Couldn’t Help but Smile

Howard can't help but stare at his best mate… who notices.


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Notes: My first Boosh story. No real plot… I just love Howard/Vince fluff! I own nothing. It’s very sad for me but good for you, The Mighty Boosh would be even odder if I owned it.

Couldn’t Help but Smile by earthsdecay666

Howard glanced over his paper toward Vince and he couldn’t help but smile. He hadn’t actually been reading the paper, so much as using it to peer at Vince without being noticed. However, if he was truthful with himself he could have been gaping at Vince straight out and he still wouldn’t have noticed. Vince’s wasn’t the cleverest person, in fact he was down right thick at points, but Howard didn’t care. He loved Vince, he always had and the episode on the roof during his birthday only managed to intensify those feelings.

“Howard, will you stop staring at me?” Vince asked.

“I was not staring at you sir, I was contemplating the many important things I have to accomplish today,” Howard said.

“Important things?” Vince asked. “What Important things have you got on today? It can’t be jazz club seeing as how Lester Corncrake’s been beheaded.”

“Important things Vince,” Howard said, “people to see… important people.”

“Important people, you were so starting at me,” Vince said. “You looked like a crazed rapist.”

“Howard Moon has more important things to do then stare at you sir,” Howard said. “He has no time for your flashy outfits and sun shine personality. My life is filled with dark things, things that someone like you could never understand.”

“Whatever,” Vince said, returning to his latest issue of Cheekbone.

He was smiling and twirling his hair around his finger. Howard had to hide his own smile as he watched the younger man. He wondered what Vince was reading to make him smile like that. Howard figured it was about something shiny, since Vince was pretty much a magpie. That was one of the things Howard loved about Vince, his obsession with shiny, flashy things. He also loved how blue Vince’s eyes could look and how it took him hours just to get ready. Howard knew Vince didn’t need hours to get ready, he was perfect without all the make-up and clothing, but he loved him for it anyway. He didn’t realize he was staring again. Vince turned to look at him.

“If you’re going to keep staring at me like that, you might as well just kiss me,” he said.

Howard cleared his throat; he really had not idea how to respond to this. He opened his mouth to respond but nothing came out. Vince smiled sweetly at him and stood up. Howard felt his face go red as Vince walked toward him. He sat down next to Howard, who couldn’t look him in the face.

“It is what you’ve been thinking about,” Vince said.

Howard nodded in agreement, still unable to look Vince in the face. Vince stared at him, his adorable and innocent smile still in place. Howard always loved his smile, it was innocent and playful, yet it was also mischievous. It could charm anyone, and almost always did. Howard finally gathered up the courage to look Vince in the eyes. They were so intensely blue and always made Howard stomach flip.

Before he could respond, Vince had leaned in and kissed him. Howard was frozen at first, unsure of how to respond. He really had no experience except for their last kiss on the roof. Vince pulled away looking slightly worried at Howard’s lack of a response. Howard smiled at Vince’s sudden insecurity and pulled him into another kiss. This time it was perfect, full of fiery passion and love. Vince’s mouth was sweet and everything Howard had ever wanted it to be. He realized what he had to do and pulled away. He opened his mouth to tell Vince how he felt.

Howard,” Vince said before Howard could speak, “I love you.”

For the first time Vince’s eyes couldn’t meet Howard’s. Howard smiled and lifted Vince’s chin so that he could stare into his beautiful blue eyes.

“I love you too,” He said.

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