Heard It All Before

They'd kissed loads of times.


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Heard It All Before by crowson75

They’d kissed loads of times.

That’s what he always said.

They’d kissed loads of times.

It was never the men that asked; to them it was just a joke.

It had to be, didn’t it?

You didn’t just start snogging your best mate unless it was a joke.

It had to be a laugh.

The women would ask him.

He would be left with the men, they would talk about comedy

They would talk about nudity.

They would talk about girls and the show.

Then all would go quiet, as soon as a woman asked him about them kissing each other.

It always made for an interesting evening though; at some point, when they would sit and talk to him, he could feel them wondering.

He could always say it was fine; they can kiss loads and it can always be just a laugh.

Strange then that most of the time he didn’t say that.

He always left it open; so both of them began to let people draw their own conclusions.

From him, it was taken as being coy, being flirtatious even. The confuser.

From him, they took it as embarrassment of course. The confused.

Fine; let them think what they wanted.

It wasn’t as though either of them could really give anyone answers.

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