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Challenge: From the “Places” challenge on booshbattle LJ comm.

Notes: Exactly 200 words

Paperclip Castle

“I am electro boy. I am electro girl.” b34;b35;

“What is this divine maiden’s voice I hear?” Howard mused. Gazing upward he saw a fair visage in leopard print with crimson lips.

“Help! I’ve been imprisoned by The Hitcher.”

“Indeed, I shall be your Howard in shining elbow patches. But how?”

“I’ve fashioned a ladder out a me off-cuts. Only I can’t make it down alone.”

“Well I am a man of action and shall make it happen.” Howard waved his hands spastically, as though summoning some kind of magic.

“Vincepunzel. Vincepunzel. Let down your long hair!”

Vince threw down his off-cuts rope and held it tight. Once Howard had climbed to the top, he grabbed a huge paperclip and hooked the hair rope onto it, then slammed a giant Pritt Stick on top.

“Let’s hope that doesn’t come loose, eh?” Howard guffawed.

“Wait! I know how to make it stick.” Vincepunzel pulled out his Jean Claude Jacquettie hairdryer, pointing it at the glue to make it harden quicker.

Howard lifted Vincepunzel over his shoulder and rappelled down the side of paper clip castle.

“Free at last!” Vince thanked Howard with a kiss and they grew large again.


Author’s Chapter Notes: Exactly 100 words.

“Howard. Help me! I can’t make up my mind!”

Howard rolled his eyes and followed Vince into the wardrobe. “What is it now? Can’t decide between the silver and blue feathered cape or the frock coat you picked up last week at Top Shop?”

“No. Look! Over on the left – she’s got a plate of Turkish Delight. And behind that tree on the right, he’s got the legs of a ram! It’s unbelievable. Which way do I go?”

“Come here, little girl,” purred the lady on the sled. “Care for some Turkish Delight? You can bring your father with you.”

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