Four seasons; fours drabbes; many kisses.


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Notes: Disclaimer: Noel and Julian belong only to themselves. The events in this are entirely fictional; a product of my overly vivid, and mostly twisted, imagination. No harm/offence intended, and no money is being made from the writing of this.

Kisses by el_gardner

There are eyes wide open kisses; sinking into pools of sapphire kisses; innocence and promise filled kisses.

New beginning kisses, and creeping, tentative kisses. Brief touching of lips kisses, dry and petal soft. Chaste, sweet and breathy kisses; gentle kisses.

There are early morning kisses; buried beneath the covers together kisses; bodies sharing warmth, and soft gentle touches; tingling right down his spine kisses; tightening his chest and setting butterflies loose in his stomach kisses

There are stolen kisses; in dark shadowed corners; quick kisses; refreshing kisses; making the day bearable kisses; confirming and renewing kisses.

There are spring kisses.

There are hot, fevered kisses, all lips, teeth and tongue. Desperate, saliva-slicked kisses, skin damp and muscles taut; frenzied, touch filled kisses; breathing hot, and laboured kisses.

There are stormy kisses; make-up kisses; apologetic, need filled kisses.

Wanton, avid kisses

Biting hard kisses; nails raking down his back kisses. Pain sharp and pleasure sharper kisses. Hunger filled kisses and lust laced kisses.

There are kisses that smoulder and sizzle and kisses that consume and devour.

There are lazy kisses, long and slow and never-ending. Relief filled kisses, relaxed sultry kisses. Bliss hazy kisses. Tired sated kisses.

There are summer kisses.

There are change bringing kisses, lingering too long and meaning too much kisses. Deepening kisses; shifting kisses and stomach twisting kisses; heart clenching kisses.

There are frightening kisses.

There are colourful kisses; glowing golden kisses. There are cherished kisses, clasping kisses and beautiful kisses.

Epiphany kisses.

There are sweet, sugary kisses; gloss stained lips kisses. Pink candyfloss and toffee apple kisses.

There are kisses of parting; melancholic, sorry kisses. There are sad kisses; goodbye kisses; never-again kisses.

There are dangerous kisses. Near violent kisses of bruised, reddened lips, hearts hammering and blood rushing kisses.

Heartbroken kisses.

There are autumn kisses.

There are kisses like shelter. Quiet, serene kisses. Love filled and warming kisses.

There are bittersweet kisses, full of longing and want.

There are comforting kisses; soft hands and whispered words kisses.

There are torment filled kisses. Cool lips, ice on fevered skin kisses. Dizzying kisses, bright white behind closed lids. Kisses that make him tremble; hands grasping hair; strands like gossamer through his fingers kisses. Tiny death kisses.

There are kisses like home.

There are vicious kisses, bitter and stark; guilt riddled kisses; lonely, crystal tear stained kisses; frozen lips kisses, and frail, broken kisses.

There are winter kisses.