Failing Concentration

Noel is toying with Julian whilst filming “The Legend of Old Gregg.”


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Failing Concentration by missjemmaxxx

Don’t rise to the challenge, because that’s what this is. Nothing more. He’s just trying to get a reaction out of you. Don’t give him the satisfaction.

Julian cleared his throat and glanced away as Noel shifted further down to the dinghy resting in his lap. Then that little mischievous grin of his began to spread across his lips.

Noel’s eyes constantly searched out Julian’s as he began to blow up the inflatable boat. But Julian persevered and held his gaze somewhere past Noel’s shoulder.

Argh. Pull yourself together. Just look at him for a second, we’re supposed to be shooting this. Do I have lines in this scene?

Oh God, I mean, what’s so hard? Just a few more minutes and we’ll be finished filming for the day. Time to go home. Perhaps with Noel. Oh shit, stop it! Concentrate!

Julian tilted his head in Noel’s direction. His eyes glanced upwards when he realised that Julian was looking directly at him, his brown eyes giving away an expression which was meant to be stern and confident, but to Noel, seemed to be confirmation of his desire.

His cheeky expression nearly melted Julian immediately. Noel sensed his friend’s poorly masked lust and began to hold eye contact with him, all the while remaining bold, unfaltering and devilishly sexy.

He continued blowing through the tiny hole in the dinghy, barely pausing for breath. It was such an achievement knowing that Julian was in the palm of his hand.

That bastard knows what he’s doing. Cocky little runt. How dare he?

Both men suddenly became aware that this scene was continuing a little longer than expected, for reasons unknown to the rest of the crew.

But, why stop now when Julian was clearly enjoying this a little too much?

Noel pulled the attention back to himself once more. A circling slip of the tongue around the nozzle, just brief enough to catch Julian’s attention, without becoming obvious to everyone else.

The beginnings of a smile began to play across Noel’s face, just waiting for the moment in which his friend will collapse under this suggestive spectacle, a possible promise of what was to come.

Again, Julian cleared his throat and tried to stifle his laughter. Noel closed his eyes in mock ecstasy and continued to blow into the dinghy with enthusiasm.

He wants you to corpse, damn it. And now people are staring. Well done.

Julian gave one last longing look at Noel, who was clearly enjoying the power he had over his friend. Noel communicated his delight in this early victory in a defiant and smug stare.

Raising his hands to his head in defeat, Julian mumbled incoherently,

“Please, can we stop now?”

Oh shit, did that pathetic sound come from me? Oh God. Now everyone thinks you’re a right nonce. Smooth, Barratt, real smooth.

“Err, I don’t think so somehow. Well, at least not ‘til I’m done with you, Ju.”

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