Love in the Tundra

After their return from the tundra Vince teases Howard about saying that he loves him. Will Vince be able to quit the banter and say what he really feels?


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Love in the Tundra by CheekyOtter

“I thought you loved me?” Vince asks, peeking cheekily from under his fringe, his blue eyes flashing. The words send a rush through Howard’s body, adrenaline pulsing from his stomach to his fingertips.

“Can we just drop it now?” Howard bristles.

“Sorry Howard.” Vince appears serious, then a smile flickers at the corner of his mouth.

“You always hurt the one you love?” Vince teases.

“Right, that’s it” Howard leaps from the couch, hurling a pillow at Vince.

“Alright!” Vince squeals. Grinning and covering his head.

“Everything’s a joke to you, isn’t it?” Howard readjusts his shirt, pulling it down from under his green Zooniverse jacket.

“No” Vince stretches the word out, trying to recall what exactly isn’t a joke to him.

“We can’t all go trotting around like an 80s electro tit! Some people have real feelings Vince. Serious feelings”

“I’ve got serious feelings”

“I’m not talking about idly worshiping a ponce, Vince! Real feelings, like brooding contempt. Yes sir.”

“Jagger’s not a ponce!”

“Have you ever loved anyone Vince?”

Vince stands up. Suddenly he is quite close to Howard.

“Yeah, I have” Howard feels increasingly awkward. “Reckon I’ve known more heartache than you.” Vince says, looking down at his boots.

Howard rests his hands on Vince’s shoulders. The contact is familiar but makes Vince nervous. Vince had been suddenly shy at Howard’s words in the Tundra and had let the moment pass as a joke. Now Vince’s head is full of words, things he wanted to say. Howard, I know you like no one else. You must know I love you. He feels sick.

Vince folds into Howard, his head seeking comfort in the larger mans chest. Slowly Vince looks up. Kiss me, Kiss me he wills moving his hands around Howard’s neck. Howard’s hair prickles softly through his fingers.

Neither man makes the first move but their lips meet. Tentatively at first, experiencing the taste of each other, then hungrily they kiss. Vince’s mind finally falls quiet. Howard feels more in control than he ever has before.

Moving together they scrambled back to the couch, as if any hesitation could ruin everything. Howard feels Vince beneath him. He is thin but not fragile. Although he dresses like a girl, what Howard holds now is unmistakably a man. He runs a confident hand down Vince’s torso. He is warm and hard. Beneath Vince’s shirt Howard feels soft skin that shivers at his touch. They grip each other hard. Howard almost tears the shirt from Vince’s body but Vince doesn’t flinch. Vince’s pupils dilate in pleasure. Howard’s stubble feels amazing against his skin.

Howard leans back for a moment and their eyes meet. Vince holds Howard’s gaze, the moment seems almost impossible, at least improbable. Vince feels the weight of Howard upon him, can see himself shivering at his touch but can not believe this could be real.

“I love you” Vince whispers.

Howard breaks into a grin.

“I know.”

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