Envious Glances

Set after the oxford signing me and _pawn attended. We were first through, so had plenty of time to just stand at the side... And watch them. This fic is based on what _pawn said after twenty or so minutes of staring and dribbling. “Noel gets angry when the fans get too close to Julian, hee hee hee.


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Notes: This is NOT a part of the challenge, it’s just that it was based on the Oxford signing and I thought I’d post it while that was still fresh in everyone’s booshy minds.

Envious Glances by Kewen

Noel did get jealous when they met fans, he was prepared to admit.

And he was also prepared to admit that this was completely and entirely unfair considering that it was always him that stayed the longest to talk to fans, winking and smiling at them, hugging and kissing and being open and colourful.

Noel loved it, he loved the fans, he genuinely thought they were hilarious. People came dressed up in full costume, sometimes. He would never have had to guts to walk down the street in green make-up or a pair of tight black pants decorated with polos. But these were boosh fans, they were hardcore.

Julian, however, found it all slightly disconcerting. He didn’t expect he’d ever get used to people he didn’t know waving to him and asking him to pose for photos.

Noel thrived in that kind of environment, Julian didn’t.

There were times though when Noel noticed Julian becoming more relaxed with some fans, and it unnerved him, only because he saw Julian start to creep out of his own protective shell and he’d rather Julian reserved that part of himself for him, and him alone.

A couple of the fans this time got a kiss from Julian, or a hug or a laugh or a wink, and Noel went into a tiny strop for a few minutes while Julian ignored his ridiculous behaviour.

The number of people Noel had been suggestive with… was irrelevant.

They’d finished the signing and were walking briskly back to the theatre. They were late, they’d stayed forty-five minutes longer than they were supposed to, and would probably be in more than a bit of trouble with Paul, their director.

Noel and Julian walked round the back of the theatre to the stage door, half running down the narrow corridors to their own dressing room. When they got there, however, it was locked, and they had to run back down to the front desk to ask for it to be opened.

“You’ll have to wait for Paul,” they’d been told, “the other guy’s gone for his break.” After a quick phone call they were told to wait outside their room for Paul, who’d be there in about ten minutes.

The theatre was annoying; the doors to the main stage weren’t opened until the audience were let in, which meant that the cast and crew had to get in through the corridors to the stage connected to the dressing rooms. Everything was about security, and Noel assumed they’d had a bad experience with it in the past.

“D’you think we should have left?” asked Noel, squinting through the keyhole of the room they shared with Mike, Dave and Rich, just to check none of them were in there.

“Nah.” Replied Julian, “It was fun, really. And we haven’t done one for a while.”

“Yeah, you looked like you were enjoying yourself.” Noel stood up straight and picked at a bit of plaster around the door.

“I know what you’re pissed about,” said Julian after a while. “But I still don’t understand your problem. I’ve seen you with the fans, you love it, you love the attention and you love their reactions. They’re all over you, and you lap it all up.”

“I know but it’s different for you, you don’t even like this stuff.”

“I do sometimes. Just because you’re used to being so much more popular than me, doesn’t mean I can’t have some of that sometimes. Everyone loves you…”

“But that’s only natural.” Noel ducked his head and grinned cheekily at Julian, who smiled back at him. Noel’s confidence was catching, and Julian wasn’t annoyed at him. He could just be confusing sometimes.

Noel shrugged and leant against the wall, adjusting his hat. “Sorry, Julian, I’m being stupid…”


“I’ll stop it, I will, I’ll stop being such an idiot about the…”

“No, you don’t have to.” Julian leant against the wall next to Noel, not looking at him. “It’s not something I’m used to, that’s all. Never had a girlfriend who was this protective about me. Or jealous, or…”

“But it’s ridiculous, I shouldn’t have to glare at fans who get too close to you or flirt with you…”

“Shut up, Noel.” Julian kept his back against the wall but turned his head to look at his friend. “I like it.” His tone dared Noel to try and argue back.

Noel looked at the floor, hooking his thumbs in the pockets of his jeans, then looked back at Julian, biting his lip and smiling. “I just don’t want to share you.” He grinned and slid his hand down the back of Julian’s jeans, pulling the older man against him and kissing his cheek.

Julian was having none of it, gripping Noel’s face in both hands and kissing him hard on the mouth. Noel kissed back just as passionately, sliding his free hand into Julian’s hair, holding him in place.

Noel was fumbling with Julian’s flies and Julian had both his hands up Noel’s shirt when the dressing room door opened.

Paul was almost used to this by now and looked at the ceiling of the narrow corridor while Noel and Julian coughed and sorted themselves out. “Guys, it’s time for prop rehearsal. Just be on stage in ten, alright?”

“Yeah” replied Noel, his voice higher pitched than it usually was. He cleared his throat as Julian stifled a laugh.

The door closed again and Julian kissed Noel once more before they pulled apart. He bent towards Noel’s ear, so he could hear him whisper. “After tonight’s show, I’ll have you.”

His hand brushed lightly against the crotch of Noel’s jeans, a promise of what was to come, and watched with satisfaction as Noel’s eyelids fluttered slightly.

Noel grabbed Julian’s hand and tugged him towards the door.

“Not if I get you first.”

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