Kittens and Kisses

short piece of fluffiness, involving slashy kisses and a pet kitten


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Notes: this is pure fluff and m first attempt so don’t be surprised if the writing sucks, i’m new at this.

Kittens and Kisses by teaselmrn

“Hey little man.”

Vince looks up from his Cheekbone magazine, smiling. That nickname always gets him.

“What’s up, Howard?” he gives his boyfriend a flirty smirk.

Howard smiles at him and beckons him towards the shop counter. Vince lays his magazine down in the red chair by the window he was sitting on as he gets up and walks toward the counter.

When he reaches it he hops up on the counter stretching his arms up for a hug which Howard instantly gives to him. Weeks of therapy have helped Howard little by little, getting rid of his aversion to being touched which is a good thing; considering that when your boyfriend is Vince Noir you’re bound to experience tons of cuddles kisses and hugs.

As they pull away Howard holds Vince’s hands. “I’ve got a present for you.”

Vince’s face lights up. “Present? Alright then, where is it?” He’s squirming around excitedly, trying to see behind Howard, trying to see if he can locate it.

“Well, it’s not exactly an it…”

Vince frowns a little in confusion, trying to figure out what he means. Howard bends down behind the counter briefly, producing a cardboard box. Inside is a tiny blonde kitten with green eyes. The kitten looks up at Vince and gives him a little meow in greeting.

Vince looks at Howard with the biggest smile on his face. “Oh, Howard. You got me a kitten! It’s so adorable! Aw, look at how tiny…” His voice trails off as he picks up the kitten smiling, cuddling with it.

“You really like her then?” Howard asks.

“It’s a girl?” Vince asks as he pets the kitten.

“Yes sir. I got her from an animal shelter. You can name her and everything.”

“Cheers Howard, this is the best present I’ve ever gotten.”

Vince leans in and he and Howard share a brief but passionate kiss.

Days pass, and Vince loves his new kitten. He plays with her, always changing her name around because he can never stick to just one.

One day in the shop on a slow day Vince and Howard are necking like teenagers, giggling. Naboo comes down just then, looking at them. He clears his throat to get their attention. They stop for a moment looking at Naboo, who clearly has been hitting the hookah.

“I don’t mean to interrupt, but your new kitten managed to climb up on that tall cabinet in Bollo’s room, and is having a hard time getting down.”

Vince frowns and looks at Howard as he moves toward the stairs. He’s the only one tall enough to reach the kitten.

“Don’t worry Vince; I’ll get the kitten down.” He says as he climbs up the stairs.

“Hurry. Save little Pixie!” Vince calls out.

Howard stops walking up the stairs and turns to look at Vince.

“Pixie? What? Vince, no, we talked about that, no Pixie, Pixie’s a whore’s name.”

With that he walked up the stairs, and saved the kitten before she had a chance to fall off the edge.

End Notes: If you think I can improve it please let me know. Please no mean comments, I know its kind of bad, but it is my first attempt at slash.

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