The relization

Dee knows something that both Julian and Noel hoped no one would ever figure out there secret love....


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Notes: I own nothing but the imagination and poor spelling. None of this happend. Sorry for my spelling, I honestly am.

The relization by SillyCandy

Noel walked through his front door, and was greeted by Dee with a kiss. Dinner was lying on the table, fresh and hot.

“Whats the occasion babe?” he asked, partilly worried, partilly hungry.

“Nothing really, thought I’d do it just because”. Something was up. This didn’t feel right. They ate in a verry much akward silence. “Noel, I have something to……I have to tell you something. It’s hard to say but…” for a few more minutes, she was silent.

“I have to leave you. Not because I want to. But because i have to. I know whats beengoing on with you and Ju, and I can see the he wants you for himself.”

Noel looked at her in shock, what was she talking about……….. And then he memberd.

2 months earlier……………..

Julians body was sweaty, and gleaming in the soft candle light. Noel was on all fours, and near climax. And as he was just about to come, Julian stoped. Noel turned his head and had a look on his face that said keep going.

Julian was teasing him.

Noel rolled onto his back and Julian placed himself in Noel again. Slowly he started pumping, and it didn’t take long for Noel to come. But Julian was still hard. So, Noel removed the rubber from Julian’s cock, and started teasing him. Julian was writhed in passion. Noel licked Julians cock from balls, to tip. Slowly, Noel started to suck Julians penis. Slowly at first, and then faster.

“Fuck……Oh shit, yeah…. I’m gunna co–”

Julian didn’t even get to finish, he felt himself release in Noels mouth.

Still wondering how she knew, Noel remained silent. “How, did…….How did you know?” Dee sat quietly, tears in her eyes. Not saying anything for at least five-minutes.

“Please Noel,” she said at last. “ It doesn’t take that much to figure it out. The looks you two share, the secret touches you give eachother that you thought no one noticed.”

Noel was in tears himself. He did truely love Dee, but not as much as he loved Julian.

“You must understand Dee. I feel, diffrent with Ju. The love me and you have, is there, but not as much as me and him.”

Two weeks went by, and Dee had already moved out. Noel was sad that she had left him. But at the same time happy that he didn’t have to sneak around with Julian behind her back. Julia had known of this for much longer than Dee had. The twins were still to young to know about whats happening.

Stuck in a passionfull kiss, the two Boosh stars had nothing to lose anymore. Julian was kissing the inside of Noel’s theighs, then he started sucking his younger lovers hard cock. Massaging his balls as he went on. Noel pulled his lovers head up, and kissed him hard. Both tounges dancing around gracefully. Julian went to the bed and waited for Noel, who was lubeing up his own hard cock.

Nothing turned Julian more then when Noel strocked his own cock.

“Come on you cheeky vixen, hurry up!” Julian said this with a smug and sexy smile on his face. Noel, slid up into Julians ass, and started pumping. Noel was going as fast as he could, and Julian was trying hard not to scream to loud from passion.

“Hmmmmmmmmmm…….Uhhhhhh…….Yeah, Fuck,fuck………OH FUCK YEAH! NOEL!”

Noel loved it when Julian screamed his name like that. After ward, both men lay in under the covers, Noel asleep.

“I love you Noel, you’re my everything” Julian said in a whisper.

End Notes: This is my first slash, hope you guys like it!

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