Half the World

“It’s rare that Julian is like this, like a puddle of syrup drizzled onto the sheets.” Shameless top!Noel smut.


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Half the World by jeudi

Mornings with Julian are different than mornings with Dee. Not better—he doesn’t qualify them like that when he knows he’s eminently lucky to have them both. With Dee he usually wakes up shivering because she’s hogged all the blankets and she kicks him when he tries to take them back. She never lets him sleep later than her, jumping on the bed and hollering and smacking him with pillows until he rolls out of bed griping and laughing all at once.

Julian is usually up before him, going about his morning routine in his quiet Julian way, careful not to disturb Noel. If he’s not, then Noel likes to do the honours himself and often wakes Julian with a blowjob. Sometimes Julian will jerk awake, startled out of a dream, and he’ll haul Noel up to kiss him fiercely. Sometimes he’ll wake up too late to do anything but come helplessly in Noel’s mouth. Noel likes the excitement of uncertainty.

Today though, Julian is hung over and unusually lazy, drifting drowsily in and out of consciousness. They’re both still naked from quick, drunken sex the night before. Julian is on his stomach, his head resting on his folded arms and Noel is kneeling beside him, his skin prickling with anticipation. Julian’s back, broad and lightly dusted with freckles, is spread out before him like a canvas.

It’s rare that Julian is like this, like a puddle of syrup drizzled onto the sheets. Already fully awake and fed, Noel wants to take advantage of this opportunity. Noel traces the section of Julian’s spine between his shoulder blades with one finger and Julian shifts against the mattress, languorous and pliant. He moves lower—a soft kiss to Julian’s tailbone and then a lick along the curve of Julian’s left thigh and buttock.

Julian makes a low, grumbling noise and turns his head to peer at him, sleepy and curious, but above all trusting. Noel feels fit to burst and when Julian is like this he can’t give voice to his emotions without cracking so he just smiles and ducks his head and bites one of Julian’s arse cheeks.

Something between a huff and a chuckle spills out of Julian’s mouth. He settles again, his face nuzzling into the pillows and his body utterly relaxed. Noel treads carefully as he stretches out, half on top of Julian’s legs, fearing at any moment Julian will feel prodded into trying to reciprocate and he will lose this lovely passivity.

His fingers massaging the soft flesh of Julian’s arse, Noel drags his tongue up the cleft, nothing too insistent yet, and Julian moans shakily, pressing back against him and edging his legs apart. Noel remembers the first time he tried to do this to Julian, ages ago, and how Julian had blushed and recoiled, stammering that he hadn’t showered.

They’ve lost any shame or inhibitions they ever had with each other by now. It’s familiar and comfortable and Noel thinks there’s something to be said for skill and being completely confident with another person’s body and the sure knowledge that there’s nothing Julian wouldn’t try with him.

He’s so yielding and it touches Noel, twists sharply within him that Julian allows himself to be this vulnerable. He spreads Julian’s buttocks and gives him a more probing lick. A muffled groan resonates from where Julian has buried his face in the bedding. Noel smirks and makes his tongue into a point, drawing ever-tightening corkscrew circles around Julian’s entrance until he’s burrowing his way in and Julian is cursing at him unintelligibly.

His tongue squirming just to make Julian writhe, Noel laughs thinking about the names Julian is probably calling him while his teeth tear at the pillowcase and his hands fist the sheets. The vibration of it makes Julian buck and Noel loses his grip on Julian’s arse. He pulls away, breathless, and then adjusts his hold to try and keep Julian pinned before he bends again and works his tongue back inside, smoother this time. A slower thrusting movement that doesn’t roil Julian so much, but just has him rocking his hips in rhythm with the wet, dirty slide of Noel’s tongue until Noel can feel saliva dripping down his chin and smearing against Julian’s skin.

With a heaving gasp, Julian manages to roll onto his side, his hand coming down to grasp Noel’s hair, fingers scrabbling for purchase in the short strands and tugging hard when they find some. Their limbs knocking, Julian flops onto his back and pulls Noel up onto his knees and towards his erection. He’s actually whining, deep in his throat, and though he seems rather bent on getting Noel to suck his cock (and Noel generally isn’t one to deny him anything), this isn’t really the turn Noel wants things to take.

He foils Julian’s plans, going in at a lower angle and nuzzling aggressively against the skin behind Julian’s balls. His hair is too short and sweaty for Julian to maintain any control and he chokes out a hoarse cry as Noel slips free and all he can do is tremble and go where Noel wants him, feet planted on the mattress to lift his hips to give Noel further access.

They’re both hard by now and Noel is rubbing his cock against Julian’s leg. As much as he loves doing this to Julian, loves what it does to Julian, his own need is rising to a fever pitch. He jabs his tongue against Julian’s arsehole, stretched and slick with spit and just open for him. He has to pull away at that thought, one hand coming down to stroke himself. He can’t help but laugh when he sees that Julian has bunched a pillow over his face.

Julian growls something, too muffled for Noel to make out.

‘What was that?’ he asks playfully, kneading at Julian’s side.

Julian lifts the pillow up. ‘Cheater,’ he rasps, licking his chapped lips.

Noel rubs his cheek affectionately against Julian’s cock. Julian spasms and reaches to clutch at Noel’s hair, but Noel is already sliding up Julian’s body and Julian instinctively moves to set their hips together, his head falling back when Noel grinds against him.

If this were reversed, Julian would growl teasingly and wrestle Noel onto his stomach. Due to physical inequalities, though, Noel’s tactics are a bit different. Hands gently coaxing, he kisses the curve of Julian’s shoulder and then his neck. ‘Turn over?’ he whispers, tugging on Julian’s earlobe with his teeth.

Normally, Julian would put up a show of resistance for appearances sake, so it’s a pleasant surprise when he rolls back onto his stomach without comment. Noel reaches to fish a condom off the nightstand and then moves to drape himself over Julian. He feels like a fly on Julian’s back in this position, insignificantly small, but dizzied with power at the same time.

Julian arches when Noel skates a hand down his spine and cups his arse before pressing between his cheeks. ‘I’m good,’ Julian murmurs, but Noel wants to feel him anyway. He twists two fingers in easily and crooks them upwards with practiced aim. Julian exhales unsteadily and he’s hiding his face again, throwing his arms up about his head.

Noel rolls the condom on and spits on his hand to give them some added glide. Julian shifts helpfully and then Noel takes hold of his cock and guides it to Julian’s hole and pushes, watching the head slip past the outer ring. This is always his favourite part, just seeing and feeling Julian’s body taking him in.

Using Julian’s hips as leverage, Noel begins thrusting steadily. It’s slow with them lying like this and Noel knows that’s how Julian likes it—dragged out until he’s dreamy and floating and can escape his own head. Noel presses his lips to the juncture of Julian’s neck and shoulder. He wants to bite there, to suck a red patch onto that skin, but Julian doesn’t have the same arrangement as Noel, so he contents himself with kissing there lightly.

He doesn’t realize how close Julian is, an unusual oversight on his part, until Julian is tensing and coming with a gravelly moan, rubbing his cock desperately against the sheets. With effort, Noel jerks Julian’s hips up and closer, sliding in deeper as he follows suit. He can feel his orgasm travelling through his nerves, can feel Julian hot and clenching around him. He rests his forehead against Julian’s shoulder blade, damp with sweat, and pants as he comes.

After a moment, Noel rolls off of Julian with a euphoric exhalation, his fingers rubbing idle circles on his chest. Julian stretches out on his side, his eyes closed. ‘That was good,’ he murmurs. He yawns and blinks and reaches over to tousle Noel’s hair, his fingers carding through it until it is sticking out at ridiculous angles all over.

‘Good?’ Noel scoffs. ‘I’m amazing.’

‘You’re Sexiest Male not Shagger of the Year,’ Julian laughs, sitting up to light a cigarette.

Dee always knows when Julian has been over because the stale scent of his cigarettes lingers even after Noel opens the windows. He’d told her when they first got serious that she was just going to have to accept that he and Julian had been sleeping together sporadically since they met and weren’t going to stop. She’d smacked him, but just for being such a knob in how he had phrased it.

He’s never felt a moment’s guilt over it, never wonders who he would choose if it came down to it because he knows they’d never demand such a thing from him. Noel studies Julian thoughtfully, his eyes following the lines and curves of his body. There’s a sheen to his flushed skin and a peaceful look of satisfaction on his face.

‘What’s your problem?’ Julian asks with an amused smile when he notices Noel’s staring, blowing out a cloud of smoke.

Noel moves in to kiss Julian in lieu of saying something soppy. They’ve never really been much for that sort of tripe. He figures the fact that Julian lowers his cigarette and lets him, even kissing him back sloppily despite Noel having just given him a rim job is as good as any declaration of love.

When he tells Julian this, ‘Going arse to mouth is the biggest act of love possible,’ Julian snorts and calls him a daft cow and kisses him slow and deliberate and then tells him to go brush his teeth.