vince and howard go out on the town. Howard wakes up with a splitting headache and a few questions.







Length: words

Notes: howar gets drunk. Vince gets serious

hangover. by RubyyFieldingg

his head was pounding, his throat was raw and he really just felt like crap. What had happened last night? It was all a blur and it was driving him crazy, had he done something embarrassing? Or had he just had on to many pints? Was he even at the pub at all for that matter? Only time would tell. He stood up to find a novelty tiara and t-shirt that he had never seen before in a pile next to his bed and a bottle of tequila near the door this was getting rather weird. Howard pushed open the door and stumbled down the stairs Vince was sitting on the over stuffed settee reading a magazine grinning like a loon

“Ooright Howard” he said smiling up at him cheekily

“gee you look a right mess, I thought my hangover was bad!”

Howard slumped down next to him

“Vince…. What happened? where were we last night?”

“err well umm we went to the pub? and had a few to many drinks..” he didn’t look so sure anymore and Howard wasn’t convinced.

“I didn’t do anything remotely stupid or embarrassing? nothing at all?” he asked looking straight into Vince’s eyes.

“ I didn’t try and do karaoke Or something?”

“No! I mean no nothing at all weird happened. would you like me to fetch you a resolve?”

at this his cheeks were slowly turning a vivid shade of rose

he quickley stood up an walked over to the kitchen avoiding Howard’s glare. Howard was still puzzled and Vince was still avoiding his questions and there was still that bottle of tequila in his bedroom, but his head was pounding like crazy so he decided to leave it for now.

The day had gotten off to a really weird start and it didn’t get much better, at around lunch time a group of Vince’s ‘hardcore’ punk mates came over and started practicing for there gig later that evening, the noise was deafening and several resolves later it still wasn’t much better so he slumped up to his room and tried to sleep but he couldn’t the walls were shaking so decided to tidy up. Placing the tiara on his bedside table he picked up the t-shirt and check the size “that’s strange” he thought as he looked the two little initials printed just above the tag V.N no surely not. It couldn’t be.

It is.

He wished his brain would stop pointing out the blatantly obvious and his now pounding heart would just jump out of his chest.

Damn bodily organs.

What did this mean? why had Vince lied to him? He laid back down on his bed this time sleep came easily his dreams were vivid but graphic.

End Notes: i do not claim to invent any of theese characters. no copyright intended

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