Spit It Out.

After Sue breaks up with Chris, he goes off the rails, drinking and sleeping on the streets. But can Noel help him get his life back on track?


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Notes: Just a random one-shot i came up with, may add another chapter.

Spit It Out. by _kissandswallow

Chris Corner woke up with just one thought; it was cold. He didn’t have a clue where he was, nor what he was doing there, he just knew it was cold. Sitting up, and falling back down again due to the pounding headache that just hit him, he realised he was in the street. He’d been sleeping in the street, and had more than likely got hammered the night before. Groaning, he sat up once again, putting a hand to his throbbing head. It was some empty street, so at least he didn’t have to worry about anyone seeing him. Didn’t make him feel any less of a tramp, mind. It had been, – what, three days? – since his girlfriend, Sue, had ended it between them, and all three nights since he’d been going out to clubs, getting wasted and trying to forget all his problems, pretend everything was fine. Since he’d been with Sue for like, ever, and still loved her big time, he wasn’t used to life without her. The alcohol made him forget his now miserable life, and so now he relied on it. Inside, he hated that he lived this way, but unless Sue called, decided she’d made a huge mistake and wanted him back, then he’d live like he did for as long as he could, until it eventually killed him. Chris sat on the cold floor for a while, thinking. Mostly about what that weird taste in his mouth was, but also about his band. What would his fans think if they knew where he was now? Most importantly, what would they do when they found out that he’d drunk himself to death? He gave a little sigh, and was about to attempt to get up, when he noticed a pair of shoes in front of him. Attached to these shoes were a pair of skinny legs, followed by an obviously Topshop tee, and finally, the concerned face of Noel Fielding staring down on him. He attempted to smile, as Noel outstretched his arm and helped him up.

“Hi Noel,” he said, drearily. Noel sighed, and brushed him down a little, trying to flatten his hair. Chris didn’t even want to think about what he looked like.

“Chris, seriously, where have you been?” Noel asked, his voice a little worried. Chris sighed, and put his head on Noel’s shoulder, and Noel put his arms around him, stroking his hair to make him feel a little better. He knew it would work, Sue did it to him all the time.

“God, I-I don’t know, Noel. Everythings so fucked up..” Grabbing his shoulders gently and moving him in his eye view, Noel attempted to rub some eyeliner from Chris’ cheek, and spoke again.

“You have to stop doing this to yourself. You’re better than this, and seriously, alcohol doesn’t help. I know, I’ve been through it all before.” Chris sighed, and put his head down, mumbling a quiet “I know.” Noel put his arm around him for support and squeezed.

“Hey, come on, it’ll be fine. Sue’s been worried about you, you know.” A faint smile appeared on his face at the mention of her name, and Noel smiled too.

“We’ll go see her, okay? See what she’s got to say.” Chris nodded, and together they walked through Camden, ignoring the funny looks they got from passers-by. And Chris thought to himself, maybe, just maybe, this could work.

End Notes: continue? (: