Misty Green and Blue

Noel's sad. Julian misses him. Comforting ensues.


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Notes: This idea came to me from 1) hearing Noel interviewed saying that he hadn’t seen Julian in a year and from 2) stories about Noel running around the streets in a dress sobbing.

Misty Green and Blue by Pachouli

Oh it’s been too many times and I can’t go back
Night bars, guitars, rundown motels like shacks
What it mounts up to I don’t want it at all
Lost you and I want you today

Misty green and blue
Love to love to love you
Misty green and blue
Love to love to love you

To be something, to be near you
Don’t say that you’ll never know
Love to love to love you

Half the time it could seem funny
The other half is just too sad
This west bound moon’s only rise and fall
Lost you and I want you today

To be something, to be near you
I don’t know where I’m goin’ to
I’ve tried and I need you to stay
— R. Schenker UFO

Misty Green and Blue
Chapter 1 of 2

They say in every relationship, there is a lover and a beloved…

It had been almost a year since they’d seen each other, since the tour ended. Julian felt as if it had been a year since his heart had been whole.

Yes, he went about his daily business, watching the twins grow, composing music, drafting stories. There were days we he didn’t even think about Noel. But there was never a night when his thoughts didn’t go to him.

Too many nights, Julia would be asleep beside him, softly snoring. He should have found comfort in her warmth, but he did not. He would softly creep from the bed, go to his closet, open the door. Reach to the back for the shirt he kept there. Julian would close his eyes, press the cloth to his face and breathe in deeply. The scent of Noel still lingered in the threads of fabric. My beloved.

At breakfast, Julia tossed the paper at him. Have you seen the latest, she laughed, perhaps a little too shrilly. Julian looked at the article reporting on Noel’s latest antics. You shouldn’t believe these rags, he said. But he knew the story was likely true.

Perhaps, I should go down and see him. Make sure everything is OK. We need to start writing soon anyway, Julian said. Julia turned her face away, busied herself at setting a distance between her and Julian. It was how she dealt.

Julian arrived in London around 9:30 on the following night. It was raining, the kind of rain that’s little more than a mist that hangs in the air. He had tried to phone Noel, but it seemed he had changed his mobile number. He checked into the hotel, flicked on the telly, ordered room service and some beers. When the food and drink came, he found he couldn’t down much of either. The anticipation of seeing Noel had built up on the trip, and now it was at crescendo. The disappointment was too much. He soon fell into a tortured sleep.

Julian heard his mobile go off. He forced himself awake, and looked at the clock. 2:30 AM. He grabbed the phone from the nightstand. Hello?

Ju, Ju, it’s me. It’s me. Julian heard Noel on the other end. His voice thick with sobs. Ju, I’m so fucked up. I’ve fucked everything up. Everyone hates me.

I never could.

Julian, I need you.

I know. I’m here. I’m in London. Julian heard Noel break down into sobs. Where are you? he asked.

I’m in my flat.

I’m coming over.

When Julian got to Noel’s flat, he found the door unlocked. He saw a soft glow coming from the adjoining room, and he walked toward it.

Noel was on the bed. He was sitting with his back against the headboard, propped up by silk pillows in pastel shades of blue and green. His knees were tucked up under his chin, the fabric of the blue baby doll dress he was wearing was pulled down over his shins. He had a bottle of Stoli in his hand. Lines of white powder were spread out on a mirror on the bedside table. A pastel green and blue blanket was tossed carelessly across his feet.

The only light was from a blue lava lamp on the dresser, casting shadows. It filled the room with a blue and green glow, hazy and changing.

Noel looked up, eyes smeared with the remnants of yesterday’s ebony kohl. He wiped at his nose. You came, he said, and started to cry.

Julian’s heart began to break. Noel looked like a beautiful small child, neither boy nor girl. He wanted to pull him into his arms, kiss him hard on the lips, use his tongue to lick the salty tears away. But he pushed these thoughts away for now.

Here now, enough of this, Julian said. He took the Stoli from Noel’s hands and placed it on the table. When was the last time you slept, Noel?

It’s been days. I don’t really know. I’ve ruined everything. I found myself in the street, running, crying. I don’t know how I got home. Oh Julian, I just know I needed you.

You need some sleep. I will be here in the morning. We’ll talk it all out then. He coaxed Noel under the blanket. Tucked him in like you would a child. Gently pushed a pillow under his head, kissed him on the forehead, cooed soothing meaningless words.

Julian turned to take up the mirror from the table, to move it away, to hide it. Don’t leave me, Noel said, grabbing Julian’s arm.

No. I’m just tidying up. I’ll be right back. He picked up the mirror and the Stoli bottle and headed to the kitchen. He placed the tray far in the back of the cupboard, behind some boxes. He intended to leave the Stoli on the counter, but thought better of it, and took the bottle back with him to the room.

Noel was already asleep. His mouth was slightly open, and Julian could see the pink of his tongue. He could hear his soft breathing. He saw the way Noel’s lashes made shadows on his cheekbones, and he felt his heart skip a beat.

Julian sat on the chair across from the foot of the bed. He began to take long swigs from the bottle. It all began to take effect on his senses: the alcohol, the glow, the shadows playing across the wall, the soft pelts of misty rain hitting the windows, the sounds of Noel breathing.

Julian suddenly felt a little dizzy and a lot tired. He walked, a bit unsteadily, to the bed, and gazed down at Noel, who was sleeping with his left side pressed into the mattress. He pulled off his trousers and his socks, he unbuttoned his shirt, took it off, and tossed it on the floor. As Julian lifted the blanket, his senses were once again overloaded with the sweet smell of Noel rising from the warmth of the bed.

Julian slid in beside Noel, spooning him, wrapping his right arm gently across Noel’s chest, pulling Noel in beside him. Noel mumbled something, dreaming. Julian pushed his face into Noel’s hair, and fell into his own dreams.

It could have been moments later, or it could have been hours, Julian couldn’t tell. He woke from his sleep to the soft motion of Noel’s ass moving slowly, rhythmically, against his cock. Julian let it go on for a few moments, but then he moaned, he couldn’t help it. Noel turned just his head then, and lifted his right arm, and wrapped it around Julian’s neck. His lips were parted, and his eyes were half-closed. Julian kissed him tenderly, he brushed Noel’s lips lightly with his tongue.

The movement of Noel’s ass continued, but faster now, more insistent. And Julian responded by kissing him deeper, exploring his mouth with his tongue. And Noel kissed him back, with what felt like desperation, sucking on Julian’s tongue as if it were a cock.

Julian reached down under the covers and pulled the baby doll dress up, over Noel’s hips. He ran his hand over Noel’s panty-less ass, feeling the soft baby hairs that covered his bottom. He placed his arm under Noel’s right thigh and lifted it up. Julian then moved his arm up, and stuck his fingers in Noel’s mouth. Noel sucked at Julian’s fingers greedily, moistening them with his saliva.

Julian took his fingers out of Noel’s mouth, and replaced them with his tongue. He moved his arm back down, and explored Noel’s ass with his middle finger, finding the hot sweetness, and pushing into it. Noel responded by bucking his ass, and sucking on Julian’s lips and tongue even harder.

They kissed and sucked, and Julian fucked Noel with his finger, and they moved like they were one thing instead of two. Julian felt Noel’s asshole loosen and go slippery wet. He took his finger out, and used his hand to slip his under wear down, kicking them off his feet.

Julian took his hard cock in his hand, and began to rub it up and down’s the crack of Noel’s ass. Noel began to whimper. Fuck me, Julian. Fuck me. I’ve missed you inside me. Julian wrapped his hand around Noel’s cock and began stroking him, moving his thumb across the head, feeling the stickiness of the pre-cum.

I want to taste you first, Julian said. Julian rolled onto his back. Noel pulled the dress up over his head and off. He mounted Julian, straddling his head.

Julian greedily sucked at Noel’s cock, first licking the slit, then allowing Noel to push his cock in deeper. Julian grabbed Noel’s ass and guided Noel’s movements. Noel moved his hips, fucking Julian’s mouth. Noel’s back was arched and his eyes were open but unseeing, lost in ecstasy.

End Chapter 1

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