Angel Delight

Vince and Howard get upto some fun in the kitchen making angel delight.


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Notes: I do not own the boosh or angel delight

Angel Delight by MB4ever

Howard was in one of his jazz trances in the living room of the flat, when Vince walked into the room carrying a small carrier bag. He went up to the jazz mavarick and waved a hand in front of his face “Howard? Snap out of it! Howard?”

Having enough of the trance, Vince slapped his friend gently on the face, making him snap out of it “I told you before Vince, never disturb a man in his jazz trance”

“Whatever, listen I was out down at the shopping centre to get some more Saturn zingers and this woman was giving out free samples of this desert stuff. I had some of the brownish coloured stuff and it was genius. One person didn’t like theirs and threw it back at the woman, who got it straight in the eye” Vince giggled, moving into the kitchen.

“So, what’s it the bag then?” Howard asked, curious as he followed his friend. Vince smiled as he bought out five blue packets out of the bag, the words ‘Angel Delight’ covered the packet.

“Check out the flavours-butterscotch, strawberry, chocolate, raspberry and banana. I had the butterscotch, it’s really good. The person who didn’t like it had raspberry, he thought it was strawberry the tit” The electro poof explained “Can we make some, please?”

Howard looked down at his friend, who looked up at him with large blue eyes “Alright then, let’s get cooking”

About five minutes later, the floor was covered with small puddles of milk, the pair of them covered with multicoloured powder “For God’s sake vince, you put too much milk in again”

“I’m sorry, but you didn’t say when. You said you say when if I should stop pouring” Vince tried defending himself, pouting as the mavarick grabbed the milk bottle from his hands.

Howard sighed and started making some more up “You might as well eat this one we made sucessful before then” He handed Vince the bowl, who took it without saying anything.

He dipped his finger in the yellow desert and slowly licked it off. Howard couldn’t help but watch as Vince sucked the remainder of the desert off his digit before dipping it back in the bowl. His mind started thinking of images of what else they could use the desert for, shaking his head as he felt a stirring from down below.

Vince looked up from his desert and gasped at the now dark look in his friend’s small eyes “You alright, Howard?” He asked, unaware of the effect he was having.

Unable to stand it any longer, Howard marched over to hsi friend and gathered his lips with his own. Vince tried to squeak his protests, but soon found himself getting into the kiss, daring to lick Howard’s lips with his tounge. The mavarick opened his mouth and darted his tounge in Vince’s mouth, enjoying the tatse of banana angel delight.

They broke apart breathlessly, looking each other in the eyes with smiles “Wow Howard, that was nice”

Howard chuckled softly, then turned his gaze to the forgotten bowl on the table “You know, there more fun ways to enjoy that desert” He suggested seductivly. Vince gave out a moan of pleasure as Howard led him to the bedroom, one hand around his wrist and one holding the bowl of precious desert. Angel Delight by name, Angelic delight it gave indeed.

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