After a Show

The good old days.


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Notes: Just something I made in Spanish class. Enjoy.

After a Show by Noelissexy

The curtain slowly draws together while Noel rests his arm atop Julian’s shoulder, waving at the wild, boisterous crowd. Both men are panting, their cheeks burning from laughing and smiling.

Julian steals a glance or two at Noel who is letting out a laugh every now and again, his chest rising and falling rapidly.

Julian wraps an arm around Noel’s waist and only a tiny strip of audience still visible. He starts to countdown while still holding his smile.

“5… 4…” Noel shifts closer.

“… 3…” He grips Noel slightly.

“… 2…” The strip is reduced to a sliver.

He leans over and pecks Noel on the cheek. “1.”

The little man drops his arm, twists so they’re chest to chest and gazed in his smiling eyes before taking his hand and walking backstage.

Another successful show, Julian thinks. And two more this week then back home for some “relaxation.”

Once safely off stage, Noel kisses him softly. Julian smiles against his lips and kisses back. Noel wraps them around Julian’s waist and nuzzled his cheek to his chest, sighing.

He pulls Noel close, his arms enclose his shoulders.

“Why are you so clingy all of a sudden?”

Ignoring the question, Noel asks in a quiet and slightly muffled voice, “Ju? If you meet someone else–”

“There will never be anyone else,” He reassures, stroking Noel’s hair lightly. He closes his eyes as he let Julian support most of his weight. He shakes his head and continues.

“Let me finish. If you do meet someone else, I just want you to know,” he grips Julian possessively, “I’m not letting go that easily.”

Julian pulls his arms free and tickled Noel’s sides.

“You’re such a drama queen, you know that?” he teases.

Noel squealed, jerking away from Julian’s pinching fingers. He turns to run but Julian’s arms are already round his tiny waist, dragging him to his front.

“Well, yeah, but you love me for it,” he grins as he leans back.

Julian buries his nose into the sweet scented, mess of brown and blonde and he closes his eyes.

“Yeah,” he smiles brilliantly.

The smaller man hums, satisfied, in the quiet. They stood only a little longer before Noel, pulls away, yanking Julian by the arm.

“Come on, Ju. Let’s go! You know I can’t stand still that long.”

He sighs as he stuffs his free hand in his pocket and, again, allows himself to be lead by his hyperactive comedy partner, not really caring where he was being lead to. Well, maybe a little.


Chapter End Notes: Thanks for Reading.

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