Reading the signs

Julian finds Noel at a party, he has something to say, but when he's lost for words Noel has to work out what it is, and what he wants... is it what Noel suspects?


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Reading the signs by thedarkfaerie

He leaned against the wall, trying and failing to steady the ragged breathing that was burning his chest and throat. Beats still rang in his ears from the party, hours ago now, and what it struck him how Julian had managed to make the time disappear, and somehow stretch on for days…


The burning beats blasted throughout the house, shaking the floors and ceilings and generally making life difficult for Julian. He had to find Noel: to see him, to watch him, to breathe in his heady scent of a very feminine aftershave mixed with touch of something pleasant he seems to excrete, regardless of whether he had washed. Julian shook himself mentally. Now was really no time to get carried away. For any part of his plan to succeed, he had to be completely calm, both inwardly and outwardly.

He strode into the room, ignoring the bodies around him, “skinny, washed out electro types”, he thought, Noel’s people, not his, if Julian had his way, it would be just the two of them; just him and that man leaning against the cabinet in the far corner, laughing, running his fingers through jet hair to make it fall in that just-so way which made him distinctly Noel. He had reached the man’s side before he had expected and suddenly became incredibly flustered.

“N…n…n…noel.” He stammered, feeling the heat rising in his face.

“Y…y…y…yes?” Noel returned, taking the piss, as though he had no idea why Julian was so nervous. In reality, he had a hunch. A dangerous, exciting, hunch: one that had kept him awake every night for the past week, since the signs started to show.

And Noel knew the signs. He was so used to being admired, wanted, and lusted after. Julian had been… different lately. Allowing touches between them to linger, when Julian, much like Howard, was far less comfortable with physical intimacy than Noel. Recently, Julian had preferred not to speak to Noel, he quickly became agitated, so it was easier to go out together and watch Noel flit around like social butterfly he was. Secretly, there was a part of Noel that was a terrified as Julian; if he wasn’t, he would have made a move himself, said something, done anything to get Julian’s attention. But this friendship, no, it was more than that, this partnership was fragile and all too rare to risk for the sake of the lust, or whatever the hell this turned out to be, that was brewing between them.

Noel got a grip on himself. If he wanted this to happen, and he did, then he had to say so now. Their eyes met, and the room, despite being full of noisy people and music, seemed to fade away.

“Ok,” said Noel, as if there had just been a discussion, not an awkward two-minute staring contest.


Julian found himself standing in a small upstairs bedroom, unfamiliar to both of them; it probably belonged to the host of the party. Noel was locking the door. The last few minutes (it seemed like seconds) had blurred past… thanks to his nerves, excitement and mostly the amount he’d had to drink that night. Now he was in a right state, the plan was out of the window and he no idea where he stood… not a sensation Julian Barratt enjoyed.

Noel kissed him. Julian almost stopped breathing there and then, tensing up under Noel’s careful lips. Panic flooded Noel’s stomach… had he misread the signs? Did Julian really want him?

After a split second’s confusion, Julian reached out a hand to cup the back of Noel’s head, fingers slipping through his soft hair in a way they had never been allowed to before. Their lips crashed together, this was so new to both of them that all their years of combined experience flew straight out the window, they had returned to being awkward teenagers tentatively exploring each others mouths and occasionally getting carried away and bashing teeth. The kiss lasted what seemed like a lifetime, but was over far to quickly for Noel’s liking. He needed more.

He leaned in to kiss Julian again, noticing this time the interesting sensation of his stubble and moustache against his own clean-shaven face. All the while, Noel pushed Julian backwards, towards the double bed that nearly filled the room.

Julian was ecstatic… Noel wasn’t just going along with this… he really wanted this, perhaps as much as Julian himself did.

Hand scrabbled everywhere, reaching and stroking and struggling to be the leader in this exchange, both men considered themselves the alpha… so it was a surprise to Julian when he found himself giving in to Noel, allowing him to do what he liked with his body. When he had imagined this, and he had done so many times, he had always seen Noel giving in to him, helpless under his control, but no matter. This was happening, it was really happening; he was on a bed with Noel Fielding, kissing him, touching him, undressing him…

Soon the two of them were lying, naked and hard, in a passionate embrace, Julian dragging out the last in a series of love bites, which he had trailed up Noel’s chest, neck and jaw. While Julian was distracted with his work at Noel’s jaw line, Noel reached carefully down with his free hand and began to stroke Julian’s cock, taking him completely by surprise. He let out a gasp, and his mouth released Noel’s jaw.

Noel chuckled to himself, and continued to pump Julian’s cock, enjoying the power, forgetting for a moment his own hardness pressing urgently into the other man’s thigh.

Julian managed to hold himself together (between very undignified and surprisingly feminine gaps of pleasure) and whispered to Noel:

“I want you to fuck me. I want you inside of me Noel…”

Noel froze for a second, he had never done this before, and he was pretty sure Julian hadn’t either.

“You sure?”

“Yes. Just do it. Now. Please”

His head was so full of Julian he had almost forgotten the practical side of this. Noel reached into his pocket and pulled out a condom, “trust him to always be prepared to be offered sex” thought Julian. Noel slid it on expertly but then panicked slightly when he realised he had no lube, and began to stammer incoherently.

“It doesn’t matter. I can take it,” said Julian, grabbing Noel wrists tightly as he said this, looking into the smaller man’s huge eyes and smiling.

Noel moved slowly closer towards Julian, sliding his legs around his waist (it was a good job he was so skinny and flexible or this would have been downright painful) and kissing him softly. They both seemed to forget what was to come and were content to just kiss. To explore this strange new love they had found within each other. An alien comfort, it has been there all along, how had they failed to see it? But that didn’t matter now; all that mattered now was that they were here, in each other’s arms.

Tentatively, Noel began to slide into Julian’s tight ass, almost losing control. Julian began to moan, but not with pleasure, with pain. Noel stopped immediately, unwilling even now to do anything that would cause Julian pain. Sensing this, Julian reached out, grabbed Noel’s arse and pulled him all the way inside of him. Both men went crazy, sensations coursing through their bodies that they had never imagined possible. Noel began to thrust powerfully into Julian, crying out with bliss all the while, and somewhere in the haze of all this forbidden pleasure managed to find the other man’s cock with his free hand: the one that wasn’t grasping Julian’s head tightly.

Julian had never felt this good before, nothing could measure up to this. None of the straight sex he had ever had, with many a beautiful woman, Julia included, had ever brought up these emotions, these sensations that were now burning within him. He had to admit part of it was the fact that he was being filled so completely, but mostly it was because it was Noel who he was doing this with. Noel, the most perfect man alive, beautiful, stylish, funny, friendly, creative… and most of all, he belonged to Julian, in that moment.

Noel was finding it a lot harder to accept how amazing this was. He’d a lot more sex than Julian… yet this was still the best he’d ever had. But it was with Julian… his best friend, and that concerned him. He could never lose him, no matter what.

Both men’s minds were cleared of these thoughts as they journeyed to climax together, thrusting together, enjoying each other’s bodies, until they were finally taken over by pleasure.



They screamed each other’s names, as they came simultaneously, bodies shaking.

They continued to kiss long after their orgasms ended… slowly pulling themselves apart. They didn’t want to let go of this moment, both of them terrified that as soon as they left, that everything would change.


A while later they found themselves lying in each other’s arms, dragging themselves out of a drunken stupor. The twisted reality of what had just happened finally sinking in.

“Noel…” Julian sighed. “This is so hard. But I’ve got to say something right now…”

“Don’t, please,” Noel,begged, his eyed full of tears as he leaned forward to kiss Julian for what could be last time. Emptiness sinking through his stomach although Julian had not yet said anything to make him think the worst…

“What?” Julian asked, confused. “Noel what I wanted to say was, I need you in my life. If you don’t want to stay, like… this, then that’s ok, I’ll accept that, but I need to carry on being your friend. You’re so special to me.” His eyes, too, were now full of tears.

The weight was lifted dramatically from Noel’s chest.

“I love you Julian. I want to be with you in every way possible. Like this, and like before.”

“I love you too, you beautiful man”, even at times like this Noel blushed at the compliment and smiled at Julian.

Unable to take it any longer, Julian leaned forward to kiss Noel, their bodies pressing together tantalisingly. The moment stretched on and on, both men ecstatic that things had turned out this way. Things would be different from now on… somehow they would make this work. It would mean hurting people they love, and some uncomfortable moments, but they needed this, they needed each other.

They were perfect together.

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