New experiences

Noel is stood up by a girl and goes to Julian's instead. Bit of strong language - pretty much pornographic towards the end.


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Notes: 1st attempt at writing anything about real people, so be gentle, written because I always thought I was rubbish at writing sex scenes and wanted to practice a bit. Reviews, constructive criticism all welcome. Thanks.

New experiences by anna

‘Noel will you hold still?’ The costume lady sighed as part of the intricate design she’d been working on came loose for the fourth time.

‘Right, I’m gonna have to start again now,’ she said, as Noel mumbled half-hearted apologies and Julian smirked from the corner.

She stood up and picked up her coat.

‘I’m out of Gaffa Tape anyway,’ she said with an apologetic look to Julian, ‘I’ll be about an hour, can you two entertain yourselves ‘til then?’

‘Yep,’ no hesitation from Noel. Julian could see him itching to try on the other costumes.

The costume lady smiled and left, leaving them alone.

Immediately, Noel shrugged off the costume jacket he wore over his normal clothes and bounded towards one of the wardrobes.

‘Oh, you’re not?’ Julian said, starting to laugh, but at the same time taking in his friend’s outfit. Tight, black jeans. So tight! Outlining the slim shape of his legs. A tight black shirt, and a studded belt that was jangling as Noel went to unbuckle it.

Julian’s mouth went dry.

‘Stop it,’ he thought, ‘stop it now. You’ve seen him change a thousand times before.’

‘Hey, I thought I could come over later,’ Noel said, suddenly. Julian felt his breath leave him in a quiet whoosh and he tore his eyes back up to a more appropriate level, ready for when Noel turned round. But Noel was already looking at him. He stood there, his belt and jeans hanging open and his black shirt undone, a peculiar sort of frown on his face.

‘Shit,’ was all Julian’s brain seemed capable of, so he stayed silent, his eyes firmly on his friend’s face. Noel flicked his hair out of his eyes, and when he looked back he had the same cheeky smile as he always did.

‘… you know, do some writing,’ he said, as though that awkward moment had never occurred.

‘Erm… right, sure… of course…’ Julian managed, and Noel turned back to the wardrobe, now peeling off those skin-tight jeans.

Julian felt hot, watching as Noel stood there in his underwear and the open shirt, and knew he had to get out of there before he betrayed his attraction in another, more obvious way.

‘Look, I’m gonna head home,’ he said.

‘Oh,’ Noel had turned ‘round, and Julian could sense the genuine disappointment from his friend.

He shivered, feeling the delicious heat start in his abdomen. He didn’t have long.

‘Yeah. I pretty much finished with costumes yesterday.’ The lie came out in a rush.

‘Oh, okay then,’ Noel said, already turning back to the wardrobe, ‘I’ll call you later and come over.’


Julian looked unsteadily at his phone. No message. No call. Not yet.

He had drunk beer, he wasn’t sure how much, but when Noel hadn’t called by six, he’d needed to calm his nerves. It was now eight.

He wasn’t drunk, but had had enough to make his thoughts leap erratically through his mind, and for most of his body to feel a lot lighter than it should.

The phone suddenly lit up and started to buzz, making him jump. Noel.

‘Hello?’ He said, nervous.

‘Alright mate,’ Noel said, sounding excited, ‘is it alright if I come round tomorrow instead? Met this beautiful girl, said I’d meet her.’

‘Oh, right, tomorrow.’ Julian said, feeling wretched.

‘Yeah, tomorrow,’ Noel repeated, sounding a little uneasy now, ‘I mean, I’ll come round after if you like, shouldn’t be that late.’

Julian sighed, ‘yeah, okay,’ but he knew that when Noel went out with a girl, it meant all night.

‘Why,’ Noel said, a laugh in his voice, ‘you got something big planned?’ Julian tried to swallow, but found he couldn’t.

‘No, you know,’ he choked out, ‘just got that writing vibe.’

‘Well you sound half pissed to me,’ Noel said, definitely laughing now, ‘see you later.’

And he was gone, just like that.

Julian groaned, threw the phone back down on the sofa, and slumped back into the cushions.


Julian jerked awake at the sound of someone knocking on the door.

He caught sight of the half-empty bottle of vodka on the coffee table, saw the dark stain on the carpet and wondered how much he’d actually drunk. He guessed most had ended up on the floor, because he felt only tipsy, if that.

He found his phone and looked at the time – near midnight. It was far, far too early for Noel, so who the hell was at the door at this time?

He staggered upright, found his balance, and went to answer the insistent rapping.

He opened it and his stomach dropped. Noel was there, leaning against the doorframe looking pissed off and drunk and incredibly sexy.

‘At last,’ he said, breezing past, smelling of smoke and alcohol. ‘The bitch didn’t turn up,’ he said, making a beeline for the drinks cabinet, ‘I sat there for hours, looked like a right tit.’

Julian couldn’t help but smile at this news, getting even happier when he realised Noel had come to see him, rather than pull some other girl, as he knew he could.

Noel was bending down now, rooting through to find the bottle he wanted. His jeans tightened even more around his thighs and arse, and his shirt had escaped its confines beneath the belt and ridden up to expose a few inches of perfect, pale skin.

Julian felt himself get hard, straining against his jeans, but he made no attempt to hide it.

‘I was sure I was gonna get laid tonight as well,’ Noel said, still searching.

‘Yeah? Well there’s still time,’ Julian said, swigging from the bottle.

‘Ha.’ Noel replied, bitterly.

Julian crossed the room quietly and stood barely an inch behind Nole, using all his willpower not to reach out and touch what his eyes had already explored.

‘Julian, where the hell is your vodka?’ Noel finally said, standing up and turning round, then looked surprised to find them standing so close.

‘Here,’ Julian held the bottle neck to Noel’s lips. Noel tried to take it, but Julian started to tip it towards him. Obediently, almost childlike, Noel put his lips to the bottle mouth and drank, his hands coming up to cover Julian’s, controlling the speed. Julian managed not to flinch as his friend’s hands touched his, but he couldn’t suppress a wicked smile.

‘Thanks,’ Noel said, uncertain, as the bottle was lowered. Julian reached across him to put the bottle down, feeling as he did his straining cock brush against Noel’s thigh.

‘Woah, erm, Ju,’ Noel said, staring down, ‘how much of that vodka did you fucking have?’

He met Julian’s eyes again, ‘I mean, I know this long hair can be deceptive, but…’ he was cut off as Julian lunged forwards, slanting his open mouth against Noel’s.

Julian felt Noel back up, leaning away, his hands pressed against the drinks cabinet and his mouth immobile. But Julian didn’t stop, putting his hands out to feel that slim waist and narrow hips, and eventually, Noel’s tongue flickered out to meet his own. Slow, unsure.

Noel slowly put his hands out, resting them on Julian’s forearms. Not exactly pulling him in, but not pushing him away either.

And all of a sudden, Julian realised that Noel was kissing back.

He could feel Noel’s tongue darting over his lips, seeking entrance, and opened his mouth willingly, feeling his tongue speed along the edges of his teeth and scoot back again, as though afraid of being bitten.

Julian folded his arms around Noel, crushing the younger man against him, feeling the shape of him, his hands flying everywhere.

Noel was breathing hard into Julian’s mouth now, his hands clutching and grabbing in a way that betrayed none of his former shyness.

He was pushing forwards, his hard on grinding against Julian’s thigh, moaning deep in his throat, and Julian thought he’d never been so turned on.

Holding Noel tight to him once again, Julian turned them round and started to back Noel towards the sofa.

He felt the soft thump of Noel hitting the sofa judder through both of them – a delicious, unexpected vibration – and kept pushing.

Noel fell backwards onto the sofa. Julian moving to lie on top, straddling him.

He leaned forward, deepening their fevered kissed, one hand moving up to cup Noel’s face, the other drifting down to deal with that belt.

Noel’s eyes widened, surprised perhaps that this was going to go so much further than kisses, but then a wicked, eager smile lit his face, and his hands flew up to undo Julian’s shirt.

Julian heard the soft thump of his shirt hitting the opposite wall and leaned in to kiss Noel again, feeling the way he squirmed beneath him, moaning, his hips bucking upwards involuntarily.

He moved down and started unbuttoning Noel’s shirt, kissing, licking, each new inch of skin. He exposed a nipple and bit down on it, feeling Noel arch up, his head thrown back.

When the shirt was fully undone, Julian knelt up between Noel’s legs and undid his own jeans, yanking them off unceremoniously as Noel shrugged out of the shirt and lay there, writhing.

Julian ran a fingernail down Noel’s chest, hearing him cry out. Julian let out a sympathetic moan, and his hands flew to Noel’s open jeans. Hooking his fingers into Noel’s underwear, he pulled both off at the same time, Noel arching up to make it easy, his hands digging desperately into the sofa as his jeans were peeled from him and dropped to the floor.

Julian knelt forwards, his breath teasing Noel’s cock until Noel moved one hand to touch himself, unable to stop. Julian blocked the seeking hand, and it found its way into Julian’s hair instead, eager fingers tangling there, pushing his head down.

‘Ju,’ he gasped, his voice little more than a breathy moan, ‘please…’

Without hesitation, Julian obliged, leaning down and taking the head of Noel’s cock in his mouth. With a gasp, Noel arched up, his head back, forcing his cock further into Julian’s mouth.

Julian glanced up, seeing the way Noel’s whole body was tight, geld wit hhelpless tension. Julian flicked his tongue rapidly over the head, then moved to take as much in as he could, almost gagging, then pulled back, sucking.

‘Ah, fuck,’ Noel’s voice was harsh, ragged, and the hand in Julian’s hair suddenly tensed.

Julian started to move faster, and Noel writhed beneath him, his hips bucking as he fucked Julian’s face, calling what might have been his name but only came out as breathless moans.

Suddenly, everything became more intense. Noel arched up again and stayed there, a moan starting deep in his throat, building into higher, almost girlish squeals of delight as Julian worked faster.

Julian felt the jerk in Noel’s balls, heard his friend start to shout what could have been stuttered profanities. He plunged Noel’s cock deeper, feeling hot liquid hit the back of his throat as Noel came, the hand wound in his hair curled painfully tight, his hips bucking uncontrollably.

And then, with Julian still swallowing and sucking, Noel collapsed down onto the sofa.

Julian felt almost as though he was going to pass out, having watched Noel – Noel! – come, and knowing he was the reason, he was so turned on.

He made his way up Noel’s body, lying on top of him, his cock fitting snugly next to Noel’s, his still straining and hard, Noel’s spent… for now.

Julian grinned against Noel’s lips, forcing his tongue in for a kiss, making sure Noel tasted himself and finding the thought almost unbearable.

They broke apart, Noel finally opening his eyes and smiling.

‘Fucking hell, Julian,’ he said, his voice still ragged, ‘how’m I gonna follow that?’

Julian kissed Noel again, hard on the mouth then the neck, vicious, biting kissed that left angry red marks as Noel gasped.

‘Stand up,’ Julian said, already sitting up, keeping as much contact between them as possible.

Noel sat up, putting his arms around Julian’s neck, seeming helpless. Julian picked him up, Noel wrapping his legs around his waist and kissing his mouth hard.

Julian considered the bedroom, but it seemed too far away, he couldn’t wait. He could feel the tip of his cock teasing Noel’s arse, and knew he could come, just from that, and from the filth Noel now whispered in his ear.

Instead, Julian walked round the back of the sofa and threw Noel down, deliberately rough. He span his friend round and slammed him against the back of the sofa, forcing him to bend. He crushed himself against Noel’s back, sweeping the long, black hair aside and biting on his neck, until finally, finally, Julian put his thigh between Noel’s legs, opening them wider, then, with a desperate, lustful thrust, slid himself inside.

It was not easy, or smooth at first, and Noel cried out with a mixture of pain and pleasure. Julian tried to hold himself still, to let Noel get used to this strange, new invasion, but he had been denied for too long.

He started to thrust, feeling it get easier as his dripping cock slicked in and out.

He leaned forwards, so that they were pressed together, biting at Noel’s shoulders while his other hand snaked around his waist to find Noel’s straining cock.

Keeping rhythm with his thrusts, Julian started to stroke Noel’s cock, feeling the pleasure build unstoppably.

He felt Noel tense, thrusting into his hand, and Julian groaned as he felt every muscle tighten around his cock. He heard Noel give a stuttering cry and explode in his hand, every muscle tensing in spasm around Julian’s cock pushing him over the edge.

He thrust hard and long, gasping out Noel’s name with desperate intensity as wave after wave of ecstasy engulfed him.

He collapsed against Noel, who allowed himself to be pushed, folding forwards onto the sofa. Julian pulled out, dripping, contented, and staggered round the sofa to fall down, curling next to Noel, who nuzzled his face into Julian’s neck.

‘I got lucky anyway tonight,’ Noel murmured, against Julian’s shoulder.

Julian smirked and pulled back, slanting his mouth against Noel’s again.

‘We’re not finished yet,’ he said.