I Do Some of My Best Work While You’re Oblivious

Set the night before the Nightmare of Milky Joe


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I Do Some of My Best Work While You’re Oblivious by sandracarol


It was the smallest of whispers and he didn’t really expect an answer, he was just checking.

As the gentle snores continued undisturbed, Vince crept into the darkened room…

The bedroom door gently clicked behind him and he held his breath for a moment, and then silently took a seat on the edge of the bed next to an obviously sleeping Howard…


Howard’s hair had been annoying him for days, they were leaving for America tomorrow, and if they were going to get on the pie face show case Howard was going to have to have something a little more cutting edge. They were never going to make it big if one of them had hair that looked like it had been bought from a particularly smelly charity shop, by association, it made Vince look bad and he wasn’t having that. He was just going to have to work a little of the old midnight magic.

Placing his comb and scissors on the bedside table, he carefully lifted the sleeping mans head and placed another pillow beneath it. Howard complained gently at being disturbed, but Vince had done this before and knew to let him settle back into sleep, before continuing.

It only took about twenty minutes of careful snipping to get Howard’s hair into a much more presentable condition. Vince put the scissors down and sat back to admire his work. As he tweaked the resulting do, he couldn’t help but notice again, how fine the hair was , ‘brown smoke,’ he smiled to himself as he smoothed the fringe across Howard’s forehead, mischievously arranging it into a little kiss curl.

He liked spending time with Howard. He liked it best when Howard didn’t spoil it by trying too hard to be Howard.

Howard moon, man of action.

Yeah, thought Vince, and too scared to fly…

He smiled affectionately at the sleeping man and continued stroking his hair.

Sometimes sleeping Howard was best.

Vince didn’t fancy being on his own right now, he actually wanted to wake Howard up and talk to him, but that would blow the whole midnight barber routine. So he contented himself with stretching out on the bed next to his friend, propping himself up on one elbow and admiring his handiwork at close quarters.

He re arranged the kiss curl again, continuing with his fingertips across Howard’s forehead and down the side of his face, he could feel the roughness of the skin and then the stubble.

He wished Howard would moisturise. Maybe he could start doing that while he was asleep as well. Come in late at night and give him a full facial, perhaps even an eyelash tint, help define those eyes. It’s a shame Howard was so averse to make up and accessories, you could be anyone with makeup.

He ran his thumb through the moustache, and wondered if that could probably do with some work as well. Yeah… with I little judicious trimming he could probably get a passing resemblance to Errol Flynn on the go. Imagine how pleased Howard would be if he got up in the morning and everyone said how handsome he was.

‘Hey look, it’s Errol Flynn’

How good would that be?

Vince smiled,

If anyone suggested that he looked even vaguely like Errol Flynn, Howard would probably take up archery and attempt to rescue passing Damsels…

The thought was so stupid that he started giggling to himself; but the movement disturbed Howard who grunted and turned over, throwing an arm over him and pinning him to the bed.

Trying not to laugh out loud he started to wriggle out from under the dead weight of the sleeping man. But having caught on to someone, Howard was not going to let go that easily. He surfaced enough to wrap his arms tightly around his prize and snuggle as close as possible.

Vince felt a contented sigh against his throat as Howard fell back into sleep. He let out a sigh of his own and relaxed into the embrace, now he was going to have to wait until Howard was snoring again before attempting to leave.

That wasn’t so bad.

In fact, the somnambulistic attention Howard was paying him, was actually rather pleasant.

He made himself comfortable.

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