Julian and Noel. A Shower. Nuff said.


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Notes: Got this idea while in the shower. And from a comment that fierybiscuits made about one of my favorite songs.

Shower by Pachouli

They came off the stage, all sweaty and sticky, and headed straight for the dressing room. The venue had limited rooms backstage, and Noel and Julian were forced into sharing one. But neither really much minded.

Ju, I’m popping into the shower, Noel said. Julian half-nodded in reply, not looking at him, not interested, busy at the table, removing his makeup.

Julian heard the water turn on. He heard something metal hit the floor (a belt?), and the sounds of Noel stepping into the tub and the curtain being dragged across the bar. Then Noel was singing, unwinding after the hectic pace of the show. It was something sweet and soft, but the words were drowned out by the running water.

Julian swiveled on the stool, and kicked off his shoes, pulled off his socks. He stared at his feet, and decided he needed a piss. The door to the adjoining bathroom wasn’t pulled all the way shut, so he just walked in without knocking or announcing. The room was filled with steam, and the soft echoes of Noel’s voice against the tiles. He dropped his trousers to the floor, and reached his hand into his boxer-briefs to pull out his cock.

Noel heard the stream hit the bowl, and popped his head from behind the curtain. Julian, haven’t you any boundaries?, he said through a giggle. He looked at Julian’s cock, and turned his head to the side and down, feigning both embarrassment and intrigue. As if this was something he hadn’t seen a hundred times before.

Julian’s response was to ask how long Noel would take. He’d like a shower too. Noel replied I just need to rinse, and ran his hand thru the bubbles in his dark hair. Then he reached out for Julian’s arm, Come in here with me, there is plenty of room.

Julian laughed, but still he took off his shirt, over his head, without unbuttoning. Pulled his underpants to his feet, and kicked them off. Then he stepped into the shower.

Julian felt the hot water hit his shoulders and upper back. He turned and lifted his face to the stream, felt the water run down his face, his belly, his groin, and down his thighs. He felt his muscles relax.

Noel lathered his hands and began washing Julian’s back. No cloth, no sponge, just skin touching skin, touching sweat, touching soap. Julian closed his eyes, and just felt, just was, drifting to the gentle touch of water and hands and Noel’s soft singing. He could hear the words clearly now, “You’re my toybox You’re my memories When I smell your skin you just make my whole world weep…”

Noel put the soap in Julian’s hands, and said now you do mine. Noel turned, spread his legs slightly, and leaned with one arm against the tiles, and his forehead against his arm.

Julian’s hands began soaping Noel’s neck, shoulders, back. With a finger, he traced the spine of Noel’s scapula through his skin, and moved his hand down his shoulder, down his arm, his forearm. With his free arm, Noel grabbed Julian’s hand, dragging Julian’s arm across his stomach and to his chest, pulling him in tight.

Noel turned his head slightly, eyes closed, mouth open, lips red and ready. Julian kissed him, used his tongue to trace Noel’s teeth, lingering at the incisors, pointy and sharp. Incisors ready to nip gently, or to bite hard, to draw blood. He felt the steam from Noel’s lips, hotter than the steam from the bath.

Julian kissed Noel’s chin, his neck, bending down to lick his spine. He kneeled and began kissing the small of Noel’s back, gently nibbled at his buttocks. He heard Noel moan. Julian spread Noel’s ass cheeks, and in response Noel adjusted his stance wider. Julian pushed his tongue into Noel’s hairless asshole, not gentle now, but not hard. Searching just searching, for hot sweetness, and his tongue found it. He licked and probed with his tongue, going in deep, feeling Noel getting wet inside.

Julian stood, and took his erection into his hand. He gently teased at Noel’s asshole with the head of his cock. He pushed just the tip of his head inside Noel, and then pulled out. He did this again, and again, and again. Noel was whimpering, body shaking, legs quivering as if they were ready to go out from under him. He could take no more, and neither could Julian. Julian pushed himself into Noel, and Noel pushed back. Julian reached for Noel’s cock.

And they were conscious of nothing. Nothing but the heat, and the wet, and the pleasure, and the pain of knowing this moment would end. And the little death came to them both at the same time. And Julian stayed inside him, and pushed his face into Noel’s hair, and Noel thought he heard Julian weeping. And Julian thought he heard Noel singing. “When I melt in the kiss by the words and the whispers you sing me Mercy…”

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