Bollo finds out it's better not to evesdrop on his friends. Short slightly slash. Mostly dialogue fic.


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Disclaimer: I do not own any characters from the Mighty Boosh. If I did, I’d own Vince for sure 😉

Evesdropping by MB4ever

Naboo sat on the bed inside his room, looking though his book on the dark arts, trying to find an easier way to travel instead of using his carpet all the time. If the Shaman concil ever found out…

His familiar, Bollo, stood next to him, waiting for orders “Is there anything you need?” He asked.

“Oh, I’m dying for a cuppa” Naboo answered, not looking up from his book. Bollo went out and made his way to the kitchen, getting everything ready and started making two cups. Then he decided to ask Vince and Howard whether they wanted one, so he walked towards Vince’s room first, there he heard voices.

“Howard, you’ve gotta help me get it out. It’s starting to hurt”

“Well, it’s your own fault it’s in there in the first place. Fine, I’ll have a look then”

“What’s it like?”

“It dosen’t look good, it’s in quite deep” Bollo looked quite shocked at this info. He knew Vince and Howard had feelings for each other, but he never knew they finally got together.

“Can you get it out?”

“You’ll have to move over here to the light, so I can see it properly. Vince, look at it, it’s tiny”

“No it isn’t, it’s massive. Look at the size of it, and it’s really starting to hurt now”

“I suppose this is a first for you?”

“Well, yes to be honest Howard”

“Fine, I’ll start taking it out slowly now. Brace yourself”

“Owch! Is it out yet? It hurts more taking it out” Bollo’s anger started to flare. How dare Howard hurt Vince like that.

“Keep still then. God, you’re such a baby Vince. Oh no”

“Oh no what?”

“It seems to be stuck halfway now”

“Oh you’re kidding, right?”

“No, I’m not. Right, here’s what I’ll do. I was taught this as a kid. I’ll have to cut some of the skin around it with a pin” Bollo nearly fainted with shock.

“What? There’s no way I’m letting you come near me with a pin”

“Would you rather have it stuck there for the rest of the night, Vince?”

“Fine. There should be a pin on my dressing table, just be careful, ok?”
“Trust me Vince. Right, this might sting a bit. Alright, here we go”

“Owch! Is it out now?”

“Yes it’s out now”

“Thanks Howard. I own you one. Oh no, you made me bleed now” Hearing that, Bollo lost his temper. He turned the handle and made his way indoors. If Gorillas could blush, Bollo’s would cover his body. Vince was sitting on his bed, sucking on his thumb and Howard was sat next to him, the pin in one hand and what looked like a really tiny twig in between his fore finger and thumb.

“Oh, sorry” Bollo though “…..Cuppa tea?” Bollo aploigised.

“It’s alright Bollo. Howard was just pulling out a splinter from my thumb. I got it from my dressing table when I accidently placed my hand on it. I just wasn’t paying attention” Vince smiled. Bollo nodded and made his way out of the room again, closing the door as he went.

The two men left sighed in relief and glanced at each other “Maybe when we start making out again, it’ll be a bad idea to lean againest the table” Vince said, an amused look in his eyes.

“Do you think he know about us now?” Howard asked “Who cares if he does?” Vince replied, pulling his secret lover on top of him.