Riding The Rollercoaster

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Riding The Rollercoaster by pyleapegg

Sitting in the lounge of their Shoreditch flat, Paper and previous scripts are spread out all over the floor around Noel and Julian. Is it really time to start writing the next series again?

“Do you fancy a coffee Ju?” Noel asked feeling hopeful, as he was sick of sitting and just doodling on bits of scrap paper. He couldn’t concentrate, and his mind was barren of words and idea’s today, It was odd and he couldn’t figure out why.
“Can I have a mocha babe?” Julian never was much of a coffee drinker.

Noel proceeds to boil the kettle and add the coffee to his cup. Pouring boiling water over the grains the smell hits him, evoking a sudden wave of nausea, causing him to dry wretch over the sink. The fact that he loves coffee is causing his reaction to be very confusing. He wonders why he is suddenly repulsed by it when he loves everything about coffee, especially the smell.
He places Julians mocha on the tiny space he has cleared on the coffee table and goes back into the kitchen to pour his usually favourite drink down the drain.

“Where is yours hon?” Julian asks a little preoccupied.
“Didn’t feel like one after all.” Noel hopes Julian doesn’t hear the worry in his voice and is thankful, that for once Julian’s attention isn’t fully on him, and is distracted by the papers in front of him.

Getting comfortable again they set to writing at least a scene or two for the new series.

“What about if we have Rudi and Spider in the first episode again? or maybe even Tony Harrison working in the shop? ” Noel was barely paying attention, he knew Julian was trying to help him with the writing, even though it wasn’t the older man’s forte.
“If you want.” He says with a shrug, his normal enthusiasm for their character’s gone. Working in silence for a while Noel comes to a point where he needs to stop. He checks the clock and realises only an hour has passed.
“I can’t do this anymore Ju, I need a break. I’m off to bed. See you in a bit?” He asks hoping his strong man will come and comfort him soon even though it is so early. He finds it so hard to get to sleep without Julians warmth beside him.
“OK, I’ll be in in a bit.” Noel could sense Julians distraction. He knew it was only the scripts that Julian was devoting his attention to, but still it bugged him in a strange way. It normally wouldn’t bother him, but then again neither would the smell of coffee. It’s been a strange day, he thinks to himself as he heads to the bathroom to start his evening ritual. He finishes taking off his smudged make up and strips down to his jockeys before climbing into a cold bed. His mind starts racing, ten to the dozen, why did the coffee repulse him, what’s up with his concentration and why the hell is he getting tired so easily? Too many whys and too few answers.

He can hear Julian scrabbling with the papers littering the lounge and placing his coffee cup in the empty kitchen sink.
A few seconds later he hears Julians belt hit the laminate flooring and a shuffling sound as he goes into the bathroom. He hears Julian go for a slash and let out a big yawn, he is so predictable. He is shortly joined by his lover and instantly feels safe and warm with his arms wrapped around him. The bed feels right again. No longer too big.
He closes his eyes and starts to drift off to sleep.

“I love you babe.” Julian says with such tenderness in his voice.
“Love you too.” He mumbles sleepily.
“Sleep well little man.” Julians soft tender kiss to the back of his neck makes him feel safe which helps him drift off to sleep.

Noel wakes up with a start. Bloody hell, he thinks. What the fuck is wrong now? He clambers out of the bed and goes to the bathroom to take care of his near to exploding bladder. When he is done, he shakes and crawls back to bed like some zombie from a hammer horror and falls straight back to sleep.

Despite sleeping through the night, morning still comes too soon for Noel. Nausea overwhelms him the minute he opens his big blue eyes, causing him to run to the bathroom and grace the presence of the porcelain god.

“I don’t think I can go into the office this morning Ju.” Noel says with his head hanging over the toilet bowl.
“What have you been eating? You know you shouldn’t eat things that have been lying around for days. Will you ever learn?” He says with a teasing smile on his face.
“Oh, Fuck off will you! Just tell them I’ll call later, when I can at least leave the bathroom.”

He watches as Julian heads out the door and leaves him to his exciting morning of evacuating his stomach of all its contents.

Julian strolls in after a long hard day at the office. Shame it isn’t a traditional office, instead of a small cramped room full of a group of people trying to be funny. But at least he can have fun with Dave, Mike, and Rich.
“Noel? …Noel?…..Noel?” He asks getting more anxious with each call.

“Noel, are you here babe? Please answer me.“ His voice starting to tremble.

He hears a noise coming from the bedroom. Running to the doorway he is confronted with a flustered, red faced, trembling Noel. His cheeks streaked with mascara stained tears and his whole body shaking with quiet sobs.

“Babe, what’s wrong? what’s happened?” He’s really was starting to worry now.

Noel hands him something, and as soon as Julian sees what it is his face drops. It can’t be.

“I had to be sure. I had no idea, well, not until last night. I had to be sure….I’m so sorry. I’m sorry, so….” Julian interrupts.
“Stop!”, The command firm but caring as he places a hand on Noels.
“There is nothing to be sorry about. It’s wonderful….. Isn’t it?” He is so excited but not sure his young man is ready for such a commitment. It has been such a bumpy ride already this year, with having to explain their love of one another to friends and family, keeping it all so secret from the fans, just such a tough time.
“But we can’t. Oh god Ju, It’s all such a mess.” He rests his head in his hands and begins to sob again.
“We’ll be ok. I’ll run you a bath and then we’ll talk it through some more” He kisses Noel tenderly on the lips and goes into the bathroom to run the bath.

Noel sits on the edge of the bed and tries to compose himself. Julian has run a nice warm bubble bath, deep and perfect for soaking. Lighting a couple of candles, he is about to call out for Noel when his lithe lover appears in the doorway.
Julian makes his way into the lounge to tidy away the days things while Noel soaks in the bath.
Julian was such a sweetheart to him. Where would he be without him?
After a long soak and feeling much better he walks into the bedroom wrapped in a silky bathrobe and is confronted by Julian, who is sat up in the bed with a glass of wine. He has poured Noel a water with ice.

Noel slumps down on the bed and cuddles up to his lover. His bathrobe has fallen open and Julian can’t help but stare at him, naked and so sleek, lying so close to him, and so vulnerable. He just wants to fuck his brains out, he looks so damn sexy.
He reaches up and cups his lovers face in his hands and kisses him hard and deep. He could feel Noels hardness poking the side of his thigh. Pulling his man on top of him he can feel their hard, straining cocks brush together. He twitches with the anticipation in the air. He wants him, needs him now.
Noel kneels up and straddles Julians thighs. The feeling of him, so tight and slippery, sliding down his cock is almost too much to handle. Julian encourages Noel to move slowly, he wants this to last a while. Noel pauses at the tip of his cock. He is teasing him with short quick movements, getting Julian even more turned on, if that is possible. He slams himself down hard, causing Julian to moan with ecstasy as he watches Noel stroke himself from tip to base, his long fingers caressing his shaft. As he increases the speed of his strokes he throws his head back in pleasure. Julian tugs his long haired lovers head forward, he wants to see his face as he comes inside him.
With one last thrust and a chuckle from Noel, he screams and shoots his load inside his younger man. His release triggering Noel’s, he feels the warm sticky fluid between the two of them, smeared over both their bellies.
They fall apart breathless, sticky and spent.

“So, what do you want to do about this…erm, situation?” He says with an unsure tone in his voice.
“Well, do you think we can make this work?” Noel says with a whimper.
“I think we can babe…I really do.” Julians voice full of reassurance.
“We’re going to do this? We’re going to have our own little family and we’ll be happy.” He feels positive about their decision and is happy to tackle whatever may come.

Julian is already picturing the tiny Joan Jett jumpsuits for the baby, with little silver shoes. He knows damn well that Noel is already mentally shopping for their baby. He felt happy, but he can’t help wondering how everyone else would react.
Julian strokes his partners face and kisses his nose. Then settles down under the duvet with him. The rest of their dilemma can be sorted out in the morning.

Noel is the first to wake up, thankfully free of the nausea. He stretches and realises Julian is still snoring away oblivious to the time. He shakes him awake while yawning.

“What?” He says a little grumpily.
“It’s 8am Ju. We need to leave in like, 20 minutes.” He says checking the clock.

Both men jump out of bed and rush around the flat scrabbling for clothes, shoving them on haphazardly. Noel grabs his favourite blue T-shirt and his black skinny jeans. He puts them on, neglecting to put any jockeys on and jams his feet into his battered, but oh so comfortable white Chelsea boots. Quickly running his fingers through his tangled hair he is almost ready. He adds his large black sunglasses and his favourite flying V necklace to finish the ensemble. Even in a hurry he manages to achieve an unusual flair about his look. Twenty-five minutes later they walk out the door, Noel chuckling to himself because it has to be some sort of a record for him. Julian walks out in front of him, wearing his usual jeans and a t-shirt, to the waiting cab.

The cab is warm and stuffy and Noel already feels a little queasy.
“So, what is the plan for today?” He asks already knowing the answer, but just making conversation to keep his mind away from the nausea.
“Well, we go to the office, throw a few ideas around with the crew and then go film the trailer.”
Noel nods as Julian confirms the schedule and with the rocking of the cab he rest his head on his shoulder and drifts off to sleep. Julian ponders over his dreams, Noel and life.

At the office they do what they have to do and are out of there before they even have time for a coffee. The trailer is another story.

“Ju! Quick! Come here!” His voice is full of panic as he can’t get the zip of his mirrorball suit done up.
“What? What the f….?” Surprise painted across his face, quickly flashes to worry. Noel can tell Julian is trying not to laugh once he gets a good look at him.
“My bloody suit won’t fit. I can’t get the fucking zip done up!” He is sounding more and more frantic with each word.
“Come here, let me try it.” “What the hell have you been eating?” Julian accuses. Noel is angry that he seems completely oblivious to how he sounds, and the fact that it is obviously not food making his belly swell.
“Well, maybe a little too much cock!” He says with a little anger in his voice. “Do you not remember our conversation last night?“
“I’m sorry babe. I just meant….” Julian looks up guiltily after giving up on the zip, it certainly isn’t going to budge.
“Well, stop being an arsehole when I’m so hormonal. I am carrying our child you know!” Noels really angry now and hisses those last words.

“Get to wardrobe.” Julian calls out after him.

Noel storms out of the dressing room with the top of the suit flapping round his arse.
Julian sits down on the sofa and when a crew member comes in asking where the fuck Noel is, he points in the general direction of his lovers hasty exit.

After fifteen minutes and a giant argument with Suki in wardrobe, Noel stomps back into the dressing room, glaring at Julian.

“OK, well, the wardrobe woman just told me off for putting on so much weight, but luckily the spare suit she made is slightly bigger. God knows why, but it is, and thank god.” The lithe man explains to his lover not really knowing if he is listening or if he cares.

The trailer shoot went on and is wrapped up in one day. Noel is relieved to be able to take these damned uncomfortable heeled boots off, soon followed by his mirrorball suit. It all looks fabulous but is as uncomfy as hell.
He is happy to see Julian waiting for him in the dressing room, and that they are able to leave together, all previous grievances forgotten and as happy as they have always been.

Whilst sitting in their living room flaked out from the tiring day Julian brings up a very important question.
“What time is it Noel?”
“What time is what?”
“The scan, you have remembered that we have the scan today haven’t you? It is the first one. It’s very important.” Julian is getting so excited now, but worried it isn’t being taken serious.
“No. I knew it was today, it‘s at one thirty.” explains Noel with a sheepish grin.

They get ready for the nerve wracking appointment and are ready to leave early. A first for Noel Julian observes with a chuckle.

“I’m actually excited about this, although my bladder feels close to exploding. Why do they make you drink so much damn water?” Julian notices Noel is fidgeting like a five year old dizzy on lemonade.
“I believe it has something to do with being able to see better.” His research has proven useful in calming his lover down.

Months have passed sine they had filmed that trailer. Noel is extremely healthy but beginning to resemble a bloated Mick Jagger, Julian is happy and loves to look after his soon to be family.

The crew know something is up when Noel starts to wear baggier clothing ,after all, he couldn‘t wear his skinny jeans anymore, his belly was huge and he had to resort to baggy t-shirts and jeans, Oh, the shame of it all. Noel has been hearing whispers from the crew about how overly attentive Julian is being, more so than ‘just a friend’.

“What time shall we tell them?” He’s feeling very anxious and so uncomfortable in this baggy T-shirt and jeans, so not his style.
“ No time like the present”

Noel took hold of his lover big strong hand and pulled him behind him all the way to the front of the set. He felt nervous, and worried, and just about every emotion possible. Was it the pregnancy? or the fact that he didn’t know how they would all take it?

“Hey guys” He says quietly “OI! you lot, over here” He places his fingers in his mouth and lets out a huge whistle. That got their attention.
“Me and Ju have something we need to tell you. Erm…” Now he was really nervous, sweating under the lights.
“Oh fuck it, I’m just going to say it. Me and Ju are lovers and we’re having a baby.” He feels relieved but wants to shut his eyes and hide from them all, welcoming the ground to open up and swallow him whole.

Julian has imagined telling people. That it would be a nice quiet occasion, maybe over some wine, or even a dinner party. He should have expected this sort of thing from Noel though. Such a drama queen in all aspects, he even owned a tiara or two.
It takes him by surprise when everyone in the room responds with a unanimous “we know.”

What Julian had thought was a well kept secret had turned out to be anything but, the entire crew had known all along! The normally fashionable Noel in baggy clothing, and Julian’s own protective attitude toward his lover were as obvious as a giant neon sign, flashing the good news.

Behind him, Noel made a tiny noise of surprise and Julian turned around to see a dark stain spreading down the front of the younger mans jeans. “Oh, baby,” he said, moving to shield his lover from the others, to hide the embarrassing accident so the crew wouldn’t see. “what happened?”
“No, it’s not that,” Noel brought a hand to his belly wincing before his eyes flew wide in surprise.
“Ju, I think it’s the baby. I think it’s time!”
The words made Julian’s heart skip a beat and suddenly his hands are shaking. He can’t panic now though, he has to be strong for his Noel. He can fall apart after the baby is born. Taking a deep breath, he wraps an arm around Noel’s shoulders. “Okay, little man, let’s get you to the hospital then.”

From the back of the room came a chorus of worried murmurs and Julian gives them his widest smile, exchanging a look with his partner.
“Everything’s okay,” he begins.
“We’re having a baby!” Noel chimes in, their voices melding together in excitement and love.

End Notes: Written by pyleapegg Feb 2008

This is in no way affiliated to Noel Fielding, Julian Barratt, or the Mighty Boosh.
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