When Temptation Calls

Julian is sick and tired of thinking about Noel, he wants something with more substance. And he's going to take it if Noel likes it or not. Rated for sex.


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Story Notes: A fic dedicated to the lovely Ms.Shani.

Chapter Notes: I own none of these people, they belong to themselves. I just took the toys to the sandbox.

Julian thinks he might be going slightly mad. It’s not because he’s seeing things, or hearing voices, but more because he can’t stop thinking about Noel. It’s a constant reminder of how messed up in the head he is. It’s bad enough, being around the prancing twat twenty four seven, and he loves the man dearly, but Jesus Christ. His balls cannot get any more blue. Noel’s hanging off of him, their bodies are grinding together, Noel’s thrusting into mid air, and Julian has to laugh, joke back. He can barely keep his mind straight let alone understand what’s going on.

Sometimes, Julian would almost prefer it if Noel straight out said he would never have anything to do with Julian in that sense ever. It would at least give Julian some sort of stance. He would know where he stands. It wouldn’t be so bad, right now, except for the fact that they’re on tour. They’re too close, even when they’re in their own beds. It makes Julian feel like he might just be absolutely mad. He’s laying there, trying to calm down his raging libido, and he can hear (even worse, he can feel Noel shifting around in the bunk below him. Julian’s biting his lip so hard he’s almost sure he can taste blood. His hand makes rough, fast movements, attempting to make the least sound he can. When Julian comes, he thinks about Noel’s mouth lapping up all the come, trying to lick the bit that Julian’s squirted on his cheek.

Tonight is the last show of the live tour they’re doing, and Julian has a plan. He’s wiping his hand clean, and shifting about to get more comfortable. Down in the bunk below, he hears Noel give a gratifying sigh and with a small jolt of pleasure, Julian wonders of Noel was just jacking off too. Julian settled, and drifted off to sleep, much more content knowing that tonight, Noel would be his.

The last show, was probably one of the greatest they had ever done. The power behind it all, and just the culmination of a years hard work. As Julian watched it unfold before his eyes, he knew that it was right to do it tonight. It was the right moment to move. While the other cast members were heading out, most of them still in costume, Noel was getting ready to be seen by the public, in the changing rooms. Julian was never one to go out to the bars, and get smashed. He celebrated by crashing out on his bed, and sleeping for the next 12 hours, and then maybe downing a shot with the boys on the bus. When he steps into the room, he sees Noel’s stripped down to nothing but his Nanageddon outfit. The dress is about ten inches too short, and Julian sees Noels sizeable package, though the underwear keep it barely restrained.

Julian doesn’t know what he’s doing, but he knows what he wants. He grabs Noel by the scuff of that ridiculous dress he’s wearing, and slams him against the wall, Noel looks scared, but Julian doesn’t speak. Julian’s kissing him, and that dress? It’s torn to absolute shreds. Noel’s fighting to get away, but Julian’s waited too long for this to be spoiled by the brat’s complaints. Julian grabs a fistful of Noel’s package, which he finds to be hard. “You love this, don’t you.” Julian growls against Noel’s neck, where he’s now stooping to nibble and lick. Noel’s reduced to a melted puddle, at this point, and his only coherent answer is a whimpering nod. Noel watches Julian in the mirror, sees him pulling down his underwear and tossing them aside.

Noel seems to finally realize what’s going on, and starts to react, peeling off Julian’s clothes with a sudden hurried passion, Julian is grinning, and starts kissing Noel more, roughly. Their teeth are clacking and Julian’s nursing a bleeding lip, but they’re loving it. Rolling on the floor, they’re finally naked, sliding together, moaning as they find each others sensitive areas. Noel rolls his hips forward, and his erection brushes across Julian’s thigh, drawing a tight moan from Noel’s lips. Julian pulls Noel’s arms above his head, pinning them there so he can take in the shivering, moaning, desperate sight that is Noel.

Julian looks to Noel’s face, flushed, covered in Nanageddon make-up and sweaty. His hair is in a mess from Julian running his hands over, and through it. If it’s possible, Julian feels his aching cock grow harder. He wants Noel. He wants to have Noel suck him dry. But first, he wants Noel’s body. “Don’t move.” Julian says, rough and simple. Noel’s eyes widen, but he nods in agreement, and does his best to obey as Julian is biting, and pinching his nipples. Julian’s hands grab Noel, and pull him close. Noel forces his body to stay relaxed as possible. His head drops back, and his eyes flutter closed, when Julian’s fingers brush along his penis.

“God yes Julian.” he mutters, arching his back slightly.

Hearing these words of encouragement, Julian continues to lightly dance his fingers across his prick. Noel is practically begging to come, and Julian can’t see any other reason not to give it to Noel. His hand clasps Noel’s cock, the owner freezes, and Julian starts to pump slowly. The sounds coming from Noel’s mouth encourage Julian to go faster, he’s watching Noel’s every movement, memorizing every movement. Julian doesn’t want to ever forget this. Noel’s loud, high pitched sounds aren’t lost on Julian. Nails, dig into the ground, and there’s a wail, before Noel’s spunk covers Julian’s chest and hands.

Julian stands up, and is quietly cleaning himself when wet, and dampness surround his erection. Julian stumbles, catching himself on the closest table. Julian, at this point, can’t even make sounds, with the things that Noel is doing to him with his tongue. Julian lets out a choked gasp, finally looking down to Noel, who’s greedily lapping up his cock, while looking directly up to Julian (who very quickly decides he loves this). The two continue eye contact, while Noel’s head in bobbing over Julian’s penis. He feels the tongue, darting along the underside, and Julian arches into the hot mouth. Noel makes a quiet sound of discomfort, but adjust slightly, and Julian realizes he’s being deep throated.

Noel’s throat muscles are opening, and contracting over the head of Julian’s penis, and he stumbles over the edge, shooting come down Noel’s all too eager throat. Slowly, Noel withdraws, cough slightly, and curling up to catch his breath. Julian lays down next to him, wrapping his arms around the small, shivering frame. The two share smiles, and Noel places a few test kisses on Julian’s mouth, before deciding that he’s very glad Julian finally took action.

“You had me going crazy, you know.” Noel mumbles, later that night when the cuddle in bed. Exhausted after their third go at it. Julian can’t help it, but laughter rumbles out, and he doesn’t stop until tears are streaming down his face.

“I had no idea.” he said through laughter, kissing Noel’s forehead again and again.