Just Wear The Hat

Set during the filming of the pilot episode, and before, well, anything happened between them.


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Just Wear The Hat by Kewen

Julian always laughed at Noel’s costumes, how could he not? But the thing is, what might look completely outlandish and worryingly experimental on set looked a little more toned-down and beautiful on TV.

Next to Noel he always came across as boring, looking a bit old, even. However loud his shirt was, he looked bland in comparison.

The thing was, it just didn’t bother him. The reasons were thus:

Number one: He could never out dress Noel, and there was no point trying to.

For another thing, he didn’t have the figure for it. Noel was tall and straight. Everything suited him: Any colour, any style and any shape. He could wear a guitar case and make it look sexy. Julian knew this because he’d seen it at a party.

And thirdly; watching Noel was the best thing about performing and filming with him. Watching Noel was the best thing about anything, really, but it was the costumes that got Julian.

He wore so many different clothes, so many outfits, and then the numerous hats and accessories that came with those… Every time he saw Noel his eyes were drawn to a different part of him or places he hadn’t studied as in-depth as before.

The filming had gone well, and Noel’s clothes had, as always, been eye catching.

The hat, though… The hat was surprising. Julian loved admiring Noel, but sometimes the large hats he wore hid too much of his face. This one, though, suited him perfectly. It framed his features and didn’t flatten his hair, with a small brim at the front that Noel tipped cheekily to one of the make-up supervisors, before winking at Julian.

Julian had to get himself under control before they began filming for this one, making two trips to the loo and even then not feeling quite right. Noel was everywhere, his hyperactivity on set was contagious, and there was no escaping it.

His Fielding obsession was definitely getting out of hand, if you’d pardon the cheap pun, and he was determined to do something about it.

Julian could tell Noel, he would probably laugh, and it would probably become a joke. He was so used to the attention he probably wouldn’t care, but Julian couldn’t bring himself to do that.

He couldn’t stand being teased, not when someone meant so much to him.

It was the end of the first day of filming for the television series. Well, not officially, it was only the pilot. The studio was big, though not as big as the other ones they’d walked into by accident, and a lot of the rest of the cast and crew had gone off for a drink. Julian found it all a bit overwhelming and told Noel he’d just have a cup of tea, not expecting Noel would turn down a party, however small it was, to wait around with him.

Noel stood with his back to Julian and unbuttoned his shirt, now sweaty and crumpled from a day of filming, and tossed it onto the floor, followed by his belt. Julian sat on the bench a couple of yards away, holding a mug of tea in one hand and leaning on the other, not changing into his own clothes yet.

Noel stretched and scratched himself before reaching for the hat that he was somehow still wearing.

“Don’t take it off…” Julian mumbled into his mug. Noel whirled around, frowning.


Julian looked into his tea, and then looked up again. “What?”

“I thought you said something.” Noel was still shirtless with his hand on the brim of his hat. Julian didn’t think he’d seen anything more erotic.

“No, I didn’t.” Julian’s voice cracked slightly and he cleared his throat. He needed Noel to look away from him, now. He could feel his cheeks burning and his fingers shook slightly, but Noel was still looking right at him, his expression unreadable, and his hand still on the brim of his hat. Julian looked away again, and then repeated for a second time. “What?”

Noel’s mouth twitched, and he walked towards his friend sitting on the bench, both hands gripping the BBC mug tightly.

He finally took his hand down from his hat and rested it on his waist instead. Julian felt like he could breathe again for the first time in ages, until Noel’s face broke out into a wide grin and he leant in slightly to be closer to Julian.

“D’you think I can’t tell when someone’s checking me out?” he cocked his head to one side and watched as Julian spluttered indignantly.

Noel toned his inane grin down to an amused smile when he saw just how lost his friend looked. He hesitated, and then in a split second had swooped down on Julian and planted a kiss firmly on his mouth.

Julian was torn. He wanted to kiss back, but should he? It would only lead to more trouble, and what if Noel was only making fun of him? Not that he would, they were mates, he wouldn’t… His eyes flew open as he felt Noel’s fingers brush a wisp of hair from the back of his neck, and realising that the other man was still kissing him he gave up what little resistance he’d had.

The mug slipped from his fingers, forgotten, as he felt the tip of Noel’s tongue graze against his own, and his breath hitched as Noel clambered astride him, pushing whatever else was in his way onto the floor.

Julian wasn’t sure what to do, where to put his arms, where to move…

Without breaking their kiss, Noel grabbed Julian’s flailing hands and placed them firmly on his backside. After several long minutes of kissing and exploring, Noel pulled back to look at Julian, his face smiling but his eyes serious.

“You know you only had to say something.”

Rich wandered into the studio just a quarter of an hour later. The place was empty but as he walked over to pick up his bag he stepped on some broken china on the floor, and he frowned. There was tea still spreading slowly out on the concrete floor and there were clothes strewn around the bench.

Noel and Julian were nowhere to be seen. Although a trail through the mess the set designers had left led him to the costume cupboard on the other side of the studio. He began to walk towards it, before stopping, listening, and then turning back round to walk back where he’d come, his eyes wide.

He passed Mike as he walked out the large studio door, and grinned at him. “Don’t go through there,” he warned with an over exaggerated meaningful look, “Noel and Julian are kind of busy.”

Mike caught on immediately, and elbowed Rich as he walked past. Noel’s younger brother hesitated, then followed Rich down the corridor. “It’s about bloody time, though.”