Breaking Barriers

Noel throws a party, Julian feels awkward, Noel makes up for it.


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Breaking Barriers by plainjane

Noel was having a party at his apartment for ‘a few’ friends. Julian was appalled to see that there were about seventy people there. Noel still surprised Julian with his amazing people skills/schmoozing. Julian spent a lot of the night either drinking or listening to people talk at him. He wasn’t in the mood for people, and he hadn’t spoken to Noel all night. All he could do was watch him prance from person to person, in those sexy black skinny jeans and that equally tight top.

Julian shifted awkwardly and took a big swig of beer. If only Julian could get some time alone with him, it seemed like ages since it had just been Barratt and Fielding. All the hangers-on, groupies, friends and colleagues were getting a bit much. Julian missed the attention from Noel, the only person whom he felt completely comfortable with. The only person he truly loved.

The night faded away with the help of the numerous drinks Julian consumed. Most of the crowd had left and Julian was sitting on the couch with Noel, the first time they had been together the whole night. Noel was sitting cross-legged with his back and against the arm rest, his eyes resting on Julian’s face.
“What?” Julian frowned
“No nothing… it’s just…”
Julian turned his body towards Noel and rested his arm on the back on the couch.
“It’s just what?”
Noel leaned forward and lowered his voice.
“I haven’t seen you in a while.”
“Yeah, well, you’ve been busy, haven’t you?”
“Ye-eah, but I feel bad.”
“It’s ok, I don’t really mind, I mean there’s some stuff you have to do.”
“I mind. There are some things that come first, and I’ve missed being around you.”
Noel’s face was about ten centimetres from Julian’s. Julian gulped.
“I’ve missed you too.”
Noel finally closed the gap between him and Julian, kissing him softly. Julian was stunned at first, but soon recovered and returned the kiss more passionately. Their mouths danced together in perfect step. Their lips never missed a beat, their tongues turned and twisted gracefully.

Julian pulled away, despite Noel’s attempts to recapture him.
“Noel, I can’t”
Noel frowned.
“Of course you can.”
“No, I really can’t. No matter how much I’d like to, I just can’t.”
“Ju… I don’t understand.”
Julian sighed.
“It’s just that… I don’t want to be just another shag, or whatever.”
It all rushed out of Julian at once and he regretted it as soon as he’d said it. At first Noel looked shocked, then angry and finally his busy face settled on a mixture of guilt and disappointment.
“I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have said anything. I didn’t really mean it. Oh god…”
“I should have just kept my big mouth shut,” Julian rambled on.
“I mean, I should just go with the flow, who cares where this ends up, as long as it happens right? But maybe not… I don’t know.”
Noel’s outburst ended Julian’s panicked ramblings.
“Ju, do you honestly think I’d just love you and leave you? No way! I care about you too much, and I thought you knew that.”
Julian’s eyes widened.
“Noel, do you really…”
“Oh just shut up and kiss me you funky northerner.”
Julian laughed and his lips found Noel’s once more. Their resumed kiss was deep, caring, passionate and eventually desperate.

Noel slid his hands up Julian’s back and Julian cupped Noel’s face. He slithered his hand round Noel’s waist and moved down to Noel’s neck, sucking and kissing, nibbling and biting. Moaning, Noel’s hands found their way to Julian’s chest and began unbuttoning his shirt. Noel pushed Julian onto his back and placed kisses all over his chest and neck. Julian grabbed at Noel’s shirt and tugged it off.

Noel licked and nibbled at Julian’s nipples, making Julian gasp and moan. Julian felt a tightness in his trousers as his erection pressed against Noel’s writhing stomach. Noel’s mouth found Julian’s face once more and he kissed it all over. Julian was now aware that Noel too had an erection. Noel pulled away.
“Let’s finish this in my bedroom.”
Noel got off Julian and stood looking expectantly at him. Julian hauled himself off the couch and enveloped Noel in his arms, hugging him tightly. Noel’s hands snaked around Julian and grabbed his bum, making him jump.
“Oi! What’s this about?”
“Just trying the goods before I buy them.”
Noel grinned cheekily. Julian kissed him on the cheek and wrapped his arms around Noel, picking him up. Noel’s legs wrapped around Julian’s waist, tangled his hand in Julian’s hair and rested his head on Julian’s shoulder.

Julian carried Noel towards his bedroom, Noel sucking at his neck. Finally Julian placed Noel on his bed and kissed him on the forehead. Noel pulled Julian onto him and giggled. It was Julian’s turn to attack Noel’s neck and chest. Noel took a deep breath and groaned. Julian’s hands found the edge of Noel’s jeans and quickly undid them. He slid them down slowly, revealing Noel’s cute black boy pants and beautiful milky legs. He removed the jeans with ease, they really weren’t as tight as they seemed.

Julian gazed up at Noel, taking in every inch of his perfect form. He eyed Noel’s erection with lust. Julian ran his hands up Noel’s thighs, past his pants, onto his stomach.
“Mmm, Ju…”
Then he moved up onto his chest and softly stroked Noel’s neck and sweetly kissed is lips. Noel fumbled at Julian’s trousers, trying desperately to remove the barrier between them. Julian helped him and soon he was also just in his underwear.

They looked into each others eyes for what seemed like an eternity. Everything that needed to be said was communicated without any words; love, trust, affection, lust. Noel lent up and kissed Julian.
“Ju, are you sure?”
Julian closed his eyes and sighed.
“Because we don’t have to…”
Noel shifted uncomfortably and his erection brushed against Julian’s. Julian opened his eyes.
“Yes, I’m sure.”

Julian removed Noel’s underwear and then his own. He licked a trail up Noel’s thigh, making Noel shudder. His breath ghosted over Noel’s rather large erection. He licked up the shaft and flicked his tongue over the tip. Noel moaned from both the anticipation and the pleasure. Julian took Noel in his mouth and rubbed his tongue on his cock while he sucked. Noel’s fists gripped the sheets.
“Oh Julian, ah… yes!”
Julian continued, taking him deeper and deeper in his mouth. Noel bucked his hips and let out short, sharp breaths.
Noel’s one hand found its way to Julian’s hair and pulled Julian away from his crotch. Julian licked his lips and looked at Noel questioningly. Noel smirked.
“I want to be inside of you when I… you know.”
Julian swallowed and nodded. Noel opened the draw of his bedside table and took out a bottle of lube marked ‘tingle.’ He squeezed a bit onto his hand and took himself in it, covering himself in the slick liquid. He nodded towards the head of his bed.
“Up against the wall, you cheeky bitch.”
Julian knelt near the wall with his hands on it to steady himself, offering his firm, round arse up to his newly acquired lover.

Noel knelt behind him placing his unlubricated hand on Julian’s hip and the other clasped around Julian’s penis. He slowly pushed himself inside as he ran his hand along Julian. Julian panted and moaned. Once Noel was completely inside he pulled back and thrust violently, hitting Julian’s prostate. Julian pumped into Noel’s hand while Noel pumped into Julian. Both of them were moaning and gasping. The lube both on Noel’s hand and penis was kicking in, the sweet tingly feelings sending shockwaves through both Noel and Julian. They came within seconds of each other, crying each others names out in ecstasy.

Noel pulled out of Julian and led him to the bathroom. He turned the taps on and waited for the shower to get warm, glancing at Julian and the post orgasm glow in his face. He pulled Julian into the shower and kissed him under the warm, cascading water.

Although for the most part they were just making out, they were eventually clean and made their way back to Noel’s bed. Julian, lying behind Noel, pulled him close. He took a deep breath, smelling Noels hair. Noel sighed contentedly.
“Do really think I’ve been whorish?”
“Does it matter now?”
“I was just wondering…”
“Probably not, I was just jealous of all the others that had you.”
Noel turned around and kissed Julian.
“Well now that I have you, you don’t have to be worried about other people.”
Noel smiled in adoration.
“I love you, Julian Barratt.”
Julian affectionately ran his fingers through Noel’s hair.
“I love you too, Noel.”

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