Be with me forever

Noel & Julian secret love. Adult content








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Be with me forever by pyleapegg

Julian watches as Noel rushes around their cosy Shoreditch flat frantically trying to get ready for his comedy club gig. Partners on stage and on screen, but lovers behind closed doors

Julian is sitting on the end of the bed trying to hurry him up. Despite knowing that he is always this disorganised.
J – “You look great, can we please just go now?”
N – “I just need to find my red hat, you know the one with the beaded ribbon round it. I need it to finish my outfit.” He had a slight hint of panic in his voice.
J – “But you look fine babe, you always do.” Julian knew this would fall on deaf ears as Noel was such a perfectionist when it came to his style.
N – “FOUND IT! How the hell did it end up there?” Noel waves the hat in the air after pulling it out from under the bed.
J – “Must’ve been the other night when we got home and were in a hurry to get to bed.”

Julian remembers that night very fondly. Lying with Noel in his arms after a night (well few hours, well, maybe minutes) of great sex. Talking to him whilst softly kissing the top of his head, as his lover comfortably cuddled up and lay on his chest.
If only they could let the world know about their secret love.

J – “The cabs here. Come on!” Julian gestures frantically trying to hurry Noel up a little.
N – “OK, just let me grab….” Noels hand grabs for his bag but misses by inches.

Julian pulls Noel out the front door as he is trying to button up his coat, they fall into the cab and they are on their way.

Arriving at the comedy club is always a difficult time as they have to act “normal” for the fans. Julian is just supposed to be there to support his friend. If only they all knew, it would be so much easier.

In the dressing room backstage Noel is almost ready and Julian is pouring a drink of coke whilst watching his hyperactive partner.

N – “Live gigs always get me hyper.”
J – “I know sweetie, but please don’t get drunk as we have the day off tomorrow, and last time you were so hung over we got to do nothing.” He finds himself scowling at the memory.
N – “I promise, I’ll only drink diet coke…just for you.” Noel winks to seal the deal.

They share a secret kiss behind the closed doors but hear Noel being introduced. The young hyper man runs out the room, up the stairs and onto the stage. Julian follows slowly and watches from behind the curtain, out of sight. So proud of him. So proud of his lover. He allows himself to smile.

Whilst watching Noel he starts to drift off to what he has planned for later in the night. He just hopes that the younger man is ready for it all as much as he is….he enters deep thought about their future together. The touring, the filming, maybe even a radio show or two. All things he can rely on and feel safe with. Then there is the home that he hopes to make together with Noel, maybe children in the future and of course, his big hope, marriage. Would Noel want all this with him. He seems so much younger, Julian wonders if what the public say will influence his lover. And then there’s the fans.

Noel finishes the first half of the show. Julian realises he has been day dreaming the whole time.

N – “How was I Ju?” Asks the lithe man hyper from Caffeine, adrenaline and youth.
J – “Oh, great, erm, really good.” He hopes he doesn’t seem distant
N – “What’s up ju? Were you even watching?” Julian knew he was caught by the tone Noel used.
J – “Yes I was hon, just a bit tired thats all.”

He is pleasantly surprised by Noel kissing him, knowing damn well he wouldn’t have if they could have been caught. The kiss calms him, which was probably the intention. As Noel pulls away Julian smiles, the kiss having the right effect on him, his nerves calmed.

N – “Just wait til later.” Julian notices a definite ass wiggle in his direction. He smiles to himself.

He watches the rest of the show and Noel sticking to his word of drinking just diet coke. He decides he will replace the diet coke with caffeine free diet coke next time. He watches the lithe man bounce of the stage hyperactively.

N – “Let me just get my stuff and we’ll be out of here.”
J – “I’ll call a cab and meet you out back.”

Noel grabs his coat and when he gets to the back door he hesitates, realising there will be loads of fans out there waiting for him to have pictures taken with them and sign autographs. That’s the price of fame I guess.
After the last fan is satisfied he jumps into the cab where Julian has been waiting so patiently for him.

N – “OK, let’s go home and away from all this.” The caffeine now out of his system, and a bit sleepy from the madness of meeting the fans.

Getting home, they start the nightly routine. Julian heads for the bedroom to strip off his clothes whilst Noel takes his makeup off in the bathroom. Noel returns and stands fully dressed in front of a naked Julian. He starts to undress whilst trying to keep Julian’s eye contact, but Julian’s eye wander down. His eyes linger over his favourite place on Noels body. Noticing his cock, fully hard and reaching his belly, a faint trace of precome leaving a mark on his fair skin, causing Julian to moan deep in his throat. His mind so focused on his lover that he squeaked in surprise when Noel pushed him back on the bed. It didn’t take long for him to get his focus back as his hands frantically grabbed at Noel’s body, no longer needing to hold back after a long evening of reserving his true feelings for the man above him. He knew Noel felt the same, his own hands eagerly searching out his favourite places on Julian’s body.
He lays back and relaxes, arching into the kisses that Noel sprinkles down his body, starting with his neck and kissing over his nipples and stomach, until he reaches his cock. He knows he’s whimpering and moaning, soft plea’s falling from his lips as he tangles his hand in Noel’s long dark locks.

He didn’t have to wait long as Noel takes him into his mouth and very gently tightens his lips around the base. His tongue teasing his sensitive tip, causing him to arch his back and thrust deeper into Noels warm wet mouth. Julian writhes in ecstasy, words of love and appreciation spill from his lips between the pants and moans. Cold air hits his warm cock and he whimpers at the loss of Noel’s warm, comforting mouth, but the protests are quickly swallowed by the younger man, with a kiss that sends shocks down to his aching cock. Julians kisses are deep and desperate, his tongue dancing passionately with Noels.

J – “Noel. I have something to ask you.” He hears the tremor in his own voice.
N – “What is it Ju? You look worried.”
J – “Nothing to worry about, well, I hope not anyway.” He knew this was sounding worse by the second, but he couldn’t help it.
N – “What?” The worry in his voice made Julian’s heart ache, and he knew he had to ask Noel now, before he caused his long haired lover anymore concern.

J – “Well, I was wondering that, even though we can’t tell anyone about us, well, I was wondering….”
N – “Yes?” Ever more impatient
J – “Well, would you be with me forever?”

Julian noticed Noels shocked look, and that he had sat up in the bed open mouthed. He knew he would not be expecting it. He hoped he had wished for it as he had for so long now, but knew the thoughts would be churning in his lover’s surreal mind…….how would the public take it? could they even tell anyone?
But he didn’t have to wait long for an answer.

N – “YES! Of course I will babe.”

Julian reaches over for Noel and kisses him hard on the mouth. It almost feels like the first time again exploring each other with their tongues.

J – “Hang on…..Here….” He reaches under the bed and produces a box.

J – “I know it isn’t traditional, but then, what about us is.” He smirks, knowing that Noel will agree.

Julian hands Noel the box and watches him open it to reveal a beautiful black onyx ring, set in white gold, just the type of thing he would wear. Julian slips it onto Noels ring finger and realises he had had no reason to doubt his answer. His smile mirrored the raven haired angels next to him.

Julian pulls Noel back onto the bed, resuming the frantic exploration of each others bodies. Julian’s hand find Noels cock, moist with precome which he uses to slide his fingers from tip to base.
He pouts as Noel pushes away from him and curls up behind him. The younger man enters him with such ease and full of tenderness. He lays his head back against Noel’s shoulder as his lover sets an easy rhythm, he turns his head to seek out the younger man’s lips, he is rewarded with a deep slow kiss that draws forth a moan from both men. Julian knows his lover is close, a moment later he feels Noel pull out.

“Noel…” he breaths out, “Why…” He is quickly cut off as Noel rolls him over, switching positions so Julian can slide his heavy cock into his lover. He allows for Noel to adjust before he reaches around to stroke the other mans cock, the touches light and slow but very welcome, not wanting to make him come too quickly. His thrusts grow more frantic, pushing in deeper and harder as he matches his hand movements with those of his thrusting. Julian feels so good around him and he starts to moan more, knowing it turns Noel on. His lover’s begging reaches his ears, turning him on more as he gives into Noel’s desires. Thrusting harder it only takes mere moments for them both to come, something that Noel loves and Julian loves to do for him. The flat becomes loud with both men screaming each other’s names as they come together.

Both men slowly start to come down from their highs, Julian still inside of Noel, they curl closer together. The after shocks of sex coursing through their bodies, the call of sleep pulling at both men. Julian kisses Noel’s bare back as he pulls his lover impossibly closer before drifting off to sleep.

The sun peeks through the curtain and wakes Noel up first, a smile gracing his lips. He turns to see his lovers smile, lighting the mood.

N – “I’m going for a shower, you coming?” Noel yawns and stretches as he sits up in bed.
J – “I’ll be there in a bit, I just need five more minutes.”
N – “Hurry up though.” He loved to shower with Julian, even though it took twice as long.

Noel jumps into the shower and catches sight of his ring. It is so beautiful and so perfect, just like his Julian. He is quickly joined by his lover.

As they wash each other they discuss their future together and how they will break their love for one another to their families, friends and most worryingly their fans, and Noel realises how much he loves Julian.

Written by pyleapegg Feb 2008