and I quote “Story for my cousin coz shes wonderful and amazing and wanted dom and noel and julian together so i wrote it to ammend for my previous evil storyness”


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Need by phoon

Noel knew he couldn’t give this up. Even as he strained against the handcuffs on his wrists and cried out at the harsh scrape of teeth against his skin. As he felt liquid drip down his neck and knew it wasn’t sweat. As his tears soaked into the blindfold, and rough talented hands spread his legs and all he could was gasp and shake and shudder at being completely and utterly possessed…

He was still shuddering, twitching slightly, as those same hands released the blindfold and he blinked at the sudden light. All he could see was the top of Dominic’s head as he felt a tongue lapping at his neck, moving up to bite down suddenly on his earlobe. He cried out again, arching his body against Dominic’s, and his skin felt warm and sticky with drying sweat.

He left Dominic’s with damp hair from the shower and a gentle kiss goodbye at the door. He left with the memory of a cheeky grin, and dark eyes. Of hands that could turn him inside out and screaming with pleasure and pain.

When he got home, he was pulled into a warm embrace on the couch, and he would close his eyes and relax into the soft hands massaging his shoulders. He let his head fall back, and he smiled contentedly as Julian slowly stripped him and kissed every new bruise, every new bite mark, until he thought he could never move again. Then he would pull Julian down and kiss him, so thoroughly he could still sometimes tell what Julian had eaten for dinner. Or how recently he’d had a fag. He tasted and explored and licked until Julian felt just as relaxed as he did. Until he wouldn’t complain too much, as Noel slid one hand into Julian’s jeans, at the awkwardness of hand jobs in cramped spaces.

Afterwards, they would lie for hours, dozing, talking, and Julian would always make Noel laugh until he could almost forget about that afternoons tryst. And Julian would take his hand and lead him to bed, and retrace his earlier path on Noels body with his hands and tongue until he couldn’t keep his eyes open.

And Noel knew he could never give this up.