Waking Up

Dan wakes up…


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Waking Up by glitter traces

It was nice waking up to another body lying next to him. He half opened his eyes, luxuriating in the feel of skin against skin. The smell was distinctly male and Dan fought through his hangover in an attempt to remember what had happened the night before, but it wouldn’t come to him. What did it matter really? He’d been enjoying a night out with Jones – he remembered that much – Jones. They must have finally…Dan smiled and reached out groggily towards long dark hair, but instead found his hands tangling through a short crop.

His eyes snapped open. Dan had been sure – he was sure – he stared at the back in front of him – an expanse of pale skin. His hand was resting on the guy’s hip and he snatched it away as if burnt. Not Jones. Not Jones. Dan rolled over and lay on his back. The surroundings came into focus and he didn’t recognise them. This wasn’t the House of Jones. This wasn’t –

The body moved, murmured, and turned on to its side.

Fuck. F-U-C-K.

Dan scrambled from the bed, pulling sheets and duvet with him, trying to cover his nakedness, when the ache in his back and arse told him it was too late for any of that.


He closed his eyes. Perhaps if he wished hard enough everything would dissolve away and instead there would be an angelic looking Jones ensconced in the sheets.

One, two, three…

Dan opened his eyes and immediately closed them again.

Shit. Fuck. S-H-I-T-T-Y F-U-C-K!

Nathan groaned.

“Dan, come back to bed, yeah?”

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