The Secret Guest 1/3

Vince, Naboo and Bollo take in an old friend for the night and realize who he is.








Length: words

Notes: My First Howince Fanfic.
Enjoy 🙂

The Secret Guest 1/3 by El3cTRoGiRL

‘Naboo’ Called Vince from his room. ‘Naboo!’ He repeated running downstairs frantic like he had just seen a ghost. ‘Have you got my straightners, because theyre missing!’
Naboo looked up with a confused look on his face ‘You know i never use straightners! They’re for women!’ He replied with a laugh in his voice.
Must be still a bit drunk from last nights after party Vince thought
‘They’re not just for women!’ He said anxiously
‘They are!’ He said laughing by this point
‘Oh what do u know?’ Replied Vince anger in his blue eyes
‘Alot more then you do’ he said giggling, But he thought he’d better not wind him up anymore. So he went back to reading his newspaper and nibbled on a hobnob that had been crumbling all over the new carpets.
Vince quickly changed the subject trying his best not to get mad ‘So do you know where they are or not??!’
‘I dont, this’ll teach you to look after your things!’ he lectured
Vince wasnt listening he was too busy running round the shop looking for Bollo. He found him in his room – which he shared with Naboo
‘Hey Bollo, Have you seen my straightners??’
‘Bollo no see straightners’ He replied
Vince sighed sadly
‘Why dont you check on your bed?’ Vince ran to his room and saw them there on his bed, Just as bollo said
he swore under his breath and plugged them into the wall
Moments later There was a knock at the door


‘Ew! Why does it smell like a wet cat down here??’ Said vince childishly, holding his nose and pretending to be sick.
‘Bollos making some muffins’ Naboo replied
‘yuck, did he put a wet cat in the mixture?’
Naboo rolled his eyes and answered the door
There was a short haired man standing at the door wearing a pink and black stripy cardi, He was clinging on to an victorian looking
‘Hello’ said Naboo with a smile ‘how may i help you?’
‘hello kind sir, i was wondering whether i could have a bed for the night?’ replied a small voice
‘Yeah okay’ Replied Naboo with a smile, he took the man’s suitcase and placed it neatly in the corner and put the couch out for him with a few hobnobs and hot coa-coa on the table by the side
‘Goodnight mr.. mr..erm’
‘Moon.. Howard TJ Moon’ He corrected him
‘Goodnight Mr Moon’ He said and yawned
‘Goodnight Howard!’ Said Vince grinning up at him, He seemed to shine.
‘Goodnight sexy’ Said Howard and bit his lip hard
‘Wut did u say??!’ Said Vince
‘I said goodnight Vince’ he replied smiling
Everyone Settled to sleep, Even Howard
Or that was what they thought..
Howard was already plotting..