Do You Find It Happens All The Time?

When Howard falls ill, Vince is at first bewildered, then forced to cope with different feelings towards his best friend, which may be deeper than he at first suspected.


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Notes: First foray into this fandom. Sort of introspective and angsty. Betaread by the lovely Lily_tagloff. Disclaimer- The Mighty Boosh and it’s characters are the intellectual property of Julian Barratt, Noel Fielding and thee BBC. This is FICTION and not meant for profit, only for entertainment purposes.

Do You Find It Happens All The Time? by Fireplace_Girl

Author’s Chapter Notes: Song and title of the story is originally by New Order, not Nevernending White Lights as I first thought. Other than that… nothing else.

Do You Find It Happens All the Time

“I saw you this morning I thought that you might like to know

I received your message in full a few days ago

Do you find this happens all of the time?

Crucial point one day becomes a crime”

—Neverending White Lights