I’m glad you came tonight

Julian finally turns up to one of Noel's gigs - and isn't Noel happy about it?


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I’m glad you came tonight by sstarxx

Julian had never been to one of Noel’s gigs before. Sure, Noel had dragged him along to dozens of ultra-hip shows of bands nobody had heard of yet where hundreds of sweaty, eye-liner clad kids hung out in the corners drinking vodka from the bottle, but Julian had never been to one where Noel was playing. This was an IAMX gig, and although Julian liked Chris Corner, he always felt a pang of jealousy when they were together. Julian should have put it down to paranoia, Chris and Noel’s performances onstage were just an act but he couldn’t help feeling left out and it didn’t help that Julian never quite knew where he stood with Noel.

Noel and Julian had hooked up countless times in the past year, it was a relationship that stemmed from the increasing tension between them onstage at live shows and when on the last night of their tour Noel kissed Julian backstage, Julian felt that all the pressure between them was finally released. But this was Noel, who was always unpredictable and Julian had never managed to pluck up the courage to ask if they’d become serious, if they were an item. Julian had noticed that Noel had mentioned less and less girls names over the past year and him and Dee splitting up could only be a good sign.

Julian was standing at the bar with a beer, he didn’t want to get to close to the stage in case he looked too keen, too desperate to watch Noel and the way he moved and he didn’t want to watch almost everyone in the room as they drooled over Noel. Julian turned back to the bar and as ‘Kiss and Swallow’ ended, so did another display between Chris and Noel that gave him that empty feeling in his stomach. Two teenage girls fell out of the crowd, dressed in skinny jeans and vests, sweating and gasping for air. They stumbled up to the bar giggling and stood a few feet away from Julian as ‘President’ began, Julian took a quick look over at the stage and saw Noel concentrating on his bass, he looked so beautiful.

‘Oh my God! He’s so hot,’ screamed one of the girls over the music.

‘I know, I’d give anything to spend a night with him,’ yelled the other. This is exactly what Julian hated about events like this- hearing everyone else cooing over Noel when he knew what he was really like to live with – the screaming arguments, the dirty clothes all over the bedroom floor, the loud parties until 7am. But there were so many good things that living with Noel bought – the notes he would leave stuck to the fridge telling Julian he couldn’t wait to see him when he got home, the little presents he would buy and the long nights of cuddling on the sofa when Noel finally spent a night in.

‘Two double vodka red bulls please’, shouted the taller girl to the barmaid. Julian turned to look at the girls, they didn’t look a day over 15 which was quite disturbing considering what he presumed they wanted to do to either Noel or Chris. He waited for the barmaid to ask, ‘Sorry girls, have you got any I.D?’ And with that the girls slipped down from the bar and headed back into the crowd, snidely looking back at the bar as they went. Julian’s eyes followed them and with a slight intrigue, he turned from the bar and walked up to the edge of the crowd. He stared up at the stage, and saw Noel, looking absolutely amazing. He was wearing silver skinny jeans and tight black t-shirt – quite dressed down for one of Noel outfits – and he was standing with one foot on an amp, effortlessly playing and flirting with the crowd.

Julian began to make his way through the crowd, gently pushing past dozens of girls like he’d seen before as well as scrawny young boys with haircuts just like Noel’s. Julian’s height and build compared to the rest of the audience meant that within minutes he was at the front of the crowd, to the side, away from any dancing that would make him stick out like a sore thumb. Noel didn’t know he had come tonight.

Noel looked around at the front few rows, winking at girls who screamed when he did so and scanned the rest of the audience. When he saw Julian’s face in the crowd, he did a double take. Surely not? Julian at one of his gigs? A smile crept onto his face and Noel gently bit his bottom lip, a sure sign to Julian that he wanted him as soon as possible. Knowing that Julian had braved it and actually turned up to an IAMX gig made Noel’s heart melt and made him want Julian as much as the first time they fucked. He knew that he couldn’t wait until he got home either.

After the final song, Noel slipped away, hurriedly putting his bass down as Chris went out to thank the audience. Noel had signalled to Julian to meet him backstage and as Chris’s speech began, the pair ran out through the stage door. The venue was a maze of dimly lit corridors, the walls covered in posters, signatures and phone numbers. Noel understood that he and Julian had just a couple of minutes to find somewhere or they’d be mobbed by the people pouring out of the main bar into these hallways. Despite the panic, Noel couldn’t keep his hands off of Julian; he grabbed Julian’s face and kissed him hard and pushed him against the grubby wall as their tongues met. The orange light flickered overhead as Noel pushed as much of his body against Julian’s as physically possible; he wanted him so much that touching didn’t seem enough.

Reality came flooding back as the muffled noise of the crowd grew closer and louder, Julian panicked- in seconds hoards of people would see the pair and swarm them – well mostly Noel, when they both wanted each other so much. Julian spotted a door opposite them and opened it, inside was a small, damp cupboard, half filled with brooms and cleaning products – obviously not used very often. The pair fell in, Noel tugging at Julian’s shirt before the door had even shut. Julian clicked the door to, but as Noel ran his hands over his stomach and under his waistband, he realised there was no lock. ‘Noel…N…Noel! There’s no lock, what are we gonna do?!’

’Fuck?’ Noel replied devilishly, catching Julian’s eye while he gently nibbled along his shoulder from behind.

‘No, I mean, what if..?’ Julian fumbled over his words as his trousers were unzipped and Noel reached inside to feel his now, extremely hard cock.

‘Seriously, Noel, I…I..’

‘Fuck it’, thought Julian, he wanted Noel so badly that at that point, the whole world could catch them and he wouldn’t care.

Julian turned on his heel, catching Noel’s mouth in a passionate kiss in which teeth bashed and they bit each other’s lips, but neither cared, the want for each other was just too strong. Noel pushed Julian up against what little wall space there was and in the dull light pressed his hard cock against Julian’s thigh to tease him. Running his hands down Noel’s back, Julian could feel the sticky sweat from the show which provoked him to peel the tight shirt off of his back, throwing it onto a nearby shelf. In return, Noel ripped open Julian’s shirt and dug his hands into his hips, it was obvious to Julian that Noel was in control tonight – his presence onstage had followed him here and meant that Noel was now the one forcing Julian to his knees in front of him.

Julian ran his hands over Noel cock, obviously showing through his jeans as the noise of passing people grew louder. Unbuttoning the jeans, Julian discovered that Noel was yet again not wearing any underwear which only made the whole process easier as Julian slid his lips over the head of Noel’s cock. A moan left Noel’s mouth that worried Julian about who outside had heard, but the desire to please Noel was far greater. He slid Noel’s cock further into his mouth and as his moans grew more appreciative he got faster and faster. Noel slid his fingers through Julian’s hair, pressing on the back of his head to take more of him in his mouth. This, rather than annoying Julian, made him want Noel even more and after he slowly stopped sucking Noel’s cock, stood up and turned around. He wanted Noel to fuck him there and then.

This was a rare occurrence between the two, it was Julian who usually did all the work but tonight Noel was in control. Julian slid off his trousers and bent over in front of Noel. To Noel, this was the best invitation he could get, he just wanted to please Julian as a thank you for showing up. With this, Noel ran his hands over Julian’s back, sliding his hands over his arse and teasing him again. He then moved his fingers to Julian’s mouth where he licked and sucked them in desperation. Noel slid two of his now wet fingers into Julian and heard a resulting moan which he recalled himself making many on nights before.

Noel couldn’t tease any longer, he needed to be inside Julian now and so slid his cock, wet from the blow-job into Julian. The pair gasped half with pleasure, half with the unfamiliarity of the situation as Noel entered. Julian pushed back on Noel and after a few awkward thrusts, the pair were fucking hard and rather loudly.

Outside the door, people began to giggle, they knew what was going on, they just didn’t know between who. Noel placed his hand on the unlocked door to steady himself as he pounded into Julian, both of them getting closer and closer. In the final few moments, Noel reached round and roughly pumped Julian’s cock much less delicately than usual and after thirty seconds the pair came together, Julian tensing around Noel’s cock, causing both their orgasm’s to be intensified.

A few minutes later, the pair were dressed again and to head out for backstage drinks. Julian reached for the latch of the door but before he could, Noel gently grabbed him shoulder and span him round. ‘Ju…listen’.

‘Great’, Julian thought, another apology, another excuse for what they just did.

‘I love you and I’m so glad you came tonight’.

Julian had not expected that, but of course he felt the same. Finally, he understood where the two of them stood with each other.

‘I love you too’.

And with that, Noel opened the door, unknowingly about to face his second audience of the night.

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