Purple Fluffy Socks

Flirtation leads to... ice-lollies.


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Notes: Betaed by aryas_zehral and silvaa. A huge thank you to both. Written for the angel_rpf socks challenge.

Purple Fluffy Socks by crowson75

The flirting had lasted for weeks.

It was flirting, Noel supposed. Quite how two heterosexual men came to be flirting was another matter. Two heterosexual men with long-term partners. He and Julian weren’t exactly uninterested or unemotional and so, even saying that they were flirting seemed like it was somehow a betrayal. They were trusted though and that was the worst thing of all. It kept him in check when Julian, as Howard, stuck his tongue into Noel’s mouth. Old Gregg’s mouth, not his, not Noel’s. The distinction was important, wasn’t it?

Old Gregg would have dealt with all this much better. Him, with his mangina, disco music and desperate need for love.

So how did all that explain Julian’s hard on? Would Howard (or Julian) really be that turned on by a bloke with panda eyes, a green seaweed wig and smudgy red lips? That really was a worrying thought. Was Vince’s reaction Old Gregg’s or his?

“What the fuck are you playing at?”

It was what he should have said when Julian had grabbed his arse on stage, in front of hundreds, and bought their crotches and lips tight together, bodies colliding, melding from shoulder to hip. Julian’s reaction to the kiss created Noel’s own. The audience went wild and a little bit of Noel did too. Then Julian was gone, bowing to the audience, waving and running around. For a moment, Noel stood virtually still, before he turned, blinking at the crowd. “Thank fuck for the tutu” was all he could think. The seconds dragged on like hours and then he was turned, being dragged off the stage by Julian.

But the corridor was as far as the dragging went. Julian turned, hugged him and then jogged off to the dressing room to get changed. Noel walked behind him, his gait flipping back to being pigeon toed as it always did when he was nervous.

The dressing room was, as usual, full of people. It didn’t take long for Noel to be swept into the joy of the moment and the excitement. A few drinks and quick shower and they were on the bus, heading off to the next town down the line. He’d even done his best to zip his still curious half-hard cock into his tight jeans. So, he glanced a few times at Julian and found him looking. Well, of course he had. After three shockingly pink drinks, Noel was ready to put it all down to a moment of weirdness. The energy and the spirit of the show had swept them away that was all. Yeah, didn’t matter.

“Fucking TWANGLES!”

Noel awoke with a start, his heart pounding and mouth dry. He’d almost thrown himself out of his narrow bunk on the bus. It took a few deep breaths before he realised that it was he who had been shouting. He grinned ruefully and shook his head at the stupidity of waking yourself up shouting nonsense. Then he heard a soft chuckle. He poked his head round the curtain of the bunk. He couldn’t see anyone, but he did notice that the curtains of Julian’s bunk were wide open. Thinking little of it, he swung his legs over the side of his bunk and jumped onto the floor, then headed back to the middle section of the bus. There, sat on the sofa looking sleepily at him, a mug in hand, was Julian. Smirking.

“No, you just go ahead and fly in the face of fashion and ignore what anyone says, Noel.” Julian squinted at him. “That is a very sexy outfit.”

Noel looked down. He was wearing his pants, a much-worn, faded t-shirt and a pair of purple fluffy socks Dee had given him to wear in case his feet got cold. His feet did get cold quite a lot. And the socks worked. He looked down at them, lifted his hand to ruffle his hair and gave Julian a sideways skeptical look.

“Because you’d definitely know all about fashion,” He shook his head slightly and then wandered over to the sofa and sat down. “What the hell are you doing up still anyway?”

“Oh, just winding down,” Julian mumbled, taking a swig from his mug. As he took the mug away, a little of the liquid escaped from his lips. Noel watched fascinated as a streak of red rolled down Julian’s chin.

“See your drinking problem is still in full effect at least,” Noel said softly, licking his lips.

“Yeah, something like that,” Julian replied, wiping his chin with the back of his hand. “Have we got anything to eat in this place?”

Noel resisted the urge to say something obtuse just for the hell of it. “I suppose you could look in the fridge,” he nodded towards it.

“That requires getting up.” The older man stared at the fridge as if in doing so, it would magically move closer to him.

“I’m aware of this,” Noel replied, getting up. On examining the contents of the fridge, he found nothing really edible save for two ice-lollies. They’d be Dave’s probably. He’d be really annoyed if someone ate them. Noel took them from the fridge and passed one to Julian.

“Icy David,” Julian greeted the lolly. “You bring us many delightful things.”

For a few moments, the only sound was the ripping of wrappers, licking and sucking. When Noel looked up, he noticed that Julian appeared to be giving his red lolly a rather graphic blow job. He mentally swore at his dick for responding.

“Checking out my lolly technique?” Julian winked at him.

“Fuck,” Noel said, closing his eyes. Then he wondered if he’d said that aloud. He opened an eye to see Julian smiling at him.

“No drinks or flowers first?” Julian asked, his grin growing broader.

“You’re a wanker,” Noel said, standing up and taking his lolly back to his bunk. He tugged the curtains shut and lay back, swallowing the last of his lolly. It was only when he was sucking the stick that he realised how raging his hard on really was. The curtains to his bunk waggled.

“If you’re going to do it, just do it quietly,” Julian whispered. That was followed by the telltale sounds of him clambering into his own bunk. Noel lay back and listened for the telltale sound of skin on skin? “Fuck it”, he thought and took his cock into his own hand. His palm was dry, but the added friction seemed right until the image of Julian sucking his cock like he had that lolly sprung to mind. He bought his hand to his mouth, and licked the palm before returning to his twitching cock. He lay back, his arm over his face, imagining Julian lips around him, his cock seemingly getting the idea ridiculously fast. There was no way this was going to last long. He reached down to cradle his balls around the base of his cock, arching slightly, taking a few deep breaths.

It was then that he heard the muffled groan. He was in there wasn’t he, wanking just like Noel was? Well, bollocks to finesse. Noel began pumping his cock faster and faster, feeling it swell and pulse in his fist. In his mind’s eye his hand was scrunching in Julian’s hair as the older man sucked him, taking him in deeper and deeper. In his mind, Noel was coming hard in Julian’s mouth, the come leaking from the corner of his lips just as the red wine had earlier. It was to that image that with a few deep thrusts into his palm, that Noel came over his fist. In his addled mind he wondered if Julian would swallow. Yes he would, he decided. Then he would kiss him. And with that thought, Noel bought his spunk-covered fingers to his mouth and sucked them clean, imagining tasting himself on Julian’s tongue. He lay back, panting hard, his mind racing. A voice snapped him back to reality.

“Have you got any tissues?”

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