beating out of his chest.

Without thinking, without talking or asking or using any part of his body but his feet, Julian had decided to lead Noel upstairs to his bed. Noel’s fingers were slightly cold and they clamped around his hand, squeezing every few seconds as they climbed up the stairs. Julian squeezed back and carried on walking, refusing to think about anything but the pattern on the carpet until he reached the bedroom.

In the doorway, they paused. Julian had just bought a king-size bed. It wasn’t because he was a love machine, it was because he was tall and gangly and slept like a starfish. It had been one of the first things he bought when they earned a bit of money. That bloody bed had never seemed so huge, or so laden with sheets of meaning and blankets of bewilderment.

“Nice duvet,” Noel said, squeezing Julian’s hand and then walking past him to sit on the bed. Noel perched on the edge, leaning back on one of his hands. He was chewing the side of his thumb and his eyes were wide. Still, Julian thought he was probably the more scared of the two of them.

“Thanks,” Julian replied, self-consciously attempting to casually unbutton his shirt. “The pillowcases match.”

Noel looked back and nodded. When he looked back to Julian, his teeth were biting at his lower lip.

Julian knew they both wanted this; Noel’s lips were swollen from the last twenty minutes of kissing downstairs. Julian’s underwear was almost glued to his body with the amount of pre-come which had leaked from his cock. Noel had unzipped his tight jeans and his erection was bulging through the gap. Before today, they’d undressed in front of each other—Julian had sucked Noel’s cock, for Pete’s sake—so why was this so strange? The thought drove Julian to his knees. Literally. He walked over to Noel and kneeled on the ground in front him, letting his hands glide along the top of Noel’s thighs. Noel looked at him, his lips glistening and open. Before he could think, Julian was leaning up, crushing their lips together.

Noel fell backward onto the bed, slipping his hands inside Julian’s shirt as he fell, stroking the older man’s sides and his back. Julian lay on top, one of his legs sliding between Noel’s. It brought their bodies so very close; even the feeling of Noel’s shirt against Julian’s bare chest seemed shocking. This wasn’t a bend over in a bathroom just because you got horny. It was intimate, wanting to know the feeling of someone else’s body against your own.

Julian moaned into the kiss as he pulled at Noel’s t-shirt, suddenly knowing he had to feel their skin touching. Noel seemed to agree, as he was slipping Julian’s shirt from his shoulders. Somehow, they got tangled and the kiss ended, leaving them stranded, silent and watching each other. Noel was breathing heavily, pulling at Julian’s shirt. As Noel yanked the material in his hands, he pulled Julian forward and off balance. Julian had to fight to get his own hands free before he saved himself from falling on the younger man. He laughed as he did, the awkwardness showing, and Noel giggled with him.

“Neither of us is coming across as very studly here, are we?” Noel said a little breathlessly. “Anyone’d think we couldn’t undress ourselves, let alone each other.”

“I could tell you to go stand up and strip tease for me,” Julian said, grinning. He really didn’t want that. It would embarrass him more than Noel.

“Fuck off,” Noel replied, grinning. “Roll off me for a sec.”

It wasn’t as easy as it sounded. Noel’s hands were still tangled in Julian’s shirt, but once they were unattached, the shirt ended up on the floor. Julian did as he was asked and then looked back at Noel.

“Go on, get your kit off then,” Noel told him, sitting up and pulling his t-shirt over his head. He was toeing off his boots, too. Suddenly, Julian was feeling left behind and he started pulling his clothes off in a frantic rush. He didn’t stop to think until he was sat on the edge of the bed. His socks had ended in a heap, and he felt Noel’s hand on his back. He felt Noel’s lips touch the base of his back either side of his spine. It tickled and Julian fidgeted.

“You’ve got dimples,” Noel whispered by way of explanation. He licked a trail up Julian’s spine, nuzzling his hair when he reached the top. From there, he leaned around the older man’s body and kissed him. “Lay back down,” he whispered against Julian’s lips. As Julian lowered himself, Noel jumped off the bed and sprinted downstairs.

“Don’t move!” Noel shouted.

Julian lay down and attempted to relax. Lying naked on his bed waiting for his best mate to come and jump him didn’t help on the relaxation front. He heard Noel’s footsteps and the man himself appeared in the doorway holding the baby oil. He paused and, for the first time, Julian had a long good look at Noel’s naked body. He’d seen him naked, technically, but never had the chance to really look. Now that he could, he was fascinated with paleness of Noel’s skin. He wanted to stroke the dark covering of hair on Noel’s legs and arms, not to mention trail of hair that ran from Noel’s navel and bloomed between his thighs. Julian wanted to feel the soft skin of Noel’s stomach and trace the outline of the ribs that he could see faintly beneath the skin. He looked up to Noel’s face to see that he was being scrutinised himself. Noel met his eyes and blushed.

“You’re fucking gorgeous,” Julian said, his voice cracking as he smiled and blushed. Noel walked towards him, his long strides pigeon-toed. Then Noel’s hand was in his hair and he was leaning back to let Noel’s tongue into his mouth, let Noel crawl over his body. The sensation left Julian gasping as, for the first time, he felt his cock rub against another man’s. They seemed to fit, pre-come lubricating their initial movements, rubbing alongside each other. Noel broke the kiss and moaned loudly.

“Fuck, wanted to do this forever,” Noel said, thrusting his cock alongside Julian’s. As he moved, their skin got stickier, less comfortable. Julian looked around for wherever Noel had abandoned the baby oil. He found it at the corner of the bed and reached for it.

“Noel,” he whispered, stroking the hair from the younger man’s face. “Need this.” Without waiting, he poured some of the oil into his palm and then slid his hand between their bodies. Noel lifted a little to help him. Julian reached Noel’s cock first and slicked it. He realised that his own cock was there… his hand would fit around them both. He closed his fingers around the two and stroked them together. It felt so very good. “Jesus,” he groaned. He looked up to Noel’s face. His lips were open and wet. His teeth were biting down on the tip of his tongue. Noel’s eyes were shut, but he seemed to know that Julian was looking at him because he met his gaze.

“Why haven’t we done this before?” Noel asked, thrusting between Julian’s hand and cock. Noel undulated, letting their chests rub together. Julian could feel the stripe of hair on Noel’s stomach rub against his own. He reached round and grabbed Noel’s backside with his free hand and pulled them together. “Fucking hell, Jules,” Noel gasped. “I can’t fucking wait…”

Julian squeezed Noel’s arse in response. “Me neither,” he grunted, pushing his hips up. As Noel moved, Julian guided him, panting as they moved together. Noel hooked his arms under Julian’s shoulders, bringing them closer.

“Fuckin’ good.” Noel exhaled the words against Julian’s shoulder, then closed his teeth around a section of flesh, biting and sucking the skin. He pulled himself against Julian, both of them sweating and pushing against each other. Julian tucked one leg around Noel’s, giving himself a bit more leverage to move from underneath. Their cocks slid against each other, creating a unique but delicious feeling. Everything seemed different again; from the touch of Noel’s hairy legs between his, to the firm, almost punishing, grip on his shoulders. He could feel wisps of rough, wiry hair underneath the hand resting on Noel’s buttocks. Somehow, even that was sexy.

“Close,” he whispered to Noel as a spiral of eager warmth spread in his stomach. His arm circled Noel’s waist, holding his friend still as he humped upwards, desperate for release. Noel’s eyes were shut tight and he looked desperate, focussed, and beautiful. Julian felt his balls tighten. His head fell back against the mattress, his teeth clenching so hard his jaw ached. So nearly… So very.

“Oh,” Noel said quite quietly as Julian came between them, covering both their cocks and bellies with spunk. His eyes opened, blinking beneath his damp fringe that stuck his forehead. He began fucking Julian’s hand with short, rapid strokes. His head dropped, his lips crushed wet and open against Julian’s neck as he came.

“Oh,” Julian said in response. The feeling of Noel coming over his cock… that was pretty close to being the sexiest thing he’d ever felt. Noel’s body, damp and hot against his, pushing him down into the mattress? That was pretty good, too.

Noel was wondering who had kidnapped his friend and replaced him with someone who knew about anal sex.

“How do you know all this?” Noel asked Julian. In truth, he was actually asking Julian’s backside.

“Is this really the time to talk about this?” Julian replied. Noel shook his head and looked at Julian’s face, which was slightly red.

“Probably, yes,” Noel said, stroking Julian’s bum. “I think it might be.”

“A very long time ago,” Julian started, shifting and sitting up, which was, according to Noel, a crying shame. “I had a bit of a thing with a guy from a band I was in.”

“The Groove Solution was also the bumming solution?” Noel asked with a smile. He lay back on the bed, displaying his nudity, hoping Julian would take the hint.

“Sort of,” Julian blushed. “Anyway, he didn’t like receiving, so to speak, and I… like both. Well, I like having one of those.” He waved flippantly in the direction of Noel’s dick. “Up my arse.” He lay down on his side next to Noel, stoking the younger man’s stomach absentmindedly.

“You kinky sod,” Noel told him, kissing him smartly. “You never told me that you’d done this stuff before.”

“I haven’t,” Julian said, wrapping one arm around Noel and nuzzling his ear. “I’ve just had sex with a man before. We never… well, he wasn’t my lover.”

Noel looked at Julian quizzically. He was trying to sort out in his head what exactly Julian meant. The distinction dropped into place slowly, piece by piece.

“Long nights on tour, away from home?” Noel looked at Julian for confirmation.

“Long nights at rehearsals in a band without any groupies,” Julian corrected. Noel grinned.

“Wouldn’t have stopped you from going elsewhere,” Noel suggested. “You’re quite sexy in your own way.” He leaned over and tiptoed his hand over Julian’s hip.

Julian smirked. “Who says I was the one who couldn’t get laid?” Noel’s fingers slipped down Julian’s thigh and stroked his cock softly.

“Aw. You were the band minger’s fuck buddy?” Noel asked. He could imagine Julian being too lazy to actually look for a girlfriend, or maybe a boyfriend, and just fuck one of the band instead.

“I was the willing student of our saxophone player.” Julian watched Noel’s fingers play along the length of his cock. “He was older than the rest of us.” Julian inhaled through his teeth as Noel rubbed pre-come into the head of his cock with one finger. “Bit of a loner. I, fuck, had a bit of a crush and I was curious. Girlfriend wasn’t into the thought of getting a strap-on and…”

“Ohhhh…” Another block of understanding fell into place. “So it feels good then?”

“No, I just like pain… What?” Julian head-butted Noel gently and opened his thighs a little to welcome the younger man’s gentle ministrations. “It feels good. And if you don’t hurry up and fuck me, I’m going to search the house for an alternative…”

Noel traced spirals over the inside of Julian’s thigh with his fingers. He noticed that it made Julian lick his lips in a rather beautiful way. Then he realised what Julian had said. His head shot up and his fingers stopped playing.

“Sorry?” Noel pushed Julian onto his back and leaned on his chest. “Repeat the bit about who is fucking whom?”

“Are you being this dense on purpose?” Julian asked, smiling. “If I’d have said this to anyone else, they would have had their fingers inside me by now.”

“I need to put my fingers up there?” Noel asked, starting to get distracted by Julian’s navel.

“We’ve talked about this,” Julian reminded him. That was true. That was how they had started on this route. Noel had been giving Julian a rather good blowjob when Julian had requested a little bit of added stimulation. From this, the conversation has ground to a halt firmly in one area.

“O-kay,” Noel said hesitantly. He got up from Julian’s chest and reached for the baby oil.

“No,” Julian told him, pointing to his bedside table. “Second drawer down.”

Noel opened the door to discover a bottle of lube. Proper lube. “Wicked,” he observed and squirted some into his palm. He made his fingers slippery with the gunk and looked over at Julian, who was still lying on his back in the middle of the bed. “I know I’m not the expert, but I’m thinking that I might need more access to your arse if I’m going to, well…”

“Yes,” Julian sighed. He sat up and presented himself to Noel. He looked over his shoulder. “This was where we started. You realise this, don’t you?”

“That was before.” Noel leaned forward and kissed Julian’s right buttock. He let his slippery fingers disappear into the crease and, with a little blind fingertip searching, he located the wrinkled hole he was looking for. He concentrated on making it wet. He figured that the more lube the better. He reached over and pulled the bottle towards him. He circled Julian’s entrance with his finger. His cock gave a little excited jump when he heard Julian moan and whimper. With care, he slipped a finger inside the tight ring of muscle. It contracted around his finger, then relaxed as he made it slick and slippery. He could hardly believe he was going to get his cock in such a small hole. He wiggled his finger inside Julian.

“Oh, fuck yes, that’s it… do that, there, oh Jesus!” Julian said, moaning around the syllables. Noel’s cock twitched again. This was pretty fucking good. He was all for making Julian come with one finger. “More,” Julian pleaded and pushed back against Noel’s hand.

Noel pulled his finger free and circled the wrinkled rim again. Then, when he felt Julian relax below him, he slipped two fingers inside.

Julian laughed.

“What?” Noel asked, circling his fingers inside the older man. He tried to reach the same spot that had made Julian go all shaky before. It worked again.

“Oh, that’s just…” Julian gasped out. “I’d fah-ha-gotten how bl-hah-dy good this… Fucking hell.” Julian pulled back on Noel’s hand again, then leaned forward. Noel wiggled his fingers when they were inside. It was fascinating, hot and consuming, all of this. He let his free hand trail around to Julian’s dick and found it leaking obscenely. He kissed the base or Julian’s spine.

“You need to…” Julian was wriggling around his fingers. The once tight muscle was looser around them; he could feel Julian relax around him as he became more and more aroused. “Lube yourself.”

Noel’s cock heard that. It thickened in agreement as Noel pulled his fingers free and lubed himself up. The temptation was there, just to carry on, let himself go and yet, he wouldn’t. He was thrumming with the idea of fucking Julian slowly. He aimed the lube bottle between Julian’s buttocks and squeezed, sending a jet of slimy liquid for good measure. He was rewarded by a groaning squeak. Julian was so a butt man.

Noel pulled Julian’s cheeks apart, looking for the first time where he was heading. He lined his cock up at the entrance, teasing it for a moment with the head of his cock, smearing his pre-come around the hole. Then he pushed slightly, biting his lip as the tip of his cock breached the muscle and was enveloped by tight warmth. Noel made a silly, not remotely sexy, high-pitched noise at the sensation and eased in gradually. Julian pushed back, but Noel grabbed Julian’s hips and held him still. His partner might have been prepared for the feeling, but Noel wasn’t and, right now, control was required. And lacking. His blunt nails dug into the pale skin of Julian’s hips, and his own hips jerked forward before he could still them.

“Bernard Manning, Margaret Thatcher, the Lighthouse Family…” Noel recited the names under his breath, trying to take his mind off the fact that his dick was inside Julian and it felt so brilliant that his balls were virtually throbbing.

“Shut up and fuck me!” Julian said, reaching back to grab Noel’s thighs and pull him forward. Both men groaned as he managed it. “There,” Julian demanded. “Right fucking there.”

Noel stopped trying to stop and instead, aimed to hit the spot he’d located. Julian’s elbows sagged against the mattress, tilting his arse further in the air. In response, Noel just clung on, thrusting in time to no particular rhythm. He looked down to where his body met Julian’s, watching himself slip inside the man who was his best friend, his partner and now, completely, his lover. His cock swelled at the sight, and he shut his eyes for a moment, regaining his composure. His hips stuttered.

“Don’t you dare,” Julian gasped beneath him. Noel could see Julian’s hand working on his own cock and that sight wasn’t doing his self-control any favours, either. He’d have been quite happy normally to sit and watch Julian wank in front of him, see the little signs, the tiny gestures in the way his hand moved that signalled his impending climax. As it was, all Noel could see was Julian’s hand moving and his brain was doing the rest. It was doing more than enough. He began to try and thrust in time with Julian’s hand, making long smooth strokes. He plunged inside Julian deeply, wringing a series of moans from the older man, then pulled all but the tip of his cock out.

“You’re so fuckin’ tight, Jules,” Noel gasped, leaning back as his cock sank back in deeply. He pulled out and whimpered when he fell free of Julian’s body, scrabbling to get himself sheathed again. Julian gasped and reached back to clutch Noel’s thigh as he did. Noel pushed back in and pulled Julian’s hips towards him sharply. “You feel so good. It’s fuckin’ killin’ me.”

“It’s killing you?” Julian managed to grunt, his hand moving faster on his own dick. Noel hurriedly squeezed some lube into his palm, then moved his hand round Julian’s body to touch his cock. He slipped his hand lower, gently cupping Julian’s balls. He lifted up and stroked Julian’s shaft with gentle fingers, letting the older man rest his weight on both arms. For Noel, it was strange. It was a little bit like wanking himself, and he was confident as he stroked Julian, feeling him gasp and moan as his touches became bolder and faster. When he looked down at the apex of where his body met Julian’s, he could see the lube gather round the opening as his cock slipped in and out. He felt the slickness on his cock, the heat and pressure. It was almost overwhelming.

Noel threw his head back and rolled his hips, then thrust inside quickly, sharply, then slower and deeper. He stroked the skin of Julian’s back, pebble-dashed with sweat. He licked the skin, inhaling and pushing in hard and fast for a few strokes, a reaction to the tang of sweat on his lips. The reaction his movements wrought, the smell, touch and taste of the man beneath him… it was intoxicating.

“You’re a bastard,” Julian breathed, his voice high and reedy. “Just, please, just fuck me,” he gasped, as Noel stroked his back and moved in and out of him with aching, careful slowness. “I can’t take much more.”

Noel aimed the opening of the lube bottle between their bodies, adding extra slickness. Then he leaned over Julian’s body.

“Sure?” he asked, his voice betraying his need far more than he liked.

“Sure,” Julian replied, arching his back and pushing back as Noel pushed in. “Do it,” he murmured.

Noel’s fingertips dug into Julian’s hips as he began to build a harder, faster rhythm. He let Julian’s moans dictate the right spot again, and he pounded against it. He let the motion of their bodies push Julian’s cock through his fist. As they moved faster, so the squeezeclenchslurp sound increased. So Noel’s hot skin grew ever more sensitive; the rub of his hipbones or the slap of his balls against Julian’s backside became a lover’s caress, almost a tickle. And then all sensation centred at one spot.

He began to rub Julian’s cock harder and faster, desperate to come soon and to bring the older man with him. His hips drove against Julian again and again. He felt warmth in the base of his spine, which moved and tightened his balls before he was coming hard. Noel’s thrusts slammed clumsily against Julian’s body. He could feel the older man’s own impending orgasm tighten around him. It felt a little like insanity, as though he was going to come forever, trapped in feverish movement. Finally, he felt Julian’s release splatter his fingers, the bed and the man himself as he came with a series of loud moans and expletives.

Julian’s body crumpled beneath him, rolling until the older man was lying on his back. He was breathing hard, and Noel lay down at his side, stroking his chest. His fingers were messy with come and he coated Julian’s nipples with it before leaning over to lick them clean. Julian sighed and twitched.

“Ticklish?” Noel asked, letting his fingers just skim the sensitive flesh on Julian’s side.

“A bit,” Julian twitched again and smiled before grabbing Noel’s wrist and holding onto it. He brought the back of Noel’s hand to his lips, then let his tongue lap a little of the leftover spunk from the join of two of the fingers. Noel giggled.

“Ticklish?” Julian asked innocently. Noel nuzzled his nose against Julian’s ear until the older man pulled his leg over his own and let Noel half lay on top of him. “Thank you,” he whispered into Noel’s hair.

“Was I… was it… okay?” Noel asked, leaning on one elbow and looking into Julian’s eyes. He could feel Julian wriggling beneath him and he was slightly scared that he had done the wrong thing. Maybe even hurt… “I didn’t hurt you, did I?” he asked.

“It was bloody good,” Julian sighed and prodded the tip of Noel’s nose. “No, you didn’t hurt me, but we are making a wet patch on the bed,” he said, wriggling a little more. “Your fault, really.”

“Does it come out then?” Noel whispered.

“Nah,” Julian’s eyebrows lifted. “It stays there forever and makes…”

“Okay, it’s fine. I really don’t want you to finish the rest of that sentence,” Noel said, rolling over and pulling himself up on shaky legs. “I’m coming back,” he told Julian as he left the room. “Lay on your front!”

Noel headed to the bathroom. There was a flannel draped over the side of the bathtub, and he put it in the sink and ran warm water into the bowl. He swirled the cloth in the water for a bit and then, as a last thought, squeezed a bit of baby wash into the water and sloshed it about. Afterwards, he took the warm, wet flannel and a towel back into the bedroom. He sat at Julian’s side and kissed the dimples in the arch of his back. Gently, he wiped Julian clean.

Seeing his own release sliding from Julian’s body made his cock twitch a little. But it twitched tiredly, in a manner suggesting that it liked the thought, even if, right now, it lacked the ability. When he wiped one side, he towelled Julian off and rolled him onto his back again. Then, Noel wiped Julian’s flaccid cock and his stomach, which had been splattered with Julian’s release. He towelled him off and was about to stand again, when strong arms stopped him.

“Sit back,” Julian motioned, sitting up. He took the flannel from Noel and walked out of the room, returning with it moments later. It was warm and wet as it touched Noel’s skin. He watched Julian wipe away the mixture of lube and spunk that was sticky against his skin, tufting his pubic hair together, and dry him.

“We’ll go have a shower in a minute,” Julian told him, laying back on the bed and pulling Noel over him again. “Can we just have a bit of a rest first?”

“It’s alright, Ju,” Noel said, smiling. “I already know you’re a cuddler.”

And he did.

He often felt that he and Julian would never have gone past a kiss without the strange mixture of affection they shared. Noel was cuddly and touchy and Julian wasn’t until after. And then, you knew that you were special. Howard could tell Vince over and over not to touch him, but it was only because Julian made touching something else. Something more.

Noel rested his head on Julian’s chest and closed his eyes. He whispered three words. He felt Julian return them.