I love you too

Julian is in love with noel , he decides to tell him...what happens next? Very romantic and heart warming :]


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Notes: READ THIS FIRST!! This is my first time writing a story so be nice with the reviews lol and I’m a way bigger fan of noel than i am of Julian but it was easier to tell it more from Julian’s point of view because its easier for me to describe noel.

I love you too by electroxxxloveeeexxx

Its been like this for a while. Julian always has him on his mind. The way he speaks , the moves he makes , just everything about him makes him melt.

The way he puts his arm around Julian in such a casual way when they’re sitting close , and he loves when they sit really close. Just to be close to him ,

how there body’s touch , it makes him fill with happiness. He makes him so happy. He is the light of his day. When he is with him feels like nothing can

ever hurt him. When they’re together Julian is beyond happiness. His soft black hair , his skinny figure , long skinny legs , skinny hips , it all just drives

Julian mad. He is in love with him , and he has been for quite some time. He always trys to hide it…but now it’s almost unbearable. Noel is the one he wants.

They are going to have dinner together to discuss some things about the tour. Julian thought this might be a good

idea to tell noel how he feels. He insisted on picking the restaurant. He wanted it to be romantic but not enough to

give his whole plan away before he can even explain. His mind was racing with so many thoughts. what will he think?

how will he feel? What will he do? with he get mad? would it change everything? He was nervous. He was thinking about not telling him ,

but he knew how good it would feel to get it out and let him know , and he knew how bad it would feel and how bad it would drive him crazy if he didn’t.

Julian made an effort to look nice , but tried to make it like like he wasn’t trying to hard. He went to the restaurant early so he could rethink what he was gonna say.

When Noel showed up his heart was beating so fast. He was shaking but he couldn’t help it. He’s gonna do it.He is going to confess his love to Noel right here.

He couldn’t even think straight.

“hey Ju!” Noel said happy to see him.

“oh uh hey…..how uh how are you?”

“im great thanks , yourself?”

“um i’m fine…thanks.”

“this place is a little romantic isn’t it?”

Julian froze. “uh yeah , i don’t know, the foods good.”

“Better be , i’m starving.” Noel said with a grin.

Julian and Noel started talking about the tour but Julian wasn’t paying much attention. He just kept nodding his head.

“Hey is there something wrong? You’re not saying much.”

“Yeah I’m fine….but there is something i have to say.”

Noel looked confused. “yes?” Noel said slowly , and waiting for Julian to say what he needed to say.

“Ok. I really need to say this…..and um I’m serious , really serious and um well Noel…I love you , I really do and i have for a while. I am in love with you. You make me so happy.You’re amazing and I couldn’t keep it to myself anymore.”

By now now Julian was sweating from bursting out. As soon as he finished the last word he panicked and got right up and rushed out.

Noel sat there for a second and tried to take in what just happened , but then quickly

went after Julian. When he finally caught up to him he grabbed him,turned him around and kissed him. it was a long passionate kiss , the kind Julian has needed and wanted for the longest time

“i love you too.” noel said “and i always have.”