Something more

Noel and Chris finally see each other after all the time spent apart. Will they resolve the unbelievable sexual tension or just keep to the kiss as usual? Just a hint, there's smuttiness :)


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Notes: The lyrics Chris sings at the end are from the IAMX song “Naked but Safe” which he owns.

I hope you enjoy this fic, I prefer it to my previous attempts but it’s still not perfect x)

Something more by thedarkfaerie

It had been too long. Since his split with Dee, and with Chris spending all of his time in Berlin working on the new IAMX album, Noel had barely seen the beautiful man who had just entered the room. They say that absence makes the heart grow fonder, and that was certainly true for Noel; since those few stolen kisses on and off stage he had yearned to really have Chris to himself, but to avail- Chris was no where to be seen at every event where Noel might’ve expected to find him.

Now was his chance, he had to show Chris what he meant to him, feel the heat of his feminine body and his dangerously intoxicating touch. Noel couldn’t afford to wait, that might mean not seeing him again for months, possibly years, as had happened in the past. There was something about Chris Corner that made people want him close to them and afraid to lose him. Noel stood up abruptly, leaving the conversation he was having with Rich and the blonde tart hanging off his arm, to cross the party towards the bar, where Chris was standing in the shadows having a muttered conversation with a girl he didn’t recognise. Noel hoped this wasn’t his girlfriend, not only would that be awkward what with his knowledge of Chris’ history with Sue, but on seeing the girl he was filled a fierce and irrational jealousy. Fierce because of the intensity with which he desired to have Chris alone and irrational because Noel was so sure he wasn’t gay, or even really attracted to men at all,… or he had been until Chris.

Chris noticed him approaching and quickly asked his companion to buy him a drink, Noel glowed inside when he saw him standing alone. He looked absolutely perfect, lit from behind by the neon signs hanging over the bar. His milky white skin shone like the lights in his big, dark, brown eyes, half hidden by his hair that fell softly over his face, in contrast to his almost skeletal frame. Noel’s eyes were drawn to the patches of bare skin exposed by his satin shirt that was half done up his perfectly sculpted stomach, and then the tightness of his deep black jeans across his perfect arse and very obvious cock. It was a good job it was dark because his own cock was beginning to swell as he took in Chris’ appearance.

Chris smiled wryly, “see anything you like?” he raised a fine, dark eyebrow and stared deep into Noel’s eyes, making his legs go weak, he laughed nervously trying to cover it up. The other man looked surprised that Noel was so awkward. “Joking mate! I’ve missed you Noel” he said as he pulled him into a tight hug, taking care to place his hands safely on Noel’s back and no lower.

The evening passed quickly, catching up, drinking the fancy cocktails that the two guys shared a taste for, and thinking secret thoughts about how each wanted nothing more than to make violent love to the other for hours on end (like a couple of normal friends who hadn’t seen each other in a while, except for that last part).

Chris thought he’d scared Noel away in the past by being too flirtatious, and despite being intensely attracted to him (everyone was, especially tonight with that old Kiss jacket undone to his navel and jeans as tight as Chris’ own) he was trying to innocently talk about what each of them had been up to since they last met. Noel misread Chris’ friendliness for lack of interest and felt secretly rejected all night, until one fateful moment…

“Shall I get you another, urmm… ‘flirtini’, Mr. Fielding?” asked Chris jokily, leaning forward to take Noel’s empty glass from his hand. Noel was so on edge that the sudden movement surprised him and he started, dropping the glass to the floor, where it smashed. It was a good job the party was so full and the music so loud that no-one’s attention was attracted: because in the moment that both men looked up from the fallen glass, they caught each other’s beautiful eyes and finally saw there the desire that had been waiting for, not just all evening, but since their first stolen kiss. Noel’s head swam, he was taken in by Chris’ heady scent and instinctively leaned in for a kiss. Chris’ mind was clearer. He seized the opportunity, now that he saw Noel was ready and launched himself full on into a passionate kiss, biting and sucking at Noel’s lips and tongue like a starving animal.

Noel groaned and reached his, now empty, hands out to take Chris’ waist before working them slowly but surely down to his arse. Chris broke the kiss at that moment, staring into his eyes and giving an obvious wink, “so that’s how it is Noel?” he asked as he exhaled gently into Noel’s still open mouth. Standing suddenly, he grabbed Noel’s hand, slightly larger than his own, and lead him out of the crowded room into the dark London night.

The next few minutes passed like seconds, another heated embrace like two horny teenagers erratically exploring each others bodies’ with lips and hands. Realising he was now so hard that he was going to cum in his jeans (no pants so that he could fit into them), Chris hailed a taxi and pulled Noel into the back seat, telling the driver the address of the flat he was staying in while in London in a surprisingly clear and level voice.

Either cabbie didn’t notice, or more likely, he didn’t care that Noel began kissing Chris passionately as soon as they were moving, unable to control himself.

In the hallway, having ran through the open door giggling and holding hands (they both brought out the inner youth in the other) Noel looked at Chris and felt he really had to say something.

“Look, Chris, mate. I don’t know how to say this coz I’ve never been any good at this shit but this isn’t the drink speaking, or acting. I’ve wanted this for ages and I have to make sure that you’re not just y’know, doing it coz I’m anyone or you’re drunk or high or whatever…” He couldn’t make eye contact. He was so fucking nervous!

“Mate? What the fuck are you on about Noel, I’ve been kissing you for the last few hours, and this hasn’t been the first time has it? You’re so, so different from everyone I end up with these days, since Sue… I mean it’s mean one meaningless fuck after another. And this, this isn’t like that is it? This is, special.” On his last word Chris pulled Noel round to face him, looked into his eyes and kisses him deeply, running his hands through his hair and being very gentle.

Noel pulled away this time, “thanks Chris, I…” Chris cut him off by kissing his neck and reducing him to breathy groans. Laughing, Chris lead him into the bedroom for what they had been waiting for all these years.

Pulling away mid kiss- they were lying semi naked in each other’s arms on the dark sheeted double bed- Chris smiled as he had done in the bar all those hours ago and whispered into Noel’s ear, “So… Do you wanna be a sailor?”.

“Fuck yes” was all Noel could manage, Chris’ hand was pressing against his cock through his jeans and the sight of him shirtless, though something he had seen before after gigs, made it all he could do to stay present in the moment.

Chris laughed audibly and bit down on his neck, not hard enough to draw blood but hard enough to cause a bitter sweet pain that wrenched Noel back to where they lay. He unzipped Noel’s jeans carefully, knowing that he wouldn’t be wearing underwear because it was impossible in such tight trousers. After they’d both removed their jeans with some difficulty, Chris swooped down on Noel and took him into his mouth suddenly, loving every second of his surprised groans. “Oh fuck Chris, you’re too fucking good at this” Noel panted as he grasped Chris’ hair with one hand and arse with the other. Slowly but surely Chris started to use his teeth, gently grazing his cock until it became apparent that he couldn’t hold on much longer. He carried on pumping Noel’s cock, more gently, and started probing into his arsehole with first one finger, then two, then three until Noel was a heaving mess shaking and stuttering half formed words.

“I’m guessing you’ve never actually done this before then?” Chris asked patiently. He could tell from the fear and excitement in Noel’s eyes. “Have you ever done anything like this with a bloke before?”

“Not that I’m exactly counting you as a bloke Chris but you’re the only man I’ve ever had feelings for, so snogged or anything…” Chris looked only too pleased at this and continued to pleasure Noel, his mind drifting back to his own hard cock trapped between them.

As if he was reading his mind, Noel suddenly pulled away from Chris and wrapped his legs around his back, half sitting on his lap. “I’m ready Chris, just fucking do it” he panted, breath hot on the other man’s face. He smiled again and began to push himself forward into Noel… it was so good he couldn’t stand it, Noel was such a whore for it! Begging for Chris’ cock like no one had ever done before, and he looked even more beautiful than ever during sex, his blue eyes larger and lips fuller and covered in blood from their violent kisses.

Chris didn’t think it necessary to articulate any of those feelings, instead he fucked Noel harder and harder, biting on his neck as he became more and more submissive. Noel had never felt anything like this, he has always been so sure that he wasn’t gay, or even bi… he supposed it had to be Chris. Just Chris. And it was thoughts of Chris, him and Chris, together that finally wrenched Noel over the edge into a shuddering climax as he came all over Chris’ stomach. As Noel finished shaking around his cock (crying out Chris’ name as he finished) Chris slowly stopped wanking him off and brought himself to orgasm hard and fast in Noel’s arse. “Ohh fuck yes Noel you’re so fucking, yesss!”

Lying in each other’s arms, spooning. The two beautiful men held themselves together through the night. Noel woke to find Chris’ perfect face leaning over him as he caressed his face and sang quietly to him “I was kicked around and locked down

left in the cold to self harm, this is all that I know, naked but safe and lifelessly yours…” He held the last note for a moment too long as he lost himself in Noel’s eyes and leant down to kiss him lightly.

The kiss was cold, pure and chaste, the total opposite to what had happened the night before, it only seemed to confirm to Chris what he was already thinking- him and Noel were capable of something more…

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