Stitched Up

A scene with Stitch involving Pete running past a window many times.


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Stitched Up by RobotRose

He ran past the window again. Stitch let out an exasperated sigh. This could have been quite entertaining, if it hadn’t been Pete.

Pete, running off to see Poppy or Daisy or whichever one it was in that particular direction. There were probably a couple more as well. They probably had names like Abby and Katie. Stitch frowned. They were probably gorgeous too.

Ten minutes later, Pete ran past the window again, his parka billowing in the breeze like some kind of medieval cape. My God, thought Stitch, how quickly can this man do it?

After about another hour of to-ing and fro-ing, Stitch got up from his chair and placed it back in the exact middle of his living room. He went into his bedroom and opened his wardrobe. It was organised in colour shades. He picked out a blue shirt, exactly the same as the one he was wearing. He changed, meticulously hanging the first shirt in his wardrobe. He stalked back into his hallway, undid his many locks and bolts, and left the house. It was decided. Pete Sweet was about to be stitched up.