Overpower Thee

Noel reflects on his “odd” relationship with Julian.


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Overpower Thee by justuninspired

Noel missed Julian.

He hadn’t been gone long – only 3 days. He was due to arrive back in an hour or two. They’d only spoken on the phone that morning.

But Noel simply couldn’t help it. The loneliness when Julian wasn’t around was just… unbearable. Horrible. He knew his lover had things to do, people to see, things sometimes he simply couldn’t wriggle out of. Noel didn’t want to be selfish, but he had no control over his feelings. He’d even surprised himself with the amount of moping he’d done over the past three days… wandering aimlessly around the flat, drinking tea that somehow didn’t taste right, watching TV that failed to entertain him completely, reading books he couldn’t get lost in. Nothing was right when Julian wasn’t around.

Noel perched on the end of the bed he and Julian shared, sighing, staring miserably into space. He knew it wouldn’t be long until Julian returned, until he was back in his loving, protective arms once more… but he just felt so empty. Just a couple more hours, he told himself. Won’t be long. However, he knew those last few hours would feel endless. They’d drag on like years.

Falling onto his back and staring up at the ceiling, a smile came to Noel’s face as he thought of all the great times they’d had in that bed. Noel had not known what to expect the first time Julian made love to him. He felt embarassed to just come out and tell Julian what he liked, that his needs were different to most – but Julian seemed to understand them completely. Already seemed to know that biting Noel hard on the neck would drive him crazy, that holding him down while declaring he’d fuck him into the mattress would make him whimper and plead; that nothing made him cum harder than being taken roughly from behind, whilst Julian tugged on his hair and dragged sharp nails down his back, calling him a whore and telling him he fucking loved it.

As time went on, things became more extreme. Noel would often lay naked on his front, gripping the sheets as Julian whipped him hard with a leather belt, moaning with the mix of pain and pleasure he loved so much. Kisses were rare, yet they were always angry, violent and bruising, leaving Noel with blood running down his chin, staring up at Julian when he pulled away with a mix of lust and fear in his eyes. He’d never protest in the slightest as Julian cuffed his wrists to the headboard and blindfolded him, leaving him completely helpless as Julian did whatever he pleased to him.

Noel often found himself thinking that maybe sex shouldn’t be like this. Sex was a loving act, a way of showing someone just how much you cared about them – and he knew, of course, that Julian did love him and care about him, and vice versa. But in another sense, he supposed, sex was extremely powerful, and perhaps a way of expressing other feelings you had inside – dark thoughts, lust, a need for control in Julian’s case and a need to be completely dominated in Noel’s; to let Julian have all the power. To submit to him completely. He belonged to Julian. They both knew that. But Noel trusted him completely.

Noel was sure that Julian would have plans for him when he returned. He smiled, wondering to himself what these plans might be… already shirtless, he placed a hand on his bare chest, slowly moving it down his body, gasping in anticipation of his own touch. Undoing his trousers with some difficulty with his other hand, he exposed his semi-erect cock, letting out a sigh as he wrapped his fingers around it. Of course, his touch didn’t feel nearly as good as Julian’s, but it would have to do until his lover returned. As he slowly moved his hand up and down his length, he let out a gasp and his eyes fluttered closed. Sitting up on the bed, he began to pump harder, letting soft moans fall from his lips. He thought of all the things Julian frequently did to him… thought of how he missed getting slapped in the face and fucked every night. Missed Julian’s cock positioned at his entrance, teasing him, missed being down on his knees for his lover. As his rhythm quickened, he couldn’t hold back his little cries of pleasure.

“Oh, fuck, Ju.. Julian…”

Noel jumped at a quiet chuckle from the doorway. “Yes, dear?” came the soft voice.

His head jerked up instantly, colour instantly flushing to his cheeks as he saw Julian leaning against the doorframe, a wicked grin not to be trusted on his face. There was a silence, as Noel hurriedly tried to think of what to say, shocked at being caught. Why the fuck was his lover home already?! His mouth opened and closed like a fish as he searched for words, until Julian interrupted him, in the same soft voice: “Keep going, Noel. I was enjoying that.”

“How long have you been there?” Noel managed eventually, his voice an embarassed squeak.

“Keep going,” Julian commanded again. Noel looked down at his exposed cock, unsure of whether or not he could. He’d never masturbated in front of Julian before… he cast a glance towards the man standing in the doorway, who had an impatient look on his face, and took a deep breath before wrapping his fingers around his aching erection, gasping as he got to work again. Sensing Julian walking over to him, he looked up… closed his eyes again as he felt the fingers in his hair, stroking, then burying themselves deep and tugging possessively. Noel whimpered softly; tugging harder at his cock. He needed to come so badly…

“Take it you didn’t get my message,” Julian muttered. “Telling you I’d be home early…”

“Why are…”

“Shut up.” Noel felt a shiver of excitement at the command, and turned his head as he heard Julian pulling at the zip of his own trousers. He pushed his underwear down a little, revealing his cock to Noel, keeping the fingers buried in his hair as he pulled Noel’s face towards it; Noel released a little moan as Julian ran it over his lips. He opened his mouth, loving the little gasp Julian let out as Noel wrapped his lips around the head, running his tongue over the slit before opening his mouth and taking him in. Reluctantly he let go of his own cock and got down on his knees before his lover; he could wait. He had to pleasure Julian before he could satisfy himself. He reached up to cup Julian’s balls in his hands, hearing the man above him moan softly as he took in more of his length, gagging a little on him.

“Barely gone three days and I come back to find you tossing yourself off like a slut,” Julian remarked softly, hands still buried in Noel’s hair. Noel whimpered as Julian tugged hard, closing his eyes and concentrating on his task. Julian was moaning softly; Noel’s hands slid off his balls and gripped his hips instead, sliding Julian further into his mouth, gagging again as Julian’s head struck the back of his throat. Julian let out an incoherent gasp, sounding something like “Iloveyou” before coming deep in Noel’s mouth with a soft cry. Smiling inwardly, Noel swallowed, savouring his taste, before pulling away and turning his hand once again to his own cock, by now aching and begging for release. He pumped wildly until he was sent over the edge too, sighing as he came into his hand, his whole body quivering throughout his orgasm. He looked up at Julian; he was smiling. Replacing his trousers, he stood up, falling into his lover’s warm, familar arms.

“I missed you so much, Ju… fuck, you don’t know how bad it’s been,” Noel whispered, clinging to him like a lost child reunited with a parent.

“I missed you too, little man,” was the warm reply. “So, so much…”

A few minutes later they were lying side by side in bed, in the sanctuary of each other’s arms. Julian was drifting off to sleep while Noel held him close, just watching him. Thinking what a vision he was, looking so relaxed, breathing slowly and calmly. Absolutely beautiful. He knew Julian would make love to him later, when he awoke. Slow, passionate sex with plenty of kisses and loving caresses of one another’s bodies…

Noel chuckled softly to himself. What a load of bollocks. Snuggling into Julian, he closed his eyes to fall into his own well deserved slumber.