dressing room

before the interview


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Notes: a piece of semi filthy fluff

dressing room by electro girl 182

“Meet me in the dressing room on 10 minutes” Noel whispered in Julian’s ear as he got up off the couch. Julian looked confused, Noel just smiled and winked at him and walked out of the studio.

Julian stopped outside the green, Boosh themed door and tapped it quietly with his knuckles. It flew open and hand shot out, grabbing the front of his shirt and pulling him inside before it closed it again. He looked up to see a topless Noel standing in front of him. “What did you?…”, “shhh”, Noel replied pressing his finger to Julian’s lips to silence him. He moved closer and Julain’s heart began to race as Noel pressed his lips hard against his. Julian closed his eyes and returned the kiss, grabbing him and pulling him closer, tongues flicking around hungrily. He took Noel by the shoulders and spun him round, slamming him against the door. Noel reached up and began undoing the buttons on Julain’s shirt, pulling it off over his shoulders and tossing it across the floor. Julain moved his lips from Noel’s mouth and onto his neck where he he started a trail of tiny trail of soft, warm kisses, Noel moaned quietly, tilting his head to the side. He could feel Julain pressing against him, pining him to the back of the door. HE dropped his hand and began to fiddle around with Julain’s belt buckle. Julain stopped kissing him and moved away slightly. Noel placed both hands on his shoulders and jumped up, wrapping his legs around the other man’s waist as he carried him over to the sofa.

“Where have you guys been? We’ve been waiting for ages. They’ve had to delay the interview because you weren’t here”, Mike informed them as they returned to the studio. “Sorry. We got a bit distracted”, Julian replied shooting a cheeky chance at Noel who was smoothing down his ruffled hair. “Whatever. You’d better get out there”, Mike said leaving the studio in search of refreshments. Noel and Julian smiled at each other as they stepped into the studio and took their place on the interview couch.