Under The Bed

The boys are in trouble when a race of dust mites from under their bed shrinks them down and orders Howard to find the sacred gem of their land before they kill Vince. Slash.


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Notes: Disclaimer- I do not own the boosh, nor will I ever do. I only own everything else in the story.

Under The Bed by MB4ever

Midnight rang out in the quiet flat, the downstairs rooms dark with no-one around to break the silence. Upstairs was a different story, in one room was the shaman Naboo, his room filled with selves of potions and books, a large black cauldron gathering dust in the corner, with his faithful hooka next to it. The small man was sound asleep after a large hooka session.

In the room next to him, was his large gorilla familiar, Bollo. His room was filled with DJ-ing equipment, records and tapes scattered everywhere, in one of the corners was a pile of monkey porn magazines and a pair of headphones next to them. He was also snoring gently after his shared hooka session with his master.

Across the hallway, in their shared room, were Vince and Howard, best friends for years and recently, lovers. Their room was filled with two large wardrobes, one filled to brusting with glittery, colourful clothes, the other filled with dull, bown and dark clothes. The walls were covered with posters of electro and jazz musicians, magazines, records, tapes and CDs.

On the bed, the sweet couple lay in each other’s arms. Howard wrapped his arms around the thin pale body of Vince, holding him close and sleeping with his lips pressed in the sweet-smelling raven hair. Vince himself had his arms wrapped around the jazz mavarick’s waist, his breath ghosting over his bare chest as he slept.

Nither realised what was happening underneath their bed…
It was always dark under the bed, so many torches made from matches lit up the land beneath. The carpet grass never moved as no breeze wafted through the hills of old clothing, in the distance was a large wall made from lego, hiding a grand secret.

In the middle of the square wall was a large temple, also made from lego. Inside the temple sitting on a large red and yellow lego throne, was a foot tall man, made from grey dust. He was wearing dark clothing made from navy and brown threads, his eyes just small black beads, holding onto a large needle.

His eyes narrowed as a smaller dust man ran into the large hallway, panting for breathed as he knelt down before him, looking u at him with blue bead eyes “My high priest Dixerious, our spies have returned with news about our chosen one. It seems he has been posessed by the raven demon, into thinking they’re together”

Dixerious stood up and walked over to a large crayon portrait of a moutased man in silver armour, wielding a sword against a large raven-black coloured demon, large black wings sprouted out of its back as it flew down, claws poised to slash the hero. It was painted way before his time, but he lived by the image of the raven demon taking away their chosen one “My time will soon be up, Samoiurx. But before I go, I will make sure this raven demon will not stop our plans from making the chosen one help me get what I want. And you, my old friend, will help me”

“Yes, my friend. But how will this take place?” Samoiurx asked, curious of what was going through the high priest mind.

“I have been prefecting my magic and have finalised my shrinking spell. We will simply use it to shrink the both of them down and make the chosen one go after what I need, by threating to destory his ‘love’. But as soon as I have that gemstone, we’ll rid our world and his own of that raven demon and cast peace at last” Dixerious laughs, his partner also joining in as they looked at a portrait next to the first, They glanced at a large diamond on a large purple sweet wrapper stand, in the darkness surrounding it was a pair a bright red eyes, glaring dangerously in the shadows.

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