Haircut 100

Vince ponders the important issues of the day, in drabble form - anyone else got any ideas for a better summary?


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Haircut 100 by missloaf

Story Notes: My first attempt, but don’t hold that against me =P

Vince didn’t know when he’d begun to notice the way Howard’s hair curled around the nape of his neck, but it preyed on his mind constantly. It was the little things like that that made everything worthwhile. All the foolish things that had happened to them, the ridicule they had endured – it was all worth it. It meant he could spend his evenings like this, just lying together with Howard, finally learning the little things that made him ‘Howard’ up close, rather than watching from afar.


“Yes Vince?”

“Don’t have your hair cut tomorrow, yeah?”

“Vince… *sigh*”

“Love you”