Red Lace

Julian knew exactly what Noel was doing and he was trying to ignore it. He'd done it before and he enjoyed it far too much; teasing Julian, parading in that... Costume. That very elaborate, and very sexy costume...


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Notes: The other potentially disturbing content refers to voyeurism and crossdressing.

Red Lace by el_gardner

Julian knew exactly what Noel was doing and he was trying to ignore it. He’d done it before and he enjoyed it far too much. Teasing Julian, parading in that… Costume. That very elaborate, and very sexy costume…

The club was packed, the dance-floor a mass of seething, sweaty bodies, all gyrating and twisting to the drum and bass that seemed to echo off the walls, reverberating through Julian’s chest right down to his bones.

It wasn’t really his kind of place, at all, but Noel had all but begged, with those blue eyes of his all wide and his lips all pouty, and Julian hadn’t been able to resist. It was one of his friend’s birthdays apparently, not that Julian could remember who; he lost track of all of Noel’s mates most of the time, the younger man flitted about the social scene in London like a butterfly and seemed to know everyone.

Julian watched from his table in the corner, as Noel grinned and laughed at a couple of newcomers, spinning around to show off his ‘outfit’ to them as they clapped, obviously amused. Noel wasn’t the only one in fancy dress, but his choice of clothing certainly stood out well enough.

His white shirt was tight and fitted, left untucked, top two buttons undone to reveal a flash of pale, smooth chest. A red and black striped tie hung around his neck, loosely knotted and carelessly askew. A skirt, brazenly short, and chequered, colours matching his tie, sat low on his slender hips, hanging just past the tops of his thighs, and his legs were encased in long, white socks, coming up to just above his knees. On his feet were black, healed and chunky dolly shoes, and his hair was plaited in loose pigtails, a few teased strands framing his face; he looked, basically, like a naughty schoolgirl, minus the breasts of course. And he was acting like one, too. Flirting and laughing with all the boys, acting coy one minute and draping himself across them the next, fluttering mascara-lengthened lashes. His lips, painted with pink, seemed to be permanently pursed, as he pouted demurely and posed around the club.

Julian was finding it increasingly difficult to keep his eyes off him, and his slim thighs, hairless and white and oh-so-tempting. Noel had ordered Julian from the bedroom as he’d gotten ready, and only revealed himself five minutes before they were due to leave, which was probably a good thing, because if Julian had had any longer to take in what he was wearing they never would’ve gotten out at all.

Sipping on his lager, Julian watched as a dark haired man, who Julian was sure he’d met before, grabbed Noel’s arm and pulled him up onto the dance-floor, twirling him around then pulling him closer, Noel laughing as he planted his hands on his arse. A flash of what could be jealousy, and was definitely arousal, rose in his stomach, and he shifted in his seat, eyes trained on Noel and the way he rocked his hips to the music.

They’d been here for a couple of hours now, and Julian had been aroused ever since he’d seen Noel in the outfit. All he really wanted to do was get him home and fuck him, preferably bent over the kitchen table and wearing that skirt. Blue eyes met his from across the dance floor, and he didn’t need to be any closer to know the mischievous twinkle that they held as Noel winked at him, pulling back from his dance partner to lift his hands above his head, wriggling and winding sensually as the music slowed. He spun around, slowly, and Julian felt his dick flex in his pants at the sight of Noel’s arse, tight and just hidden by the skirt. He wanted to run his his hands below it, feel the gentle curve of Noel’s pert cheeks and squeeze them, maybe spank them until they jiggled and turned red beneath his palm.


As much as he was enjoying the show though, which was obviously meant for him, he was dying for a fag, and offered Noel a little half wave in the direction of the back door as he stood up. Noel nodded and waved back, blowing him a little kiss and running his hand down his side slowly as he flexed his hips and mouthed for Julian to hurry back.

Julian was thankful for the hit of cool air as he stepped outside, feeling flushed and more than a little turned on by Noel’s brazen display. He wondered how much longer the younger man would want to stay, and if he could possibly persuade him to leave any sooner, preferably within the next half hour, or Julian was afraid he might have to drag Noel into the toilets and fuck him there. And he knew Noel wasn’t particularly a fan of rushed, seedy bathroom sex.

He sighed happily as he leaned back against the wall of a close-by alleyway, taking out his tobacco tin and pulling out a ready prepared roll-up and lighting it gratefully.

He could still hear the faint echoes of the music, and he closed his eyes as he inhaled the smoke into his lungs, feeling a little calmer now and just letting the faint bass line wash over him.

“So, this is where you’re hiding is it?” Julian opened his eyes with a start to see Noel watching him from the entrance of the alleyway, half leaning against the wall, one leg bent, and hip cocked, arms folded in front of him. He looked half-smug and half-innocent as he stood there, something that Julian was sure only Noel could pull off affectively. He smiled as he shrugged a shoulder, taking another drag on his cigarette and beckoning Noel over.

“Nice little show in there, Noel.”

Noel grinned as he approached Julian, stealing his cigarette and sucking on it lightly. Julian watched the way his lips pursed around it and his cheeks hollowed as he inhaled, his dick twitching at the display.

“You liked it then?” Noel asked as he dropped the cigarette to the floor, grinding it out delicately beneath his shoe and stepping closer.

“Oh, very much so.” Noel smirked as Julian’s arms came up, wrapping around his waist and pulling him closer and he buried his face in Julian’s neck, breathing hotly against his skin, Julian hissing lightly in response.

Sighing, Julian let his head fall back as Noel nuzzled along his jaw to his neck, all soft lips and wet tongue and gentle, teasing teeth as he sucked and nibbled at his throat. Julian tightened his hold as he gasped, feeling his dick respond eagerly to Noel’s attention and he circled his hips, letting Noel feel the effect he was having on him.

“Is that for me?” Noel asked, licking his lips as he rocked back against Julian, breath hitching a little as his own arousal rubbed against Julian’s thigh, biting down a little harder on Julian’s flesh.

Julian swore as the sting went straight to his groin: “Fucking hell, Noel. You wanna go home?”

“Aw, Ju, we’ve only just got here.” Noel pushed closer though, despite his words, and Julian twisted his head, his lips finding Noel’s as he whispered how much he wanted him. “But we can’t leave yet, Ju; it’d be rude. Besides, half the fun is in the anticipation, right?”

Julian groaned at Noel’s words, groin tightening as Noel lapped lightly at his lips, keeping his just out of reach as tried to connect them. “Tease.”

“I don’t know what you mean, Ju.” Noel smirked as he pulled back. “I’m a good girl, see?” Spinning round, he grinned as Julian’s eyes darkened, eyes falling to Noel’s legs as his skirt flared a little.

“You’re a little tart. That’s what you are.” Noel raised an eyebrow, smirking as Julian reached out and grabbed him, tugging him back and pressing his hands to his back possessively, grinding against him. “And you’re asking to get fucked.”

Noel gasped, biting his lip and ducking his head, looking up at Julian through thick lashes. “I’ve never been fucked before, Sir.”

Julian moaned again. “Fucking hell, Noel. Are you trying to kill me?”

Noel laughed, once more changing persona as he leant forward, grasping Julian’s bottom lip between his teeth and tugging gently until Julian grasped the back of his head, pulling him forward and pushing his tongue against his lips. Noel moaned and opened up, letting Julian inside and pressing back, their lips and tongues moving and sliding together slowly and sensuously. Julian flicked his tongue across Noel’s teeth, pressing up to touch the roof of his mouth and slide across it, feeling Noel whimper and push back against him.

Arousal flared through Julian at that, his dick hard and pressed up against the denim of his jeans, confined and aching as Noel rubbed against him lewdly.

“Are you sure you don’t want to leave yet?” Julian asked as soon as he pulled back, hands finding the hem of his skirt and dipping under it, stroking the back of Noel’s smooth, firm thighs. Noel pulled back though, just before he reached his arse.

“Uh uh, no touching.” He smirked, wagging his finger at Julian. “I’m not that kind of girl.”

“God Noel.” Julian scowled lightly as Noel danced out of his way. “Then what kind of girl are you?”

Noel looked thoughtful for a second, before he stepped forward, grabbing Julian’s hands and pinning them to his sides as he leaned in, close to his ear. “The kind of girl who wears frilly red knickers. That’s what.”

“Jesus, now?” Julian asked breathlessly.

“Yep.” Noel looked smug, nodding as he licked lightly around the shell of Julian’s ear, feeling the older man shudder slightly. “I’m also a bit of a prick tease.”

Julian moaned, wriggling and pushing back, gasping as Noel bit down on his lobe, sending tingles down to his dick. “You fucking are.”

“I know.” Julian frowned as Noel pulled back, head tilting suddenly and looking thoughtful. “Fuck. I’m missing it!” He started to move away and Julian moved forward, grabbing his wrist.

“Where are you going?”

“Back in there. I love this song. It’s wicked to dance to.”

“God, you really are a fucking tease.” Julian grumbled as Noel wriggled free, eyes glinting as he ducked forward quickly and kissed Julian softly before pulling away again.

“I’ll make it up to you later. Promise.”

“You fucking better.”

Noel nodded, eyes flashing. “I promise.” Then, before Julian could grab him again, he was off, leaving Julian to watch as he walked away, wriggling his arse far more than necessary. He groaned to himself as his fingers fumbled around for his tin again, fishing out another cigarette and lighting it.

Yes; Noel was definitely trying to kill him.


Julian was stood talking to a couple of his and Noel’s mutual friends, Mick and Sarah, and sipping on a whiskey and coke (after having decided something stronger that lager was in order), when a warm body pressed up against him and hands wrapped around his waist. He grinned, laughing as he twisted and pulled the shorter man in front of him, reversing his position. “There, you can see now.”

Noel twisted and pouted at him, before laughing and leaning back into the embrace. He was flushed and breathing heavily as he started talking to their friends, saying something about what a great night it was. Julian found himself somewhat distracted with Noel in his arms, and trying not to show it.

It had taken two cigarettes and a splash of cold water in the gents before Julian had been ready to return to his table. Only to find it was all wasted as Noel was right there, dancing at the edge of the floor, weaving his hips and his body in a manner that could only be described as utterly sinful, and undeniably provocative, and Julian’s erection had returned immediately, just as insistent and frustrated.

“Isn’t that right, Ju?”

Julian shook himself mentally, blinking and frowning at the smirk Noel was throwing him over his shoulder. “Sorry, was miles away.”

“We noticed. Somewhere nice?” Noel winked and wriggled, and Julian just about managed not to moan.

“Yeah. Lovely, actually. What did you say?”

“I said, we were getting on well with writing the next series.”

“Ah, yeah. We’ve got most of the episodes planned out. Just doing the finishing touches, and working on the music now.” It was hard to concentrate, with his dick pressing against Noel’s arse, knowing what was underneath that skirt.

“Yeah, and Ju does most of that, which means I get some time off!” Noel smirked and laughed, their friends joining in.

“Oh, I’m sure Julian’ll find something for you to do!” Mick laughed, and Julian smirked.

“Oh, definitely. He owes me anyway.” Julian smirked, as he squeezed Noel’s waist and pressed up against him subtly, and Noel’s breathing hitched.

Mick and Sarah laughed, as Noel faked a pout.

“Oh, damn,” Mick said, looking at his watch. “We really should get going, early start and all that. Nice talking to you both.” Sarah smiled, and Mick nodded, before they said their goodbyes and made their across the room.

“You scared them off.” Julian laughed as Noel twisted in his arms, pulling back slightly and putting a hand on his chest.

“Did not.” Noel’s lips pursed again, before he frowned. “That wasn’t very nice you know.”

Julian just shrugged. “Call it payback for being a cock tease.”

Noel laughed, leaning forward to press a sloppy kiss to Julian’s cheek. “Wanna buy me a drink? I’m parched.”

“Not really.” Noel’s eyes widened, as he fluttered his lashes and leaned against Julian, whispering a soft please next to his ear, and Julian almost shuddered at the warm breath that tickled his skin, pulling back and rolling his eyes. “Fine. You gonna go save our table before someone else nicks it?”

“Yeah, okay then. I’ll have a…” He trailed off as he looked over at the bar, turning back with a smirk. “Slow Comfortable Screw Against the Wall – With a Kiss.”

Julian raised his eyebrows. “That could be arranged, if you’d let me take you home.”

“It’s a cocktail!”

“I know. And I’m not asking for it by the way.”

“Oh, please.”


Leaning forward again, Noel laid a hand on Julian’s arm as he whispered in his ear: “I’ll let you use my tie to do anything you want with when we get back…”

“Even tie you up?”

“Especially that.”

“Fuck.” Julian hissed, dick throbbing sharply as his hands grabbed Noel and pushed him away. “Okay. Go get the fucking table.”

Noel grinned, biting his lip and raising his eyebrows at Julian. “Thank you, Mister.”

“Jeez, go will you. Before I fuck the drink and drag you into the toilets.”

Laughing, Noel turned away and wriggling his hips as he walked across to their table. Julian sighed as he headed to the bar, readying himself to order the embarrassing drink.


“You really do fucking owe me for that. Should’ve seen the look on the barman’s face.” Noel laughed as Julian slipped into the seat next to him, setting Noel’s drink down on the table, before taking a sip of his own, (double) whiskey and coke.

Noel stifled a laugh, before rubbing his hand across Julian’s chest and shifting over, slinging his leg around Julian’s and sliding across his lap. “Poor baby.”

“Noel, in public here.”

“Oh, nobody’s bothered about us. Besides, it’s a private party and everyone’s used to me being a tart.”

Julian laughed, hands coming up to grasp Noel’s waist lightly. “You’re not wrong about that.”

“Oh shut up.” Noel tugged on a strand of Julian’s hair softly and wriggled, smirking as he gasped. “Someone’s pleased to see me anyway.” He smiled, feeling Julian’s dick press against his arse.

“What the fuck do you expect? With you sat on me, dressed like that.”

“’S flattering.”

Julian watched as Noel smirked, twisting to pick up his sinfully named, and sinfully looking drink, taking a long sip and moaning softly at the taste, licking his lips as he swallowed, and his dick twitched again at the sight.

Noel’s skirt had ridden up, revealing a patch of pale skin and Julian’s fingers itched to touch it. Slowly, he drew one hand from Noel’s waist, trailing his fingers across it and smirking as Noel shuddered and turned to look at him sharply.

“Ju! What are you doing?”

“You said nobody was watching us, right? So what’s a little touch gonna hurt?” Julian watched as Noel shivered again, biting his lip and enjoying the flash on uncertainty that cross Noel’s face. Slowly, Noel nodded, and emboldened, Julian let his hand rest on Noel’s leg, stroking down to his socks and flicking at the tops of them. “These are sexy as hell.”

Noel nodded, setting his drink down and watching as Julian’s fingers crept back up again, looking around anxiously to make sure no one was looking as they dipped under his skirt and stroked softly at the delicate skin of his inner thighs. His dick was hardening again, pressing up against the soft silk of the knickers and twitching as Julian’s fingers crept closer to it.

“Are you really wearing girl pants?” Julian asked, enjoying the feel of the smooth skin beneath his fingers, and the way Noel’s muscles clenched as he teased him.

Noel bit his lip and smirked a little as he shook his head, and Julian inhaled sharply.

“God. You really are a little slut. Gonna fuck you so hard when we get back. Like you’ve been asking me to all night.”

Noel shivered, leaning into Julian a bit and laying a hand on his chest as Julian’s hand brushed the top of his thighs.

“Wanna feel your knickers, see if you’re wet,” Julian whispered, smirking as Noel trembled slightly, dropping his head and breathing in deeply.


“No one’s looking.” Julian glanced over Noel’s shoulder to check, smirking as he saw that he was right. “

Slowly, Julian let his fingers trail higher, moaning as they brushed across slightly scratchy lace, before touching soft, smooth fabric, pressing to the front of them and trailing his fingers across the outline of Noel’s dick. It was so arousing, feeling Noel’s hardness, encased in satin.

Noel shuddered, leaning forward, fingers tightening in Julian’s shirt at the teasing touch. He sucked in a breath, pressing his head to Julian’s neck as they stroked again, still softly, barely brushing him.

Julian could feel a dampness beneath his fingers, and moaned softly, pressing up against Noel’s arse. “You are wet. You like this?” Noel’s breath was warm against his skin, slightly ragged, as he tightened his hold on his waist, tugging him a little closer. The feel of Noel, so hard, dick trapped and leaking was making him so horny and all he wanted was to grab Noel, bend him over the table and fuck him.

“Y-yeah. ‘S good. Want you to fuck me.”

“I thought you said it was too early to go?” Julian smirked as Noel whined softly, rocking his hips up, trying to encourage Julian fingers to press harder, rub faster, but Julian resisted, enjoying the way Noel was melting against him, obviously aroused and needing more.

“That was ages ago. Come on Ju. I can’t… I need you to touch me.”

“I am touching you.”

“Not like this. Properly. Want you inside.”

Julian’s stomach flipped at that, his dick throbbing its eagerness. “No. The night’s not over yet, Noel. We can’t be rude.”

“God, Ju. Please!

“Look at you. All desperate and hard. Does it turn you on, all these people?” Julian was rewarded with a strong shudder, and a low whine in his ear, and he stroked harder, palm pressing against Noel’s dick now and Noel wriggled against him.

“Ju! ‘S not fair.” Julian smirked at the whine he could hear in Noel’s voice, hand moving in tiny little circles now. “I wanna come, but…”

Noel gripped Julian’s shoulder, wanting so much to grind against him, his dick aching and desperate for more. “Please Ju.”

Julian just shook his head though, feeling powerful at having reduced Noel to this. “What do they look like? Describe them to me.”

“Take me home and you can see them.” Julian shook his head, lessening the pressure on Noel’s dick, stroking now with just the tips of his fingers again, feeling the heat of him through the thin fabric. “Ju! God… They’re red. And lacy. Really fucking soft. I’ve been half-hard all night. Come on. I wanna go home. So fucking…” He shifted again, and Julian held him tighter, fingers still stroking in that same, relentless rhythm. Suddenly he wanted to see Noel orgasm, wanted to make him come in this room full of people, and he wasn’t sure this was just a game anymore. It was really fucking turning him on, and he wanted to feel Noel’s knickers wet with his release.

“Gonna tie you up when we get back. Wrap that tie around your wrists so you can’t move, and tease you until you beg me to fuck you.”

Noel shuddered again, and Julian could feel his breath, hot now and panting against his neck as his dick twitched, growing harder with his words, and he knew it couldn’t be comfortable, trapped like that, but he didn’t care.

“God, Ju. I’m fucking begging now. If you don’t stop…” Noel sounded desperate, his words low and husked. “I’m gonna fucking…”

“Come? Just from this? Here, in front of all these people?”

Noel whimpered, nose pressed tightly to Julian’s neck now as he nodded, frantically, uncaring now of where he was, his whole world reduced to his dick, and the soft fabric rubbing against it, Julian’s fingers, the sharp jolts of pleasure shooting up his spine…

“Gonna fuck you from behind, on all fours, hands tied behind your back, skirt up around your arse.”
Noel was trembling now, with the effort of keeping quiet, dick throbbing, he could feel it starting, building up in the base of his spine and it was so-fucking-close. He didn’t care about the people anymore. All he could think about was coming, body tingling as pleasure spread out through his nerves, breathing in Julian’s scent. His belly was hot, insides twisting as he bit his lip, whining low in his throat.

“You close?” Julian husked, feeling his body thrumming with arousal. Noel nodded, panting out a desperately into his ear. “Can you be quiet when you come though? Maybe I should stop?” He slowed his fingers, lightening the touch and Noel whined desperately, shaking his head, panting and wriggling. Julian knew what he was doing, knew how close Noel was by the way his breath hitched with every inhalation, and the little breathy, stilted moans and high pitched whines breathed against his skin. He looked up once more, checking they were still safe, before he pressed his hand hard against Noel, massaging him firmly and quickly, and that was obviously enough because Noel was gasping suddenly, trembling, wetness spreading through the silk of his pants as he came, and Julian softened his hand, milking his release.

“Oh, god.” Noel bit his lip to contain his moan, muscles clenching as the orgasm ripped through him, shuddering hard and sagging against Julian, as Julian pulled his hand away, wrapping them both around him and holding him tightly. “Bastard,” he said tiredly, and without any real venom, feeling his nerves still sparking as he gradually came down from his high.

Slowly, Noel pulled back, still feeling dazed, skin flushed as he looked up at Julian with sated eyes. He swallowed thickly all of a sudden, looking uncertain. “Did anyone see?”

“No. ‘S okay. I checked, don’t worry.” Julian stroked his hand down Noel’s side, pulling down his skirt a little. He smirked as Noel relaxed. “Did you enjoy that?”

“Worst orgasm ever,” he complained, smiling as he leant up, softly kissing the corner of Julian’s mouth. “You do know I’m gonna have to get you back for that.”

“Oh yeah.” Julian raised his eyebrow, “And how exactly are you planning on doing that?”

“Well your plan yeah? About tying me up? Might be revising that a little.”

“Oh, but I thought you were looking forward to playing with this?” Julian let his fingers trail to Noel’s tie, tugging on it slightly to emphasise his words.

“Oh,” Noel smirked, eyes gleaming in a way that made Julian’s insides twist. “We’ll be playing with it still alright, don’t you worry about that.” He shifted, letting his arse drag across Julian’s dick and smirking as Julian hissed slightly at the sensation. “It just won’t be my wrists it’ll be wrapped around…”

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