Forgotten Underwear

Noel and Julian get busy after the live show.


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Notes: Didn’t happen. No money.

Forgotten Underwear by plainjane

Noel and Julian waited backstage, Noel on the right, Julian on the left, for the start of the final show, adrenaline pumping through their veins faster than ever before. Catching sight of Julian’s nervous face Noel grinned at him and gave him a thumbs-up.

“Ladies and Gentlemen please welcome on to the stage The Mighty Boo-oosh”

It had been relatively stressful touring the country, but at the same time some of the best experiences they’d ever had. It was a real boys club; late night piss-ups and long car rides in which to talk, or not talk, depending on the mood.

And now they were at the end of it, which was probably why they were so nervous, at least that was why Julian was nervous. Noel on the other hand was just lost in the moment, not thinking about what would happen after the end, not realising, like Julian did, that they’d be spending less time together. No more quickies backstage, no more midnight visits, no more sharing hotel rooms. No, it was the end of the tour and Noel had a girlfriend to get back to.

It was with this knowledge that Julian stepped on stage, his heart heavy, longing for the gig to last forever.

Cognisant of Julian’s sombre mood, Noel did his best to surreptitiously cheer him up. The lingering touches in which Noel was hesitant to let go as Julian proclaimed “Don’t touch me” and Julian pulled at Noel’s electro green top. The catching of each other’s gazes for a little too long as the Rudi sketch was dragged on longer than usual. Words slipped in that were meaningless to others and meant so much to them; “dark, penetrating theatre.”

The tension between them grew rapidly and the secret touches and furtive glances increased with their arousal. It reached a new high when Noel watched Julian sing isolation in his pink, funky pants, his pert buttocks waving around. Noel was glad to be wearing a poncho that went past his hips. Catching sight of Noel’s obvious arousal, Julian couldn’t help but smirk knowingly as he walked off stage.

Julian and Noel gave their final bows, their hearts racing with anticipation. It took less than three minutes to escape the entire backstage crew, Mike, Dave and Rich and soon they were racing down the corridor to Noel’s dressing room, snorting with laughter as they fell over the things that cluttered the long passage.

Julian was at Noel’s neck before the door had even clicked shut and Noel couldn’t help but giggle. Julian always surprised him when he was this forward seeing as it was him, Noel, who had started this little… affair.

Julian’s hands wound their way around the smaller man’s waist as their lips made contact. Mouthing each other with desperation, their bodies pressed together. Julian’s hands slowly crept their way up Noel’s slender back, the sequins twanging under his soft hands. Finding the zip, Julian released Noel from his mirror ball prison.

Noel slipped his arms out and the shiny suit fell around his waist. The soft moustache tickling Noel’s tender skin, Julian placed gentle kisses on his forehead, then his eyelids, cheeks, lips and jaw line before moving down onto his neck and collarbone. Julian felt Noel shiver beneath him as he continued his adoring kisses on Noel’s chest, barely touching his nipples before moving down his lithe, sweaty torso and ending just below his navel.

Julian licked his lips and the salty taste that he had become to associate with Noel sent shivers of electricity down Julian’s back and Noel, whose hands were now on Julian’s shoulders, felt goose bumps form under his long fingers. Julian tentatively slipped his fingers between Noel and the mirror ball suit and gradually pulled it down around his ankles, revealing the small black and white y-fronts and the bulge the protruded from them.

Soon the pants were removed too, and Noel’s large erection was exposed. Julian licked a long, wet line from the base to the tip, flicking his tongue over the head. Again Noel shuddered. Julian took Noel’s full length in his mouth, once upon a time this had been a difficult task but after three months of touring he had gotten used to it.

Julian slowly slid his lips up and down the shaft, his tongue gently rubbing the underneath of Noel’s cock. Noel let a few grateful moans escape his clenched teeth as one of Julian’s hands found his balls and massaged them.

Feeling Noel’s body about to release Julian parted with him and Noel looked down, begging him to continue.

“I want to be in you one last time” Julian said gruffly.

Noel stripped Julian of his jazzy shirt and black trousers quickly; desperate to relieve the tension that Julian had built up so well. Julian now stood in his pink, funky pants. Noel ran his fingers over the soft fabric, teasing Julian as he fingered the silver monkey head that was directly over Julian’s erection, relishing the contrast of the soft cotton and cool, smooth glitter. Pressing a kiss to Julian’s lips, Noel removed the pink pants that had been teasing him for so long.

Scratching in the draw of his dressing table that was directly opposite the door, Noel produced a tube of lubrication. Squeezing a bit into his palm, Noel grabbed Julian’s cock and slicked the throbbing shaft right to the base.

Noel positioned himself at the dressing table, his hands out to steady himself. Julian traced his fingers down Noel’s spine, ending at his firm arse. Julian grabbed hold of Noel’s tiny hips and thrust into him. Noel yelped from both the suddenness and pain. Julian watched Noel’s face in the mirror lustfully as he pumped into him. When he had established a steady rhythm, he snaked a hand around Noel and took hold of his penis. Julian pumped Noel’s cock with an equally fast pace.

As Julian ejaculated with a shudder into Noel for what he hoped wouldn’t be the last time, Noel spilled onto the table he’d been holding onto with white knuckles.

The door opened and a dark haired woman walked in. She was holding a bottle on champagne.

“Hey Noel, amazing show!”

Noel looked up, his eyes hazy. It was Dee.

“Oh shit! Sorry! I was looking for Noel,” she giggled.

Then she caught sight of Noel’s painfully guilty face in the mirror.

“Oh my god!” she gasped, dropping the champagne.

Noel tried to push Julian away but in his haste they ended up a tangle of naked flesh on the floor.


Dee ran down the corridor; the image of semen slicked tables and forgotten underwear clouding her vision.

Noel scrambled away from Julian and grabbed a pair of trousers that were flung haphazardly over a couch. He hastily pulled them on and, hopping over the broken bottle of champagne, ran after Dee.

Julian collected his clothes and awkwardly pulled them onto his sweaty body. He sat the couch and waited for Noel to return, knowing that he would be needed when Noel came back broken hearted; Dee’s face had said as much.

Julian waited two hours for Noel, all the while cursing the fact that he had to share him. Julian had never been truly in love with someone until he’d met Noel. Right from the second he’d seen those china blue eyes he knew he would never love anyone else.

Noel walked into the dressing room with bright red eyes and tears creeping down his face. Julian stood up to meet him.


Noel looked at Julian, his tears becoming more pronounced. Julian wiped the tears away softly and then pulled Noel into a hug. Noel collapsed into him, sobbing loudly. Julian stroked Noel’s still bare back waiting for him to cry out his heartache.

But Noel couldn’t stop; he shook with misery when he had no breath left to wail and even when that had stopped the tears still streamed down his smooth, rosy cheeks.

Eventually Noel pulled away from Julian.

“We’re over, Ju,” Noel sniffed in a small, pained voice.

“Noel, I’m so sorry. You and Dee were… ”

“No, Ju, you and I, we’re over.”

It was at that moment that Julian Barratt’s heart broke for the first time.