Memories and Fear

A little one off sequal to 'Pain can lead to Feelings'. Vince hits his head badly feeding the animals and forgets everything about his life, and his love from Howard. He even becomes more afraid of the animals in the zoo. Can Howard help him remember before long?


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Notes: The Boosh dosen’t belong to me, it belongs to two wonderful people with more talent then me.

Memories and Fear by MB4ever

Another beautiful sunny day dawned on the Zooniverse, and Vince woke up more contented then ever in his life. He turned over in his bed to see Howard still sound asleep next to him, snoring gently. The electro poof smiled gently as he remembered all the good things they got up to last night and trailed his fingers down the jazz mavarick’s face, before waking him up with a gentle kiss.

“Morning Vince” Howard smiled sleepily, gathering his lover in his arms and gently stroking his brown-blond hair.

“Morning Howard, we have to get up for work soon” Vince smiled back, enjoying the way Howard’s long fingers caressed his strands and sighed happily, his eyes drooping shut again slowly. He let out a gasp of surprize when Howard rolled them over and hovered just above him.

“Who says we have to go? Why don’t we just stay here and replay last night again?” He replied huskily, making Vince moan under him. Howard bent down and gathered Vince’ soft lips with his own, giving him a hard kiss that left him breathless, his blue eyes dark with passion. They were about to get even more into their passion, but a screeching sound across the tennoy stopped them.

“Moon, Noir, get your lazy asses down to the hoofed animal enclosure. Those things need feeding pronto, they’re like brown sticks with horns coming out fo them now, ASAP. That’s all”

“Looks like we have to go to work now, big boy” Vince said, a disappointed look in his eyes appeared, but disappeared just as quick as he leapt from the bed and into the bathroom. Howard heard the shower go on and moved into the kitchen to make tea for them both. When Vince had finished and came out in his usual attire-a blue and yellow striped shirt underneath his green jacket ladened with badges, dark blue drainpipes with black boots, Howard went in for his shower and changed also-brown trousers and a white shirt under his green jacket, with brown shows on and they made their way down to the enclosure.

There, they gathered the bucket of feed and fed the deers and the goats before moving to the only horse in the place-Boffo the wonder horse who tramples all over people when annoyed. Unfortunatly for Vince and Howard, the same kid that pelted the buffalo with smarties was back, determinded to cause even more trouble. He got out his peashooter and satrted firing at the staillion getting him more and more annoyed.

“Hey Howard, can you hear thunder?” Vince asked his boyfriend, looking up from his job of cleaning out the water tank. Howard just shook his head and went back to filling the food bowl, Vince placed his headphone back in his ear as he listened to ‘Don’t You Want Me’ at full volume. The jazz mavarick’s head popped back up when the rumbling sound seemed to be getting louder and closer, almost if though something was after them.

Looking behind him, he saw Boffo stamping after them, a crazed look in his eyes “Vince, run!” Howard screamed, running off before he realised his other half couldn’t hear him. He ran back for him and grabbed his arm, shocking Vince before dragging him to the entrance gate ‘If we can get past that, Boffo will have time to cool off then before we finish the job’ Howard thought as their goal got closer.

Unfortunatly, there was a large rock sticking out the muddy filed and Vince caught his boot on it, going down hard as his hand slipped from his partner’s, the horse getting closer. Howard went back for him as Vince tried getting up, collapsing with a hiss of pain back in the mud. The jazz mavarick looked on in horror as Vince turned over and saw Boffo rearing up his hooves, which fell down hard striking the younger man below.

Vince cried in pain as one hoof caught his right shoulder, the one the new lion attacked not too long ago. Through his tear filled eyes, he saw the horse rear once more before the hoof fell once more and caught the side of his head, knocking him out completely. Howard felt more angry and useless then before, but found some rope and made a lasso from it and caught Boffo around the neck with it before the crazed horse had another chance to hurt Vince.

He tied the other end of the rope to the fence, making sure Boffo was a feet few away from Vince and went back to his boyfriend. He gathered the pale, muddy form in his arms and tears formed in his brown eyes as he saw a large cut going from above Vince’s eyebrow down to just by his ear, blood freely dripping from it. He thanked God that Vince bought his phone with him and shakily dialled an importnat number, his voice just as shaky with fear and sadness as he spoke to the operator.

“Hello, ambulance. It’s my friend, he’s been badly attacked…”

The two hours he’d been there were the longest of Howard’s life. His stomach was twisting in knots as he thought of his lover badly injured, his mind calling out worst case senarios-What if he’s too badly hurt? What if his head wound was too bad and he’d never wake again? What if? What if?

He let out the breath he was holding in as a young doctor walked over to him, a clipboard in his hand “My name is Dr Taylor, are you Howard Moon?!

“Yes, my boyfriend, Vince Noir was bought in after an animal attack. Is he going to be alright?”

“I’m pleased to say he’s going to be fine. He’s got a sprained ankle and his shoulder will be badly bruised for a few days, but we’ll give him painkillers for that, his head wound had been cleaned and stitched up fine. He’s just waking up from the drugs if you wish to see him”

Howard nodded his thanks, a smile of relief on his face. Dr Taylor led the way down a corridor and stopped outside a room, opening the door for howard to go in “If there’s any problems, just press the button for help” He gave a small smile before moving away. Inside the door, Vince was lying on a white covered hospital bed, the sheets a little less whiter then himself. A white banage was wrapped around his head and his arm was tied in a sling, his foot also banaged.

Howard moved to the bed and clasped one of hands in Vince’s, his other hand stroking the brown-blond hair out of Vince’s eyes. The electro poof was stirring and his blue eyes slowly opened to reveal clouds of pain, moaning as he tried to sit up.

“Don’t do that Vince, allow me” Howard said, lifting Vince’s head up gently as he moved the pillow move againest the headboard and sat his boyfriend up gently, not wanting to cause him more pain. His mind was surprised when he felt Vince tense up againest his touch, looking into the blue eyes he now saw fear as well. The electro fairy tried moving away from him as best as he could, whimpers coming from the back of his throat. It was almost as though Vince was afriad of him.

“Who are you and where am I?” Vince asked in an almost tearful voice. The question both shocked and broke Howard’s heart-Vince couldn’t remember him!