Mighty Boosh Shaman Juice

Naboo leaves Howard and Vince on thier own and the boys throw a party. Vince gets drunk and shares a bottle of shaman juice with Howard. The magical juice brings unfortunate events to the boosh boys lives.....


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Notes: Naboo gets shaman juice in post. He must leave for shamanic buisness. Leave the boys alone. Throw a party. Both get drunk. Drink the shaman juice. Personalities swap. Only way to get it back is to travel to noreboox and find the mystic shaman ooban.

Mighty Boosh Shaman Juice by Booshgirl1

Chapter Notes: First story. Aah!
Naboo recieves a parcel in which a bottle of Strong Shaman juice is contained.

It was another usual day for Vince. He got up, looked in the mirror. Got dressed, looked in the mirror. Straightend his hair, in the mirror. He looked good. All was well.

Meanwhile, Howard was having trouble in the kitchen. He was trying to boil an egg, but was failing miserably, because Naboo and Bollo were watching peacock dreams on full volume.

“Will you turn it down!” he finally said.

“What?” asked Naboo.

Howard had had enough. He walked over to the TV and turned it off.

“Oi, we were watching that!”

“Tough, I’m trying to make my breakfast. Anyway, I thought you were packing. You were going to visit Tony Harrison on Xooberon.” Howard protested.

“Yeh we are, but I’m a Shaman aren’t I? I can pack in a millisecond. Anyway, I’m waiting for a parcel to arrive and I’m bored.” moaned Naboo.

“If you’re bored go and find Vince. He should be up by now!”

“Alright, C’mon Bollo”

Naboo and Bollo got up and trudged upstairs. Naboo was used to Howard groaning on at him so it was normal for him to hang about with Vince in his room.


“Vince, it’s Naboo and Bollo, let us in!”

“Alright one second, lemme just finish this” said Vince.

Vince opened the door and Naboo and Bollo walked in.
The wall was pasted with pictures of the latest and greatest bands as usual and clothes lay all over the floor.

“What’s happened in here! It looks like a bomb site!” cried Naboo.

“Oh well, I like it messy” admitted Vince, shrugging his shoulders. He walked over to the bed and flopped down.

“Yeh but it’s not like you to have it THIS messy” grumbled Naboo. He looked over at Vince who was sat looking miserable on his bed. “Whats wrong with you?”

“I don’t want you to go. I know it’s a vacation but 2 months?! It’s a bit of a long time. Who am I gonna have to talk to when Howard has one of his mood swings?” Vince said, messing up his hair.

“Gary Numan?” said Bollo pointing to a poster on the wall.

“I can’t talk to a poster!” excaimed Vince. “I would….

Just then, the doorbell rang.

“That would be for me!” cried Naboo, and rushed out the room.

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