Home for the Holidays

Noel and Julian are staying with Julian’s family for the holiday. This leaves Noel a little… unsatisfied.


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Home for the Holidays by sandracarol

Noel looked up at Julian and looked pained



Do we have to go and visit your parents for Christmas?

It wasn’t that he didn’t want to see them.

But visiting meant one thing and one thing only, to him now.

He couldn’t spend the night with Julian, wrapped around his partner, sleepy and warm, entangled so that even he couldn’t tell where he ended and Julian began. Going to Julian’s parents meant separate bedrooms, when they’d barely spent a night apart in the last few months. It meant that he couldn’t wake up Julian with kisses and then with his mouth on Julian’s cock, as he was used to doing, and going visiting meant he couldn’t fuck his friend in the shower every morning, as he was also used to doing.

Noel shivered, alone in his bed, and disconsolately threw himself onto his stomach, burying his face in his pillow, which was another problem, as it didn’t smell like Julian at all. He was used to his bed smelling like Julian, used to burying his face in his pillow and thinking of the words Julian had said to him the night before, want and need and baby, please, until he was mad with it and he had to beg Julian into bed. Julian would laugh at his eagerness and oblige him, playing with him until he writhed and whispered for Julian to fuck him, and then Julian would give him that, too.

Noel whimpered, shifting a little in bed, rubbing himself against the sheets, and that didn’t help anything at all, did it?

He’d never masturbated over Julian. Somehow, in spite of all the things they’d done together, it still seemed too dirty, too wrong. He had shivers of guilt every time he thought about doing it, from, he supposed, all the years that Julian had come unbidden to his mind when he was alone, with his hand wrapped around his cock, trying to think of someone else. He flopped onto his back again, determined not to touch himself, easing his boxers down over the head of his cock so that it, at least, wouldn’t rub against the fabric temptingly.

The ringing of his mobile, normally very quiet, seemed especially loud in the silent room. He fumbled for it in the dark, nearly dropping it as he grabbed it from the night stand, frowning at the screen.

Julian? Was calling him? From the other side of the house?

He answered it, tentatively, in case it was a mistake, a very quiet hello into the mouthpiece.

“Hello little man,” Julian sighed, and Noel grinned in spite of himself, stretching and curling his toes at the sheer pleasure of the sound of Julian’s voice.

“What are you doing, calling me from your bedroom?” Noel laughed softly.

“Was thinking about you,” Julian said—murmured—in his ear. “Couldn’t stop. Had to talk to you.”

“Me too,” Noel answered. “Was thinking about you.”

“You were?” Julian asked, sounding lazily pleased. “What were you thinking about?”

Noel blushed in the darkness, glad Julian couldn’t see it. He didn’t know what to say for a minute, and so he sighed, and then Julian laughed on the other end of the phone, quietly amused.

“Me, too, baby,” he said into Noel’s silence.

“You, too, what?” Noel grinned, wanting to hear it.

He could hear Julian shift on the other end of the phone, quiet rustle of bedclothes and the squeak of a mattress spring.

“Was thinking about what I’d do if you were in bed with me,” Julian answered.

“God,” Noel said, almost to himself, feeling a warm surge of heat hit him. “Did you—what would you do?”

“Tell you that you were where you belonged, for one,” Julian answered. “Instead of all the way over on the other side of the house. You should be in my bed, baby.”

Noel bit his lip, took a sharp breath in. “I know,” he answered. “’s where I want to be, so bad, Ju. Was lying here missing you, thinking about how nothing smelled like you and how if we were home I’d—“

“You’d what?” Julian asked, sounding a little eager.

Noel sighed again and licked his lips, mouth suddenly dry. “Same thing I always do. Lie here thinking about you till I was so hard it hurt, baby, and then come get you to make it better.”

Julian moaned a muffled sound that Noel could tell he’d tried his best to stop, although it just hadn’t worked.

“I would,” Julian promised. “Push you onto your back, kiss you, everywhere, make you say my name how I like it. You sound so dirty and sweet at the same time, so eager and innocent and God, fuckable.”

Noel shivered, hand involuntarily straying to his cock. His fingertips trailed over the head and he made a harsh, hurt sound in the back of his throat.

“Ju,” he whimpered.

“Just like that, oh, Noel,” Julian said. “What are you doing?”

“Nothing,” Noel said, knowing how unconvincing he sounded.

“Please. Tell me,” Julian said. “Or, God, no, don’t, if you’re really—I’d have to come and get you. Take you back to my bed and fuck you, little man. Family be damned. I can’t go without you.”

“I am,” Noel said. “I was trying not to when you called, but I can’t help it. I can’t.” His hand tightened around his cock and he moaned again, shivering from the gentle friction. “Ju—are you hard?”

“Yes, baby,” Julian gasped, and Noel bit his lip again and whimpered. “So hard it hurts. Because of you.”

“Do you want to fuck me?” Noel asked in a whispered rush, needing to hear it.

“Oh, God,” Julian said. “Want to so bad. Under me. No, bent over for me. I can’t decide. Which one?”

“Under you,” Noel said. “’s where I want to be.” He brought his hand to his mouth, licked his palm and then rubbed it over the head of his cock, eyelids fluttering, and he gasped, louder this time.

“They’ll hear you,” Julian said. “What would you tell them?”

“That I need to be fucked by their beautiful son,” Noel said.

Julian said nothing for a minute, but Noel could hear movement and tiny keening noises coming from the other end of the line, and he knew what they meant. He’d heard them often enough, from the very beginning, in fact. From the moment he’d first woken up in Julian’s bed after a night of drinking, woken up to find Julian hard and his hand resting on Julian’s cock. From the moment his partner hadn’t pushed his hand away, but instead had stared at him with wide eyes and let Noel give him a hand job.

They hadn’t kissed until afterward and somehow that seemed to be the most forbidden thing of all. Julian had rolled over against him and kissed him, endless soft kisses punctuated with the slide of tongue and nip of teeth.

Julian moaned, louder, and Noel was startled from his memories.

‘They’ll hear you,” he smiled. “And then what will you say?”

“That I need to fuck my best friend,” Julian said. “And I can’t, so I’m going to listen to him whimpering in my ear and I’m going to think about how I’d like to be inside him and I’m going to make myself come over it all. Talk to me, baby.”

Noel didn’t know what to say for a minute; it seemed his tongue and his brain had quit communicating, and then he opened his mouth and everything came out.

“Tell you everything,” he sighed, his hand speeding up on his cock, hips jerking involuntarily every few strokes. “About how good you feel, better than anything, anyone. How good you taste. I could suck your cock forever and never get tired of it, Ju. I don’t tell you how often I want to, God, it’s just embarrassing—“

“No,” Julian said in a broken gasp. “Not embarrassing, tell me.”

“I want to all the time,” Noel answered. “Love the way it feels in my mouth. Love the way I make you feel. Ju, please—“

He couldn’t talk anymore, couldn’t think about anything but the slick slide of his cock in his hand, tongue licking his lips as he imagined Julian’s cock there. He listened to Julian’s sounds, recognizing the lip-bitten moans that meant he was getting closer and closer, and then Noel heard Julian say his name in a way that didn’t require an answer. It pushed him over some indefinable edge, and he came, all over his own stomach, listening to Julian do the same on the other end of the line.

They lay there for a moment, together and not together, until their breathing returned to normal.

“I love you,” Noel whispered into the phone, warm all over and half-asleep.

“Love you more, little man,” Julian answered. “Tomorrow night?”

“Yes,” said Noel. “Oh yes.” He hesitated. “Would my comedy partner like to take me out for lunch tomorrow? Just the two of us.”

“Always,” Julian answered.

They said their goodbyes, lingering over them a little longer than necessary, and then they hung up. Noel rolled over into his pillow again, which still didn’t smell like Julian, but that was ok. He knew where to find one that did, and he had a feeling that somehow, some way, it would end up in his bed tomorrow night.

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