Owl Beaks

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Owl Beaks by mnms

Howard had planned this trip for months and was frustrated at how it wasnt going to plan, he had had to draw up a new itinerary, Naboo and Bollo had missed out on his lecture, and the map Kodiack Jack had given him was utterly hopeless. He knew one person who could make it all better but he would be risking everything letting that secret out.

he walked back into the cabin and was greeted by the smell of straighteners, “alright?” Vinces voice echoed in Howards head, “uhh yeah, you?” “yeah i’m alright, i thought you were going for a walk up piney ridge?” Howard couldn’t concentrate, he loved to watch Vince styling his hair; how he wanted to stroke it and play with it, it always looked so soft “Howard?” Vinces voice broke the silence “oh umm yeah decided not to tonight” he realised Vince was staring at him and looked away but he wasn’t quick enough, Vince scoffed “staring at me again Howard? I’ve seen you watching me in the mirror, anyone would think you fancied me” Howards eyes flickered to the back of Vince’s head but he didn’t say anything, he didn’t want to betray himself but he already had “Howard?” Vince placed the straighteners down and turned to face Howard, Howard looked into Vince’s blue eyes and knew he’d been rumbled “Vince I..I…” he didn’t know what he could say, Vince always made him nervous. Vince shook his head and walked closer to Howard “unzip your suit Howard” Howard did as Vince said, he knew what might happen but was still a little confused. Vince looked into Howard’s little eyes, he slid a hand round his neck and pulled him close to him and planted a quick kiss on his trembling lips.

Howard didn’t know what he was doing, he grabbed Vince closer to his chest, he was sliding a tongue inside his mouth, running his fingers through his soft, thick hair. Vince pulled away and pushed Howard down onto the table behind them, he climbed on top of him and pulled his own top off over his head and kissed Howard again, a strong kiss this time, Howard stroked Vince’s back and felt him shiver. Vince kissed Howard’s neck and down his trembling body to his crotch “I know what you want Howard” and he proceeded to pull down Howards tweed underwear, do i want this? Howard thought to himself, it would confuse everything “Vince i dont think..oh my god” but he was cut short by the feeling of Vince’s soft hand around his dick, He moaned which urged Vince to continue to stroke Howard’s dick, slowly and tight. Howard felt Vince’s hips jerk and felt something hard against his leg, he looked up at Vince and his eyes were closed, he could hear his heavy breathing but before Howard could look away Vince opened his eyes slowly and lowered his head so that Howard could only see bright blue eyes through dark black hair, Vince smiled at Howard playfully and squeezed his dick in his hand, Howard couldn’t stop himself twitching and moaning at that.

Howard felt Vince shake slightly against him and he could hear his quick, heavy breathing. Howard closed his eyes and gasped as immense pleasure came over him and opened his eyes just in time to see Vince throw his head back and shout “Howard, Oh Howard!” before he collapsed onto his chest; breathless and weak.

Howard found himself stroking Vince’s hair, he could feel Vince’s warm bare chest against him as he caught his breath. Vince placed a hand on the table and pushed himself up to look into Howard’s face “I always know what you want Howard” he smiled and climbed down off him and walked over to the mirror shaking slightly as he went. Howard sat up and zipped up his tweed suit and walked away to the bedroom, stroking Vince’s hips as he passed him.

Vince heard Howard closing his bedroom door as Naboo walked in laughing with Bollo, he produced a white paper bag and said “take Howard his owl beaks would ya Vince?” he laughed and walked away followed by Bollo. Vince tiptoed to Howards bedroom and opened the door a crack, he could hear Howard snoring and he smiled to himself. He walked into the room and placed the owl beaks onto the dresser knowing that Howard would never need them whilst he was around. He clambered onto the bed and snuggled into Howard and felt a strong arm wrap around him.

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